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To be a synth is the greatest privilege an individual could be born into. What greater purpose or grander sense of fulfillment could one hope for than to be a tool of King Decon, the ruler of the Galaxy?

09T07 doesn’t know what more they want, but they know they’re missing something. Friendship? Intimacy? This seems to be the answer when they find others who are also not as King Decon intended them to be. However, how long can such things last among tools to be used and discarded? And how  far are they willing to go to protect their loved ones in the face of duty?

Thanks to Julia Peitzer for consultation regarding gender-expansive and non-binary identities

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Episode 0: King Decon ago
Episode 1: Strange ago
Episode 2: Flight ago
Episode 3: Worry ago
Episode 4: Dialect ago
Episode 5: Others ago
Episode 6: Move ago
Episode 7: Alone ago
Episode 8: sorrow ago
Episode 9: Pod ago
Episode 10: Insecure ago
Episode 11: Maintenance ago
Episode 12: Bath ago
Episode 13 : Run ago
Episode 14: Research ago
Episode 15: Information ago
Episode 16: Incubation ago
Episode 17: Embryo ago
Episode 18: insignificant ago
Episode 19: Challenge ago
Episode 20: Simulation ago
Episode 21: Mediocre ago
Episode 22: Tool ago
Episode 23: More ago
Episode 24:Creation ago
Episode 25: Migraine ago
Episode 26: Medical ago
Episode 27: Variety ago
Episode 28: Costs ago
Episode 29: Shattered ago
Episode 30: Nightmare ago
Episode 31: Late ago
Episode 32: Snout ago
Episode 33: Sick Day ago
Episode 34: Pills ago
Episode 35: Overseer ago
Episode 36: Reports ago
Episode 37: Miscommunication ago
Episode 38: Gaze ago
Episode 39: Distraction ago
Episode 40: Banishment ago
Episode 41: Pain ago
Episode 42: Overheard ago
Episode 43: Curiousity ago
Episode 44: Shows ago
Episode 45: Investigate ago
Episode 46: Bump ago
Chapter 47: Dive ago
Episode 48: Questioning ago
Episode 49: Overreaction ago
Episode 50: Nothing ago
Episode 51: Flit ago
Episode 52: News ago
Episode 53: Critical Thinking ago
Episode 54: Plead ago
Episode 55: Gamble ago
Episode 56: Worth ago
Episode 57: Fault ago
Episode 58: Agitation ago
Chapter 59: Precious ago
Episode 60: Choices ago
Episode 61: Combat ago
Episode 62: Deceit ago
Episode 63: Orders ago
Episode 64: Loopy ago
Episode 65: Secret ago
Episode 66: Shipping ago
Episode 67: Pain ago
Episode 68: Chance ago
Episode 69: Hesitation ago
Episode 70: Blame ago
Episode 71: Anxieties ago
Episode 72: Alethophobia ago
Episode 73: Fall ago
Episode 74: Outside ago
Episode 75: Edacaeli ago
Episode 76: Graze ago
Episode 77: Shot ago
Episode 78: Companion ago
Episode 79: Mate ago
Episode 80: Plan ago
Episode 81: Vision ago
Episode 82: Cold ago
Episode 83: Wings ago
Episode 84: Wingless ago
Episode 85: Dinner and a Show ago
Episode 86: Spicy ago
Episode 87: Sweet ago
Episode 88: Flit's Story I ago
Episode 89: Flit’s Story II ago
Episode 90: Soft ago
Episode 91: Change ago
Episode 92: Theory ago
Episode 93:Efficiency ago
Episode 94: Purpose ago
Episode 95: Uncomfortable ago
Episode 96: Obey ago
Episode 97: Broken ago
Episode 98: Anxious ago
Episode 99: Deserve ago
Episode 100: Interrogation ago
Episode 101: Choice ago
Episode 102: Euthanasia ago
Episode 103: Understand ago
Episode 104: Reality? ago
Episode 105: Anger ago
Episode 106: Hope ago

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A Human Experience in an Alien World

Reviewed at: Episode 3: Others

It's early days yet, but Synth is very promising.

What would happen if someone with feeling and freewill were thrown into a world where only duty mattered?

Would they thrive? Fail? Would life's hard experiences ground their hope and innocence down to nothing? Or would their heart change what lies around them?

Synth asks these questions and though we haven't gotten answers yet, I am eager to find out what they are.


Synth has taken a thoughtful pace, deliberately building its characters and world.

Already, the setting is growing and we have had delightful moments shared between the two main characters. We also have dread. The hints are subtle, but there's a promise of dark times ahead. 


Witch's writing is clear and smooth, with little flourishes to add imagery and make things pop.

However, she truly shines with her dialogue. She uses diction, cadence and even the variance of contractions to differentiate one character from the next.

