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I realized that I haven't been giving Arthur my best effort and have decided to go back to the beginning and properly rewrite this. Originally, this novel was just supposed to be a fun shot at writing a long novel, but after putting in so much time I want it to be more than that. The overall goal is to simplify the world-building, some explanations, add in the proper subplots, and overall enhance the reading experience with things like pace, character growth, and reader immersion. If I was being honest, I am really don't like where Arthur is right now due to the plethora of changes I've had to make to the original plan. Hopefully, by the end of it all, it will meet my standards and I will be happy with it. 

I expect to be done by the end of August, but anything can happen. And for my old readers, my apologies for not giving you the best I have, and hopefully going forward, it will be rainbows and sunshine.

Thank You.

brb ;)

The Drums Of War Have Sounded.

In A World Where The Strong Devour The Weak.

Lives Will Reaped By The Hooded Reaper Dancing In A Bountiful Harvest.

Blood Will Bathe The Lands.

Empires Will Fall.

Those Once In Slumber Will Awaken.

But, Lose Not All Hope Inhabitants Of The Realm.

 From Five Peaks, Will A Pheonix Arise.

So Weep O Ye People, Weep, For Your Salvation Comes.

 Let Thou Tears Form Rivers.

For Your Tear Drops On Earth Summon the King Of Kings.

Bow I Say


For Your Sovereign, Has Arrived.

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The story is good and I enjoy the characteristics of the MC. But, the story just moves so fast.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Overall, the story is fine with very few if any, granted I wasn't looking for them, grammar mistakes and I enjoy the premise of it. But the story just moves to fast for me to find it fun to read and the MC seems to just start off a little too powerful for my tastes. Other than that I would recommend others to read for a fast paced action/building novel.


An interesting read

Reviewed at: The Trifecta

From what I can tell so far, the author seems be be incorporating history and mythology/religions together. Though he doesn't stick to any chronological order, he makes it apparent who his characters are based off and speaking of those, characters he does a great a job of fleshing them, avoiding the typical one dimensional characters most authors seem to make most sidesside characters be. I'm honestly kind of curious where he will take the story, especially since he seems to be adding in all the pantheon's. Which honestly could use some love. I will admit that it starts out incredibly fast paced but it does slow down to a moderate but smooth pace. 

Honestly if you are into myths, op mc's, kingdom building, and unique world's, its worth giving a shot.

Well that's my 2cents.