"Hmm. Not bad. Although he isn't as good as his son, Robert, he still passes as a knight, although barely.", Edward said in a mocking tone.

"Brat! What did you say?", this time, Richard Brown was really pissed off. He looked at Edward and released an intense amount of Qi to pressure him.

"Ho!" Edward made a sound like he was still mocking, unaffected by the fierce Qi. He was looking at Richard Brown like he was watching a clown in a circus

"This kind of parlor tricks won't even phase your son, let alone me.", Edward gave Richard Brown a sharp look.

Looking at Edward's eyes, he could feel as if he was drawn into an endless abyss. He could feel a devastating power within Edward. His entire 'being' shook. He was feeling suffocated by the sheer intensity of Edward's power. As Edward averted his eyes from him, he could finally breathe. He was still sweating buckets. He couldn't believe his mind.

"Robert's friend is this strong? Don't tell me Robert has also become ridiculously strong?", as he thought this, he looked at Robert, trying to see through his cultivation. He was shocked to discover that he couldn't see through his son anymore. His son suddenly felt like an entirely different person.

"Just what kind of encounters did he have?", he trembled in his mind. Something told him that Robert's insane growth had something to do with this young man before him.

Edward once again looked at Richards. "Very few things escape my eyes. I know you are hiding quite a lot of things from your son. Whatever you are hiding, you can tell your son. You think he isn't ready, but he is more ready than you know, as he has grown and trained along with me, Edward Alexander!", he said.

The entire area suddenly drowned in intense Qi, it was as if everything had submerged into an ocean of Qi. This was Edward's Qi.

Richard Brown did not know what to say. He was getting more and more shocked by Edward's Prowess. "Robert, actually, I, I,...", he kept stuttering as he tried to talk.

"We can talk later. First, I need to settle things with Daniel.", he ran towards Daniel's living quarters just as he said that.

"Wait...", Before his father could say anything more, he vanished.

"So fast! He's even faster than me!", Robert's father exclaimed in shock.

"So, your name is Edward? Are you Robert's friend?", Robert's father finally dared to ask after a lot of hesitation.

"Yes. I am his friend.", Edward replied.

"Thank you for taking care of Robert! I am really grateful. ", Robert's father said. "Actually, the thing is, Robert...", he was trying to explain something when Edward gestured with his hand to stop.

"Explain everything when Robert comes back.", said Edward.

"Ok", Robert's father nodded as he calmed down.



"Daniel. I know you are there. Come out and face your death.", Robert shouted in front of Daniel's courtyard.

"Who the hell is barking in front of my room?", Daniel came out at this moment.

"So, it's you, Robert! What business do you have with me?", Daniel asked.

"Today I'm going to avenge Eilin.", Robert said in pure rage as he looked at Daniel as if he was looking at a dead man.

"Ho! When did you become so brave? Look! Robert is trying to kill me! I'm So Scared! Hahaha!", Daniel burst out laughing.

"You were always beneath me, and you will always be beneath me.", Daniel laughed.

"Try me.", Robert said in anger.

"You really dare to fight with me by yourself? Where is your strong friend who cut off vice-principal Gilbert's arms? Aren't you going to beg for his help?", Daniel mocked.

"For you, I alone am enough. Draw your weapon!", Robert shouted.

Daniel drew his sword, so did Robert. As both of them clashed, they both seemed equal.

Daniel was shocked to find out that Robert could match him in both speed and strength. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"How did this brat become so strong in just a year?", he grumbled in his mind.

As they kept clashing, none of them could overpower the other.

"You! Fine then. I'll let you have a taste of Royal Academies technics.", Daniel shouted.

"Killing Strike: Instant Death!", Daniel charged as he stabbed towards Roberts at an incredible speed.

"I'll let you taste my power.", Robert said.

"Ten Thousand Swords: Doomsday!", Robert shouted.

As the attack hit Daniel, his sword turned into powder, his whole body was full of cuts and slashes. He was only alive because Robert wanted him to be. He didn't want to finish off Daniel so quickly.

"Stop! Stop! I didn't do anything to Eilin. It was all fake, it was a drama to deceive you and others! It was a plan by your mother! I know nothing. In fact, I did not even get married to Eilin. And she's not dead. She's alive, she's with your mother! So, please stop!", Daniel cried in shock.

"What do you mean 'my mother'? Do I look like a fool to you? My mother has been dead since my birth! Enough with the lies already.", Robert shouted in anger.