That's good writing, and it lets one hear these characters as people.


There are minor issues with some of the paragraph sizes and a few little spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but they did not detract from clarity. A quick proofread is all that's needed.


Undoubtedly, this novel's strength lies in its characters. Our main leads are endearing; a great mix of innocence and curiosity, like children exploring the world for the very first time. They also have little pops of somberness that grant them gravity. 


As of Chapter 3, Synth is shaping up to be a contemplative and heartwarming story. It also has a touch of dread. While slow boiling for now, there is a lot of potential ahead.

5/5, I am looking forward to what Witch has in store for her characters and us.

- Traitorman


Robots that stand out are Broken!

Reviewed at: Episode 2: Worry

TL/DR This is basically about a robot that was able to feel, surrounded by robots that don't. At first I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was easy to read (as long as you don't get confused by the main character refering to themselves as 'they') and the world building is given in an incredibly organic way. 10/10 worldbuilding. Characters who's personality's are mostly robotic... forgivable considering the setting.


So this whole thing is about a 'cloning' facility that creates bat like humans that is run by a king that has them mentally and physically programmed to obey him. It quickly becomes apparent that the process isn't completely perfect (despite what the prologue seems to claim.) Once a clone is 'birthed' they are then trained and gotten ready for combat. Most of the 'clones' are basically hyper goal oriented and don't like anyone who stands out (They are supposed to be pretty much clones). However as this story is progressing it is showing that not all the clones are as identical as they seem.


Science Fiction with an Emotional Bite

Reviewed at: Episode 11: Maintenance

The Synth exist for one purpose; to follow King Decon's every command. In Episode 0 we see what happens to Synth who fail to obey. Silence and duty represent the life of a Synth. However, some Synth want something more; conversation and even friendship. This is the world the author vividly portrays in this story. 

09T07 is one such Synth. They yearn to speak with other Synth, yet is either ignored or treated with distain. The author does a wonderful job of showing the hurt and confusion 09T07 experiences. However, it's when 09T07 finally meets another Synth like themselves that the ability of the author to develop emotional depth in the characters really shines. Even the movements of the batlike Synths' ears are used to portray emotions. That's what really makes this story stand out. 

One thing about the Synth; they're the ultimate conformists. Those like 09T07 who are different are considered "strange" and are often treated as an embarrassment, physically assaulted, or could end up being "corrected." The author handles this tension very well. 

Grammar overall is quite good with a few minor issues here and there. The story is well written. One aspect the reader needs to adjust to is the use of gender-expansive pronouns (they for example) when referring to the Synth. However, within a chapter I didn't have any issues.

So if you want some sci-fi with an emotional bite, then "Synth" is the story for you

Kagan M Fallfield

Good Sci-Fi Tale of a Unique Relationship

Reviewed at: Episode 5: Others

This story is easy to read and a joy to see unfold. The 2 main characters, TO and DH (who were created to be mindless servants to the evil King Decon) begin a heart-warming friendship in spite of the strict, militaristic environment they're forced to live in. A few typos and grammatical mistakes were spotted, but nothing too major. Overall a great start to a promising story. I highly recommend this to any sci-fi fan who loves alien protaganists and heartfelt friendships!


OK, in light of what I named this review, I will actually start by literally answering the question (even though it was rhetorical).

So: Start at Episode 0!

Technically, the story starts at Episode 1, but Episode 0 sets the tone and mood of the story right from the start. It's like the opening scene of a movie where you see the 'Dark Evil Antagonist' before shifting to the MC/Hero. It just gets you in the mood!

As for the story... I admit that when I heard "Sci-Fi" I was like: "Hmm, not sure I am up for this." Just the combination of Sci and Fi causes an involuntary reflex of turning away.

Fortunately! I know the author studied literature and actually has some skill, so I took the time and gave it a chance. 

So worth it!!

Sci-Fi isnt that bad. Just like films: A.I. - Bicentennial Man - I Am Mother - Wall-E - Terminator [et al] . . . Sci Fi has it's place among us and the stories are not worse than the films. I guess I just get the idea of Star Trek and Star Wars and just turn away. Watching is one thing but reading is another.

Synth is great. There are a few things that are a little difficult in the beginning, such as character names, but once you get used to them, it stops being an issue.


World has a solid foundation and a subtle background that is always there but never shoved in your face.

Characters have a very human relateability that makes the reader invest in the MC and 'Their' friends. [MC can be considered to be genderless, as all Synths are, so no Gender pronouns can take the reader by surprise in the beginning]

Grammar is excellent, as we could probably expect from someone who studied the written language. Almost all mistakes in the story so far seem to be Typo's or very minor. The author also takes notes very well and is quick to correct any and all "mistakes"/"errors" pointed out. 

