Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then

by augustwrites

What does a legendary hero do after the world has been saved?

Archibold Stormblood is the greatest hero in all of Visseria. He has spent his 221-year life training and fighting. Now that the Mad King is dead and the Demon Lord is defeated, all he wants is a well-deserved vacation living as a humble tavern keeper and brewmaster in his 19-year-old body.

But despite his best efforts to avoid conflict, trouble keeps finding its way back into his life.

Will Arch be able to hide his true identity as The Stormblood and maintain his alternate existence as a Tavern Keeper running the Tipsy Pelican Tavern with his growing staff of beautiful barmaids? Or will he be sucked into the new dangers brewing around him? 

More troublingly, how will he protect himself and his tavern now that his powers have been sealed away?

Volume 1 - Complete

Volume 2 is now releasing 5 days a week: Monday-Friday

Discord Invite (Soft Launch—the tavern needs dusting, ales are still brewing)

Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Slice-of-Life, (Very Mild Harem?), Light Novel

Please mind the genres before reading, thanks!

Ages: 13+

Chapter length: 1k - 3.5k

Since people seem quite interested about this, my writing influences are Patrick Rothfuss, Nisio Isin, Lee Child, and Fat Tire... sometimes that last one influences me the most ;)

(I might eventually move this series to KU, but I will give RR readers a free copy of the ebooks first if I do.)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Cover Page: TPT Volume 1 - Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then (cover only) ago
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Tipsy Pelican Tavern (Arc 1) ago
Chapter 2: The Greatest Hero of Our Time ago
Chapter 3: Dragons and Slaves ago
Chapter 4: Would Not Speak Ill of My Master ago
Chapter 5: Bad Luck and Trouble ago
Chapter 6: Prepwork for a Busy and Eventful Night ago
Chapter 7: The Bear Man and the Tavern Keeper ago
Chapter 8: The Bear Man and The Champion ago
Chapter 9: The Medi Gilhanna (Arc End) ago
Chapter 10: Just on a Stroll to the Market (Arc 2) ago
Chapter 11: Closing the Gates ago
Chapter 12: Templar Cassia Hightower ago
Chapter 13: The Bishop of Meritas ago
Chapter 14: Think of the Children ago
Chapter 15: The Mind of a Strategist  ago
Chapter 16: Nice and Tidy ago
Chapter 17: Perfect Perfect Wholesome ago
Chapter 18: The Church Beneath the Church ago
Chapter 19: A True Templar ago
Chapter 20: Too Naive ago
Chapter 21: Some Answers ago
Chapter 22: Reckoning ago
Chapter 23: The Lake and the Stars (Arc End) ago
Chapter 24: The Summerfest Ale Competition (Arc 3) ago
Chapter 25: An Official Tavern Emergency of the Highest Order ago
Chapter 26: Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins (and Gas) ago
Chapter 27: Ale, Rules, and Advantages ago
Chapter 28: Conclusions (Arc End) ago
Chapter 29: Bad Mood (Arc 4) ago
Chapter 30: The Bear Man and The Tavern Keeper, Part Two ago
Chapter 31: Wouldn't Want to Intrude ago
Chapter 32: Just Very Healthy ago
Chapter 33: Memories of the Sea ago
Chapter 34: An Ugly Mask ago
Chapter 35: A Role to Play ago
Chapter 36: Whole (Arc End) ago
Epilogue: 15 Years Prior (Volume End) ago
A note from the author ago
TPT Vol 2: Everyone Knows You Shouldn't Rescue Maidens in Alleyways (Cover Page) ago
Vol 2. Prologue Part 1: A Safe Ward of Meritas ago
Prologue Part 2: Pursuit ago
Chapter 1: Everyone Knows You Shouldn't Rescue Maidens In Alleyways (Arc 5) ago
Chapter 2: A Message Delivered ago
Chapter 3: Inspection ago
Chapter 4: One Wrong Turn and Two Right Turns ago
Chapter 5: The Newest Addition ago
Chapter 6: A Typical Non-Typical Nobleman ago
Chapter 7: Tendencies ago
Chapter 8: Bedridden  ago
Chapter 9: Comings and Goings ago
Chapter 10: Not a Salesman After All ago
Chapter 11: Vegetable Knives, Encounters, and Inns ago
Chapter 12: The Grand Taphouse ago
Chapter 13: Nitpicking ago
Chapter 14: Raid ago
Chapter 15: The Storm Gaze ago
Chapter 16: Hearin’ and Seein’ Things ago
Chapter 17: Presents ago
Chapter 18: Topics of Discussion ago
Chapter 19: The Demon Lord and the Hero of Legend ago
Chapter 20: The Demon Lord and the Hero of Legend, Again ago

