Restart Again

Restart Again

by Adam Ladner

All of the stories you’ve heard are wrong. They always tell you that starting a new life in a fantasy world is an amazing experience, full of magic, adventure, and true love...but they never tell you what happens when it’s over. They don’t tell you that it just happens again. And again. By the time you start your third new life in a row, all of that initial amazement wears off. That's where Lux finds himself now: Dropped into yet another fantasy world, forced to restart his life all over again. Having lost the people he loved twice over, he wants nothing more than to disappear and live a life of solitude...but it seems the world has other plans for him.

Restart Again Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 are available now on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, eBook, and audiobook formats. Volume 4 is currently in process; make sure to check in on my website for progress updates!

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Adam Ladner

Adam Ladner

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Of Isekai, Elric and Eternal Champions

Reviewed at: Volume 2, Chapter 3: The Golden Throne

What is the Eternal Champion? Who was Elric? 

Remember those names, Google Sensei them. You will see that there was a time before Japanese Isekai Summoned heroes, there was man named Michael Moorcock (yes yes, ha ha terrible last name) who created what I felt was THE FIRST Summoned hero created in the world. If you want classic summoned hero. Look up Michael Moorcock. 

And this story by the Mr Ladner is very much in some ways like the Eternal Champion; a man lost in a continous chain of events, summoned to battle for whatever or whoever needs a 'champion'. Though 'good' and 'evil' could be subjective, the MC is an Eternal Champion and finds himself sometimes just doing the 'right' thing, even if it may conflict with his summoners. The MC isn't completely ALL powerful. Just powerful. The world he winds up in is similar to the ones before. Good and bad mixed in it all. Which pretty much sums up how a world should be. 

I loved the nostalgic feeling I got when I read the blurb way above and thought to myself. "The Eternal Champion has returned. Poor dude. He probably wished he could have just quietly retired into some mundane universe and lived a life as the guy next door with the fat wife and cute grand kids....Now he's off the save the world again. And Again. and again. in aeternum...."

So give it a read if you want. It proved entertaining. I actually did read the full book 1 from Kindle Unlimited and now I wait patiently for book 2 to be completed...


Interesting premise, then nothing actually happens

Reviewed at: Volume 2, Chapter 1: Consequences

Well written, theoretically reasonably interesting characters, a cliched but not unreasonably so romance hook that's got a conflict that's not trivial to resolve by basic communication, and then... nothing.

I'm almost being literal here. As of the end of book one, which was apparently published in this state, events have not meaningfully progressed, characters have not been fully established enough to begin progressing, and every other chapter is a flashback telling us the same thing every other flashback told us.

Certainly there is room in the world for stories with a slow pace, but there aren't so much pacing issues here as the pace is non-existent. A full book in and not one single character has a defined goal or desire they're working towards yet, they're basically sitting in an infinite feedback loop of backstory exposition.

In fairness, it has potential to become better than it is with future writing. The characters and setting are there: we know because we just spent dozens of chapters reading the character and setting notes for a story that hasn't started yet. Maybe it'll be good when it does?


I've read the first two books and what's posted of the third. They keep getting better.

I thought the first book was okay, but not great. I liked the idea of a reborn hero on his third world and struggling with the difficulty of doing it all over again. But the book was a little slower than I like and I thought the character development wasn't enough to make up for it. I would have given it 4 stars on my curve. 

The second marked a significant improvement  in the series. The story moved faster because there were more events. The broader plot line took shape in ways that made the story more interesting. And the characters got more interesting too, including a clearer dark side to the protagonist and an interesting side character (Hilde), who the author makes blindly loyal to a bad king without being bad herself. 

I'm likely about 2/3rds of the way through book 3 now. We're seeing more depth to the characters, a more active storyline, and faster development of the overarching plot.

I recommend the series. 


The premise of the story is interesting, but I, as the reader, need motivation to invest myself in the story. It is quickly established that the MC (main character) is now in his 3rd world, he mentions that he's already done with being transported. Assuming that his 1st world is the one he is born in this world is only his 2nd new world. It doesn't make sense for the MC to not only expect to be transported to more worlds. He mentions that he thinks that all of the worlds are the same, after only seeing 3 this seems strange.

My main point is that the MC seems to be wholy uninterested in exploring the world he is in and dislikes all other characters in the story. Why should the reader want to experience this along with the MC. Maybe there are some readers who would want this but I can't imagine there are a lot of them.

Another problem is that since the MC has experienced life in 3 separate worlds, and enough of it to be very cynic, it will be hard to give the MC goals for the story. In the start he enters the city and exchanges coin, why? so he can use coins to laze around all day? And then he starts creating new magics, again, why?


It is what it is, and that is not good.

Reviewed at: 7. Unity

So, this is an ok story. It is about someone who got transported to another world x 3 and has lived 3 lives already. 