"No! Your mother is alive! I saw her, two years ago! Don't you find it strange I managed to take Eilin from you even you were the Family Head's son? Despite my talent, I am not the clan leader's son, unlike you. It was all a setup. I can explain! I am sorry that I told Sunny all those lies to torment you!", Daniel cried as he begged for mercy.

"What nonsense are you blabbering? you can't escape death.", Robert said as he was about to kill Daniel.

"He's telling the truth.", at this moment, a voice was heard from behind. It was Robert's father who entered the courtyard, along with Edward. Old Summer wasn't here, he was resting in the cottage allocated for them.

"What do you mean by this, father?", Robert turned towards his father as he said that.

"Uncle! You are here uncle! Tell him everything, or he's gonna kill me!", Daniel cried as he hid behind Robert's father.

"Robert. I was hiding this in order to protect you, but your mother is not dead. She's alive, and she's doing well.", Robert's father said.

"What? What do you mean by that? Why were you hiding that from me? What else are you hiding from me?", Robert snapped.

"Calm down. The thing is, your mother, as well as Eilin's mother, is not from here. they are from a place called Overlord's Domain."

"Overlord's Domain?", Robert looked towards Edward as soon as he heard that. They both have heard about this pace. It was their true destination, the place where the Twelve Zodiac Clan resides.

"Yes. They are from the Twelve Zodiac Clans. As for what the Twelve Zodiac Clans are, I have no idea. I only know that they are the Twelve Strongest Clans of this world. I accidentally met your mother when I was young. We both fell in love. Finally, almost twenty years ago, you were born. But your mother's clan reached this place in search of her. She finally returned to her clan a few months after you were born. She had taken Eilin's mother along with her, as she was also from one of the Twelve Zodiac Clans, but not the same clan as your mother though.", Robert's father said.

"Then what happened two years ago?", Robert asked.

"Two years ago, your mother returned for two reasons. Most of the Twelve Zodiac Clans do not allow their bloodline to become impure, so they only allow marriage between two clans within the Twelve Zodiac Clans. They wanted to make sure your mother had no child with me, so they came in search of you, to kill you off if they find you. At the same time, she came to bring back Eilin. That's why your mother created a scenario where you knew Eilin was forced to marry Daniel and committed suicide. She did this for various reasons. She can explain it better than me. Here, read this letter. She wrote everything here.", Robert's father handed out a letter to him.

Robert opened the letter and checked the content.

Dear Robert,

If you are reading this letter, then you already know that I'm from one of the Twelve Zodiac Clans. As for which clan I'm from, I'm not going to tell you. I'm not going to put you in danger because of me. I'm sorry for all the drama I've done about Eilin. You wouldn't have settled and kept searching for her if she had disappeared just like that, so I had to make it look like she died. I used Daniel as a bait, as I knew it would be more believable to you if Daniel was involved, as you have always hated him for being better than you, and I thought involving Daniel would also work as motivation and inspiration as you always wanted to surpass him. I also had to make you leave the capital and make you cut off connections with the Brown family by putting this mental burden on you because my clan was looking all over for you. It took a long time to convince them that you were dead. I don't want you to come to find me, cause if you do and my Clan finds you, they will kill you. They have already placed a seal on your dad and I can't forgive myself for that. So, don't be reckless. If I feel like seeing you, I'll come when the time is right.

With love,



Tears dropped from Robert's eyes as he read the letter. He wiped his tears and looked at his father.

"Father, what is this seal she talked about?"

"Your mother's clansmen placed a seal on me when they came right after you were born. Twenty years ago, I was at the peak of the Qi Accumulation Realm, and in these twenty years, my cultivation hasn't progressed a bit due to the seal."

"I thought so. When I looked at you, I knew you had a seal placed on you. Luckily, I can remove the seal for you.", Edward said at that moment.

As he said that, he placed his hand on Robert's father's shoulder as he sensed something.

"A seal placed by someone at the Heavenly Wisdom Realm. The strength of my Qi can't do anything about that, so looks like I have to use my 'Paragon's Aura'.", He murmured. It was the same aura that accidentally unlocked Snow's seal which was placed on her by the demons.

Edward released a heavy, intense aura. As Robert's father felt that aura, his whole body shook. He suddenly felt the urge to kneel down in worship before Edward. Just as he was about to fall on his knees, Edward retracted his aura and held him back from falling on his knees.

"Clink", a sound of something like a lock being broken was heard.

"It's done", Edward said.




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