Art of Mortality

by TheAbsoluteOne

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance High Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Mythos Reincarnation Strong Lead Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

New Synopsis after chapter 56:  Long long ago, there was a mortal who despised the gods and envied the immortals. Why do the mortals have to die when the gods wish them to? Why do worlds have to perish when the gods say so? Why do only immortals get to live forever, why not mortals like him? As his family, friends, and his loved one died, he lamented. He wailed, he cried. He cursed the immortals, blasphemed the gods, spat at the heavens.  But he was just a mere mortal. His curses were pointless, his blasphemous words were useless, and his spits only returned back to fall on his face. At last, he thought, enough was enough, he would definitely do something about it. He decided that it was time for the multiverse to know what a mortal can do. He was the first mortal to cultivate. Eventually, after a long struggle, he killed the Immortals, enslaved the Gods, and shattered the heavens. He reshaped the multiverse and rewrote his fate. In the end, he reincarnated as he decided upon a grand scheme, a scheme to rule 'All and Always'. He came up with the concept of what is known today as 'Paragon'. And with this, all of reality, 'All and Always', was finally reforming, according to a Mortal's Wish.

Synopsis (Old): In the vast and complex multiverse, what can a mortal accomplish?

In the grand scheme of things, what can a mortal change?

In truth, what is a mortal, and what is mortality?

Being mortal is being ordinary, the same as being trash, or so says The World.

"No, mortality is an art, and a true mortal is a grand artist. Being the root of all, a mortal can become anything.", says a young mortal boy.

Meet Edward Alexander, a mortal boy walking the path against gods and immortals, fighting to the end to rewrite his destiny, and change the grand scheme of things.

Can he really change the grand scheme of things? Or maybe he himself is the Grand Schemer? To know the answer, follow Edward Alexnder on his journey to demonstrate the Art of Mortality.*******

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: The Girl Buried In Snow. ago
Chapter 2: Delusions of a Mere Mortal ago
Chapter 3: Flying Swan ago
Chapter 4: Hero ago
Chapter 5: The World of Cultivation ago
Chapter 6: Incomplete Soul ago
Chapter 7: The Nine Paragon World ago
Chapter 8: Mortal's Path ago
Chapter 9: Unexpected Visitors ago
Chapter 10: Paragon ago
Chapter 11: Departure ago
Chapter 12: His Trace ago
Chapter 13: Southern Academy Selection Exams ago
Chapter 14: Spiritual Black Paper ago
Chapter 15: Punching Strength Test ago
Chapter 16: Passing the First Round ago
Chapter 17: The Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 18: Battling A Beast ago
Chapter 19: Mortal or Paragon? ago
Chapter 20: Fierce Battle and Fast Killing ago
Chapter 21: Thoughts of The Past ago
Chapter 22: Unknown Secret ago
Chapter 23: Fighter ago
Chapter 24: A New Beginning ago
Chapter 25: Student Rankings ago
Chapter 26: Road to Cultivation (I) ago
Chapter 27: Road To Cultivation (II) ago
Chapter 28: Old Librarian ago
Chapter 29: Old Summer ago
Chapter 30: Hexagon Dash and Great Eruption Art ago
Chapter 31: Challenge ago
Chapter 32: The Ultimate Purpose ago
Chapter 33: Battle (I) ago
Chapter 34: Battle (II) ago
Chapter 35: Future Plans ago
Chapter 36: Enigma of The Uncrossable Forest ago
Chapter 37: A New Journey ago
Chapter 38: The Mysterious Lake of Tears ago
Chapter 39: Paragon of Life ago
Chapter 40: Edward, and Edward, Face to Face ago
Chapter 41: A Glimpse of The Grand Scheme ago
Chapter 42: Entering The Uncrossable Forest ago
Chapter 43: Wild Vines ago
Chapter 44: Edward's Feelings ago
Chapter 45: Origin of the Uncrossable Forest ago
Chapter 46: Back to Training ago
Chapter 47: Unexpected Circumstance ago
Chapter 48: The Insane Fighter ago
Chapter 49: Enigma of The Uncrossable Forest - Finale ago
Chapter 50: The Grand Academy Tournament: Prelude ago
Chapter 51: His Name is Edward Alexander! ago
Chapter 52: Preparing For the Grand Showdown ago
Chapter 53: He is No Ordinary Character! ago
Chapter 54: Beat Him With Style! ago
Chapter 55: Let Them Come! ago
Chapter 56: A Mortal's Wish ago
Chapter 57: Formless ago
Chapter 58: The Power of 'Formless' ago
Chapter 59: Secrets of The Nine Paragon World ago
Chapter 60: Robert Brown Returns Home ago
Chapter 61: Newfound Truth ago
Chapter 62: Just Like That? ago
Chapter 63: The Art of Mortality ago
Chapter 63.5: Author's Message ago
Chapter 64: Daniel and Robert ago
Chapter 64.5: Author's Announcement: Upcoming Projects ago
Chapter 65: And Here It Comes, The Grand Sky Empire! ago
Chapter 66: Entering The Imperial Capital ago
Chapter 67: Ancient Grounds ago
Chapter 68: Venturing Into A Ruin ago
Chapter 69: The Team Grows Stronger ago
Chapter 69.5: Announcement: Short Break ago
Chapter 70: Underground Passage ago

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I am going to have to be honest first, i am not a great fan of Xianxia stories. So its impressive that i managed to enjoy this story, Edward was a likable protagonist to read about and i never found him annoying or obnoxious. There were some grammar mistakes here and there but i still enjoyed the story a lot.