I don't think this story is something special and would recommend reading inexorable chaos instead, its MC has been isekai'd over a dozen times. Those storys are similar, as they both have MC who got repeadatly isekai'd and are rather OP, but IC is better, as it is funnier, has better content and a better story. 

This fiction on the contrary is rather hard to read, while it is readable, and not even bad, someone with experience with these sorts of fictions, would find this rather boring(my opinion) it has almost no originality as isekai is rather popular right now, and thus has many variants. Blacksmithing and swordsmanship are also quite common. What is good though is the rune-system, this MCs 'cheat'. But the story, which is kind of non existent, with the MC not having a real goal. Is rather bad I think.

While I have only read up to chapter 7, I neither find this fiction exciting nor good, because it has a very slow start as it seems and because the MC kind of just reacts in the beginning instead of collecting his wits, thus I will already stop reading.

While this is my opinion, I think that someone who hasn't read much isekai or isn't very knowledgable with this kind of story would rather like this. For me personally though? There are tons of better storys on RR and I thus got better things to read.


With a volume behind me I can say a watched a promising story become an EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT.

as best described by a comment on the last chapter of volume one characters develop by learning from their actions. Here the MC just broods on them. He makes the same mistake 3 times in the first volume just to push the plot. Not to mention that he shouldn't be making ANY of those mistakes in the first place cause he has 3 lifetimes of experience behind him. He literally says that he knows what not to do in a new world in an early chapter, but he clearly has no clue because the first thing he does is admit he has no idea of what his strangely stamped coins (currency from his previous world) are worth to some random stranger. 

this is made worse by subtle plot holes, for example a big part of an early chapter is testing if his old gear from a previous world still works, we are introduced to a belt with "orbs" on it there. As of the end of volume one we still have no idea what those "orbs" really do, hell we haven't even SEEN the belt since

like chapter 5. What happened too it?

all in all I feel like I just wasted an hour of my time reading volume one, no character development, lackluster world building (still don't even know what the world is called), and a faceslap cliffhanger. No wonder the amazon reviews are so angry.


This is novel is essentially isekai in a high fantasy setting, excellently written, great character development of the MC, likeable female lead. Just two points took it down to 4 stars for me, the FL is a helpless maiden who just minions up to the MC, comes across as rather sexist, so not really my thing, tho it's building up to her turning that around in the following book/s. Secondly, the final chapter wrecks the entire character build of the MC, if his motivations were rewritten or suitable justification found for him to undergo a total character change then fine, but as it is, it's very jarring.

Overall excellent story, well worth a read, but until the final chapter can be reworked, maybe skip reading that chapter.


I can see why this story is on trending... it's a competent story without noticeable grammatical errors and a few interweaving story arcs. Which puts it above the majority of RR stories that usualy either fails with grammar or forgets the story for all the plot. At the best parts it's really good.

Sadly enough the ending of those arcs is badly executed, and the result is really unsatisfying. This can seen in the disappointment in other reviews that read the full story. The main character fails to earn both his success and failures. So the end is a bitter and frustrating result without the propper payoff.

I'm pretty sure the author was aiming for bittersweet, but the result is far from that goal. Still it's not a bad story, and deserves some attention, even if I don't think it will ever reach the top of trending. I hope author can pull of the next volumne to a more satisfying conclusion (or maybe a rewite, if you know how to fix it). Still I think it's worth 4/5 for the effort, considering the inflation of RR scores.

And for those looking for a OP MC blasting thier way through the world after powering up on previous worlds, as suggested in the time spent on magical power ups, this isn't it.


This story is your typical reborn-into-another-world tale (so far - chp 18).
The only twist is that the MC did it several times before. Now a bit down when he has to leave his friends once again, this new world he finds himself in isn't that amazing and new anymore, but rather a "oh no, not another one" experience. He's also still missing his wife from 2 worlds back.

Things don't get better when the inhabitants of this world don't show their best faces right off the bat. A few kerfuffles later - nothing major, nearly slice-of-life'ish - the hero marches into the sunset, off to meet whatever fate awaits him.
Let us all experience what happens :)


All in all the story is well crafted but slightly disjointed. The dreams and moments of remembrance don't flow quite as smooth as perhaps possible with the rest of the story. The romance is also quite abrupt, not a lot of time to fall in love (which the MC himself points out quite correctly). Together with the general lack of action otherwise, this somehow makes the story feel both rushed and lazy at the same time.

All in all, this feels more like an introduction rather the story itself, despite having spanned 18 chapters already.
Still, a good read for an afternoon, and what's missing can still happen after all! Let's hope the payoff is worth it.

Grammar is very good, bonus points for that.

Rabid Fan

Reading this book is highly recommended.

A decent story without stat paddings and all the other tropes that go with it.

While I do recommend this book I hate reviewing early unless its deemed needed.

Thus the half a star is left out which may later be fixed / 5 stars.

Why this isnt trending already ?