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some total kretin


Reviewed at: Chapter 35: A Role to Play

TL;DR: It is a very generic reading that makes do with storebought prepared tropes for characters and plot and does not make anything else happen. That said it is readable and enjoyable, and will give the fix to the light novel junkies who find it.

Don't expect anything earth shattering, it's the classical trope of OP slightly pervert MC surrounded by a gaggle of incarnations of various "-dere" tropes going through the motions on a plotline that does it's job.

The main problem is the buildup. It does not have enough of it. Everything besides the protagonists is thrown together in two chaptets and then used up, which disconnects the reader from any emotions he might have had if it was done properly.

The recurring small villain is only there if he's the center of attention and only twirls his dastardly moustache, the throwaway generic old man is built up only when it's his five minutes just before he's killed, the generic big brute bear brawler only shows up twice and is then killed... And that's how it is with everything.

The arcs are three chapters long, to which there is an introduction, confrontation and resolution crammed together and everything happening is only about the main plotline and only gets attention just before it's used. World building, exposition, story, characters, everything.

There is always only the main plotline of the episode du jour going on and nothing else gets any attention at all. Maybe some of the things briefly mentioned in previous chapters will get to be built up and used up immediately after that and maybe one of the scraps from building it up will get hastily used to fatten up some other plotline related to some new development a few chapters down the line, but it will lie out of mind and sight until then.

And all it would take would be to properly make something else happen besides the main storyline events.

If only the dastardly son of the district master showed up anywhere else besides when the light of plotline was pointing straight at him and telling him to tapdance for us. Like for example if he had shown up in the bar sat down in the corner and silently stewed and perved on the waitresses.

Or the bear brawler, if he had sometimes just shown up, scowled at them a few times before the storyline wasn't about him, but he shown up and thrown wrench to something and got sent to the hospital again, it would be much more believable. Sigh.

Overall three and a half stars. If it wants more, it would need to deepen at least some of the aspects and not just go through the motions mechanically on everything.

mr paradox

In the top 5 of the new novels I found for yr 2020

Reviewed at: Epilogue: 15 Years Prior (Volume End)

I'm glad I discovered something good before the horrible 2020 year end.

MC's personality is almost always the most important aspect of whether I like the story or not (Since you'd be stuck with reading his/her dialogue/monologue throughout most of the story right?).

And what's not to like from a fun cheeky calculating weasel with a heart of gold. His personaliy remind me of a mix between Kazuma (Konosuba) and Leon (The world of otome game is tough).

But what sold it for me is the interaction amongs the tavern customers. The supporting casts seem to have interesting backgrounds and I look forward to the reveal in the future.

I also really like the transition and balaces between slice of life, comedic/serious moment, and semi-action inside the arc.

As for the grammar, I saw some typo but there were too many and thus aren't really distracting.

All in all, I feel like Author selectively took the fun tropes from light novel and then either subvert it or improve it by giving characters more dimensions (Like most western style book are relatively speaking), while filtering out the overused cliche scenes/ exaggerated personaliy found in some bad LN. So as someone who also enjoy some LN it's like having the best of both world



A character driven story that is one of the very best that this site has to offer. The people and our protegonist of this story are crafted with extreme care. They are not perfect beings but you will love them all the more for it. The plot starts slowly but starts to pick up a bit of speed and as of Chapter 35, I can say that the MC has an incredibly touching charater development that had culminated over the last arc. I can only recommend this story. It may not have grand battles (although we do get some well-written action) but you will find yourslf glued to the screen as the pages pass you by.

D. Redbeard

This story has been a hilarious read with surprisingly awesome character interactions that I do not typically expect from web novels. The magic is also well done, and is mysterious enough to remain interesting yet not poweful enough to turn the story into a generic power fantasy.

