Captains' Quarters*


[‘*’ = R-18]
[P.S. (It’s Yuri) and Each ‘left’ and ‘right’ are from each individual’s perspective.]

Traveling in silence, Mary urged her ice rabbit on, dashing over the surface of the sea, leaving little pawprint of ice in their wake.

Feeling Mary’s fierce gaze directed at the back of her neck. Anne couldn’t help but look down. If she hadn’t ordered her Lieutenant to chase after Henry, in hopes of getting her long-awaited revenge. Such losses wouldn’t have happened. She’d gotten stronger, but she also overlooked the fact that others could too or, in this case, make new friends.

Eventually, Anne and Mary reached an island hidden by fog. Grabbing Anne’s hand, Mary dragged her to though their small pirate enclave until they finally reach the enclave’s main house.

Still saying nothing, Mary continued to drag Anne up a flight of stairs until they reached the house’s master bedroom.

Releasing Anne’s hand, Mary turned to her. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Still looking down, Anne let out a barely audible voice. “I need to be punished.”

Mary nodded as she walked past Anne to lock the door. “Very well.”

The master bedroom was simple. It contained a king-sized, a large desk, a few beautiful paintings, and was lit by small spheres of yellow light known as sea lanterns.

Now standing behind Anne, Mary leaned in close until her lips gently brushed Anne’s right ear. Nibbling on her earlobe, she whispered, “strip.”

Heeding Mary’s command, Anne’s hand trembled slightly as she undid her belt, allowing it to fall to the ground along with her weapons. Following which, her thumbs slipped into the waistband of her pants as she bent down, pulling them off along with her boots.

Standing back up, she felt Mary’s lips brush along her ear, moving along its curve until it reached her jawline.

With her hands still trembling, Anne’s hands rose to her chest as she began to undo the lace of her leather jerkin. It was then that she felt Mary’s delicate little fingers trace her exposed skin.


Anne’s leather jerkin fell to the ground, leaving her body completely exposed Mary.

Mary, seeing that Anne was done, continued to kiss and brush her lips along Anne’s neckline as her own clothing fell one by one.

They say that there is nothing more bewitching than a woman’s bare body……they weren’t wrong. There was something so disarming about it, rendering even the most eloquent of speakers, speechless.

Both Mary and Anne were undoubtedly very beautiful women, and at this moment, they wore this title in all of its glory. From their exquisite faces to their delicate collarbones, to those well-rounded breasts, down their toned bellies, to their perky ass and slender legs. They were truly a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Stepping forward, Mary lifted Anne’s chin as she brought her lips to hers. Starting of gentle, Mary’s tongue slipped past Anne’s soft lips and into her mouth as she slowly guided her to the king-sized bed.

As their breaths intermingled, their hearts began to race as their white skins began to wear a reddish tint.


Landing on the bed, Mary’s assault began to increase in aggression, further stealing Anne’s breath away. As her lips continued their assault, Mary’s left hand slipped to Anne’s back, gently tracing her spine as her right-hand cupped Anne’s left breast. Kneading and massaging the firm breast like dough, Mary’s oral assault continued as involuntary moans escaped from Anne.

Rolling Anne’s nipple between her finger thumb, Mary ceased her oral assault as she moved her lips to trace Anne’s jawline and collarbone. Fully at Mary’s mercy, Anne could only softly moan in pleasure.

Continuing her offensive, Mary’s left hand slipped back from Anne’s back, tracing its way until cupped Anne’s right breast.

Chilling her forefinger, thumb, and the third finger, Mary’s hands closed around each of Anne’s nipples, flicking, rubbing, and pulling to her heart’s content. Anne, forced to stay still, could only moan and gasp with each action.

Satisfied with Anne’s response, Mary’s left hand began to slip down to Anne’s nether region, leaving a chilling trace in its wake. As the hand traveled, so did Mary’s lips as they pulled Anne’s left breast into their ingress.

At Anne’s nether region, Mary’s left hand didn’t immediately plunge toward Anne’s wet cave but began to explore her inner thigh area. Leaving little cool trace wherever they went, Mary’s fingers continuously caused Anne’s inner thigh muscles to heave roll to the stimulation.

Continuing this stimulation for a bit, Mary paused for a bit and looked at Anne. Her aqua green eyes held a hazy look as they failed to focus on anything. Whereas her well-endowed chest heaved with each rapid breath. Anne’s back was also slightly arched as light ripples traveled up from her nether region. And as light shone on her body, Mary could even trace the path of little sweat drops.

Seeing this, a smile played at her as she brought her lips to Anne’s right ear. Chilling them, she brushed them along Anne’s ear as she whispered. “Let’s begin the main course, shall we.”

Anne, who couldn’t form a single coherent thought, barely managed to nod as Mary’s mouth traveled down to her honeypot.

Anne was soaking wet. Her rich and raw scent filled Mary’s nose, causing Mary’s eyes to light up in delight. With practice eased, Mary kissed and sucked to her destination.


A satisfied moan escaped from Anne’s lips as Mary slipped her tongue between her crevice. Chilling and warming her tongue as she went, Mary’s tongue rolled and licked Anne’s hot and wet garden. With each move, she made the further Anne’s eyes rolled back until Anne’s back involuntarily arched as a warm stream of nectar gushed out of her garden.

Giving Anne no reprieve, Mary moved her mouth over to clit while her right hand slid fluidly to Anne’s garden. Slipping her middle finger past Anne’s hymen and into her folds, Mary’s finger searched slightly rugged zone. Finding it, she reduced the chill of the finger as she began to stroke it. Whereas her mouth deftly moved to nibble and suck on Anne’s clit.
Still in the middle of her previous climax, Anne’s body was hit with a stronger climax causing her body to arch even harder as her entire being quivered.

With her eyes rolled into her head, the only word to escape from Anne’s mouth was,” A.H.!”

After about half an hour, Anne’s consciousness returned. Opening her eyes, she found Mary’s nude figure sitting up with a book in hand.

Sensing that Anne was awake, Mary turned to look at her, “learned your lesson?”

Anne weakly nodded,” yes.”

Hearing this, Mary flashed a wolfish grin. “Good. Now let’s begin round two.”

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