The background of the story is deep. The very first chapter introduces powerful people that have plots that are in work for years. And in the next few chapters, we see that the protagonist himself has destiny attached to him. This is a story about a man that is destined to be great and how he achieves it. 

In the initial chapters, we see the MC as just another mortal and we see why he starts cultivating. He does so that he could achieve the unattainable; the fight against the heavens. 

Grammar needs a bit of touch up, however, it did not seem like a hindrance. Just a bit of work and it would be done.

An enjoyable read. Give it a try!


Very good! Nostalgic yet new for me!

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Mortal or Paragon?

This fiction reminded me of good old HunterxHunter, Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho. The chapters are easy to read and also short what is a big plus because I want to read further till the story end, and this way I cannot get lost. 

Edward is a pure hearted lad that meets an immortal cultivator, someone that masters the energy of Qi. His life seems to gain purpose what seems to motivate him. The action is good and the scenes well descibed, just like the world the author have build that is full of personality. Givi it a try!


This is a xianxia that gets better as it slowly progresses. The Writing style is nice, not too complex, or hard to read. The story, as we dive in, becomes better and better. As for grammar, there are quite a few typos, but nothing too bad to stop you from reading. Finally, The characters are not completely defined until the second arc. Only after reading till the end of the second arc can we slowly get to understand the character of the mc. 

In short, if you are someone who likes to read all kinds of xianxia, you should give it a try


I've read a lot of Xianxia/Wuxia novels in the past, and this one is a pretty standard trope.

The info dumps are a bit off putting but otherwise fine, it does get a bit too verbose so some people might dislike that. The style is also a standard xianxia/wuxia but I'm sure the author has something more unique in store for us, the grammar has some mistakes here and there but the author did say he was going to proofread more when he gets to about 100 chapters. 

The story, I think could've been executed better. The love thingy was a bit too fast, and his conviction to achieve something remote and foreign to him like cultivation and the immortal world is done a bit too quickly. His attitude about it was a bit dull in the beginning, there was a six months gap but there wasn't really anything that happened that could've pushed him to actually want to be stronger other than liking a girl, while also knowing that the girl is tied to someone. I think if the girl actually fell for him and the feeling became mutual at the start then I could accept it better, but the girl didn't, so it was basically the MC that wanted to steal someone elses woman. Of course, this is just my opinion, I'm a bit particular on the romance thingy when it comes to xianxia/wuxia, some are done too badly like love at first sight each time the MC meets a beautiful woman, though I do hope this one doesn't go to the harem route, since his first conviction was his love towards Snow.

Overall, this should be a decent read for Xianxia readers.


Art of Mortality is a Xanxia novel. I'll be honest, it is not a genre that I have read much of so most of it was refreshingly new to me. Your mileage may vary when it comes to just how much this story differentiates itself from the rest of the genre.


The author writes in well structured and descriptive prose. The writing is clear and succintctly gets the author's point across in order to progress the story. Unfortunately, the author's commitment to clarity means that we sometimes have to trudge through series of short descriptive sentences in succession which can harm the flow of the story.

As someone who knows little about Xanxia, the little expositions to learn more about the world and genre were not too contentious, however that over one chapter long info dump in chapter 7/8 would turn off pretty much anyone.


There is the occasional spelling error and grammatical mistake but it does not detract too far from the story. 


I am quite liking the idea so far. The tale of an underdog coming into his own is always something that I'm up to read.


The characters in this fiction feel a bit one dimensional to me. There is a distinct lack of any real characterization in the first arc of the story. As of Chapter 12, I don't think I can comment on the personality of any of the characters. 

Spoiler: Spoiler




I'm biased against Xianxia stories, so I'd like to give it a lower score, but there's nothing truly awful to warrant a below average score. I stopped reading after Chapter 4 though.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 While That's nothing out of place for the Xianxia genre, it's not really strong writing and just leaves this as average Xianxia.


This story is is a classical Xianxia: Lowly-born MC has a fortuitous encounter and decides to walk on the path of cultivation.

However, the author does so in a very unique way that will keep you reading.

The style is good, the structure of sentences varies to enable a smooth reading, creating an immersive feeling for the reader.

The grammar is the only point where I found the story lacking, although it gets better after a few chapters. However, its not so bad to stop the reading flow so I wasn't bothered too much about it.

The story is great. The author effectively created another world, giving the river tidbits in every chapter. The infodump around chapter 6 tends to be a bit much, but is written very understandable.

So far there have not been that many characters introduced to the reader (chapter 9 or so), but they feel fleshed out, giving them each their own personality.

All in all, I would definitely recommend to give this story a read.


Simply speechless. Nothing to say but the fact that it's an epic xianxia. This is the right story for those who like to read all kinds of xianxia novels.

The writing style is very amazing.

The story is deep and mindblowing, with great world-building.

Grammar is also ok, only needs a bit of proofreading.

Characters take time to develop, but once they do, they turn out really great.

Overall, It's an amazing xianxia.



 Excellent world building with great set of characters. Well executed tropes and a good read

My only pet peeve is with the grammar and style. Some punctuations are off and homophones are substituited in some places but nothing that can't be handled with another round of proofreading and editing

As for style, It felt like a DnD campaign narrated by the DM. Everything is told to us, nothing shown, breaking my immersive experience.

The story has great potential. Keep up the good work