Characters are great and often very loveable. The Synth's, as a race, are incredible. (my opinion)

As I said, Sci-Fi really isn't my genre of choice, so I struggled with rating it. Eventually I gave a 4.5 which I think is fair.


I am definitely going to continue following and reading this story. I strongly recommend you at least give it a try. It might surprise you. Also; start at Episode 0!!



1) Possibly character names and ID numbers. I got used to it but not sure everyone will.
2) ... I know I had a second one. >.< 

Liz Viscount

A sci-fi story on being different in a world of uniformity, and trying to survive.

Also, space bats.

The story is coherent, the setting immersive and with a touch of unfamiliarity, but very engaging.

The emotions are real and relative and raw.

I look forward to the journey of T0 and their companions.


The storyline will draw the readers in.

The author is creating an intricate alien experience that will capture the very soul of the readers and make them beg for more. The story is developing well from the last time I made the original review. 

The writing style is omniscient third person narration. 

It's no secret that omniscient narration is very effective when there are multiple, equally important characters present at the start of a story just like this one. Here, omniscient narration enables the author to show how different characters feel and think. This multi-voiced narration is very evident in this work as we can see how the author is developing multiple strong characters who each have their own individual arcs that unfold simultaneously. This is a well executed style.

The grammar is of top quality. 

The grammar has improved tremendously, and is efficiently used. 

The characters are one of the strongest qualities of this book. 

The author is able to create different characters that are exceedingly intriguing. Taking us deep into the mind of different species, and then, incited their emotional feelings, thoughts and perspectives in us as the readers, is simply amazing. This is all due to their well defined characters that perfectly fitted their roles.

Well done author. Keep it up.


Wonderful scifi *flicks her ears*

Reviewed at: Episode 6: Move

This is a wonderful science fiction story, the kind I have not yet read before. It has tropes we're somewhat familiar with, but it does it so well and subtly that it might be the best version of those tropes.

The synth are.. the synth. And they do what they do. They don't wonder, or think, or dream. At least most don't.

Our main character has feelings and thoughts and wonders, when a creature of its kind tends not to. And we feel along with them, and want them to know that it's ok to feel things, and we watch as they struggle in their life. And then we find that there is more than one that feels.

Wonderful storytelling and style. Simple, but expressive, and goes out of its way to make us know about the synth (especially their expressive ears). There are also lovely little sketches by the author that gives us a glimpse of exactly how the synth look.


First things first: This story is wonderful!

This review was supposed to be for my Weekly Review series, which reviews the first 50 pages of various stories on this site. But I was so enthralled by Synth that I read much further than that (and ended up reviewing it a bit late lol).

The story starts off with one of the darkest opening chapters of a story I’ve ever read on Royal Road, setting the tone for what’s to come. A galactic empire runs on fear and terror and we get to see that first hand. But it turns out that this dark opening was actually used in a much more clever way. For you see, the story is actually about trainee Synths, the plucky young soldiers-to-be who are mere grunts in this world of fear.

In that way, the opening chapter provides an amazing source of tension. These optimistic young beings are completely ignorant of the reality of the empire they serve and just want to be successful and happy in their own lives. But even as they discover themselves and each other, the undercurrent that everything is not going so well persists, giving the story an edge that keeps you reading (and ready to cover your eyes when things get real dark again).

Synth’s story is also a thinly veiled queer coming out narrative, and it’s much better for it. The story follows a young Synth who feels like they are different than their peers and separate from the herd mentality most have. They try to find others like them so that they can live happily together even amidst the scorn of everyone else, and the vague threat of violence against them if all goes wrong. It’s well done so far and I’m glad a story like this can succeed even when Royal Road tends to be hostile towards this kind of thing.

The writing style is decent, though sometimes lacks the emotional punch I am looking for. It’s about in the realm of any given paperback sci-fi novel you might pick up, albeit with actually good character interactions instead of bland technical descriptions. It’s probably the weakest part of the story so far, but it’s also still good, so that just tells you how good the story is.

Read Synth. That’s all I gotta say.



Interesting study of a tool's inner thought

Reviewed at: Episode 20: Simulation

A few short points that made me like this story, and why you could be satisfied reading it :

- The storytelling is quite organic.

- Characterisation is done very efficiently.

- The base scientific premises for this work are good for a soft-science story (2,5 to 3 in the moh scale of sci-fi).

- There is a lot of dialogue and inner thoughts, making the whole thing quite lively.

- It's interesting to see such creature mature mentaly, since they discover gradualy what is evident to a lot of us.

For me, so far, it looks like a slice of life under pressure (think 1984) mixed with a study of emotional and psychological maturity of being made as tool.

(I apologize for any mistake made in this review, I'm still actively learning english)

And for the witch : Keep the good work ^^

Cheers !