I've read the entire story (so far) in one evening and am writing this review at 2am. I'll definitely have a hard time concentrating tomorrow (technically today) due to the lack of sleep. Worth it!


The Synopsis promises a good time, and the story certainly delivers.

The flow of the story suites itself well. The magic system is not yet clear, 2 Chap in, but intriguing by the sound of it.

The Characters are detailed, motivations are clear, descriptions perfect.

Grammar is as perfect as it will get, not problems here.

Keep up the good work.


After reading the first 9 chapters, I think it might be a mideval version of Arthur C. Clarke's "Tales from the White Hart".  I hope the Author continues the work in the vein of Clarke, Niven and Robinson. I reserve the right to bump my review from four stars to five if the author does. 


It's odd walking into a story where it's established early the main character could handle every threat from the off, but I couldn't help but feel for the hero whose job never seems to end and a conscience that won't let him be selfish enough to fully reject another call that somehow still finds him on the titular vacation from the usual heroic routine. The characters really do draw you in and you want to know more about them, especially the titular hero.

I'm also intrigued by the Gates magic system and what it means for the story as a whole.

Amusing lines, captivating story - it's definitely something worth a reader's time.

Daniel Newwyn

"Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then" is a charmer. With well-defined characters, a clean, flowing writing style, neat grammar, and a simple yet effective magic system, the story is sure to capture your heart if you give it a chance.


Archibold Stormblood, or Master Arch, is formerly the most powerful person in the world, opening to the Ninth Gate of power, but now is just a tavern owner. Of course, with such a reputation, people will come seek him for aid, but he just wants to stay away from the trouble. Will he be able to, though? Hilarity ensues.


This feels like the classic Harem-style High Fantasy where every female character of the cast seems to have something (or will have something) for the main character. I don't mind such stories, especially when they're portrayed in a light-hearted, comical light and stray away from anything overtly sexual. I think the author has done very well in this aspect to keep things clean, flowing, and not awkward. 


There has been little display of magic, but the Gates is an interesting concept. The plot moves at a fine pace so far, just enough for the comedy to bleed in. I expect great things from this story going forward.

Friar Tuck

Uninspired but pleasant enough

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Presents

Keeping in mind this whole site is stuffed full of fan-fiction tier word salad:

1 star - Trash. Unless you orgasm from certain genres or the MC is literally you but in a power fantasy stay away.

3 stars - Junk food. Nothing to brag about, but not fingernails on chalkboard bad. B movie with some nice popcorn.

5 stars - Good enough to recommend even if it's not in your genre wheelhouse. Not many of these even in the "Best Rated". lmao

Grading grammar and spelling is dumb unless it's so bad as to be unreadable.


Reasonably generic "uber strong doubleking god sorceror retires and aquires babes". Better than the regular isekai harem trash it refurbishes at least.

Nothing plot-wise sticks out as irredeemable (rare for the genre) and the dialogue doesn't make me want to drill out my eardrums. Harem girls are channeling their archetypes pretty hard but not offensively so.

Rescued from dumpster tier by an acceptable MC. A small amount of the standard betacuckism is present but could charitably be described as humility instead.

3 stars. If you aren't utterly repulsed by MC + Harembabe interations within 5 chapters, you'll probably follow it for good.


For those who enjoy Robert Aspirin, Spider Robinson, Alan Dean Foster, etc., this is a nice change from the really powerful MC grind. I mean, who would give up that power, right?

The first couple of chapters sputtered a couple of times, but once the story hit it's stride, it was hard to put down until caught up to current. Arcs are pretty short, so don't expect a WoT miniseries per day of story, but the world building and background are fit into the narrative well without devolving into an infodump. Definitely give it a try. If you don't like it after the first arc, I'm surprised you hang out on RR.


Less than perfect for grammar because of the occasional error in early chapters. Nothing significant, and better than some print books I've paid good money to read.

As noted in some other reviews, not all characters are very deeply fleshed out, but with the length of story arc, here isn't time to create a 30 page backstory for each one. Most characters you want to learn more about stick around and you do get to see more. This isn't about Randidly G., though, so don't be surprised.

 All in all, I thought it was worth the time to do an advanced review, so you be the judge.