Monster Buffet

Monster Buffet

by Crownfall

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Earth was changed forever when the first gate opened. Damon's parents were among those who survived the event.

Most of the people born to the survivors of the first gate had inordinate powers compared to the other avatars. Incredible systems, skills, and stats. Damon only gained incredible struggles. He fought tooth and nail just to provide for his parents, spending years raiding, but was never able to level up.

Trapped inside of a gate and abandoned by his party, he finally learns what it takes to level up- and it's all you can eat.

Inspired by stories like Solo Leveling and Dungeon Mage

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An interesting premise with an enticing writing style that really draws you into the strange world the story takes place in! There's a few minor typos, but the writing style really suits the grim, violent environment surrounding a very unsual yet entertaining protagonist.

Can't wait to read more!


A great LitRPG with a likeable protagonist that you can easily relate to. The world and setting, and how the game works, is well done and makes it seem like something you would want to play.

Dialogue and grammar is great, flow of the story works well, it's easy to get caught up and keep hitting 'next chapter.'


Not a lot here yet and honestly skip the intro chapter because it's included completely later on. Solid writing, story is good can't wait to get to the plot and see what the mc does. 


Unique but it's still to early to tell

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Monster Fishing

I'm going to keep this pretty short. Overall, I like the writing style and basic story concept, but there are a few points where I just end up lost. It's not that scenes aren't put together well. The best way to describe it would be that there's just stuff left out at certain points that I feel like would be important. Right now it's not jarring, but I feel like that could change in the future.

Other than that though everything is so spread out and short that I can't really give an in-depth review yet. The writing is good, but without quick updates I doubt people would be able to follow along with how short the story is.

For me at least, I'm thinking about just bookmarking the story in my "read later" folder until it gets at least 30-60K words as I read a bunch of ongoing stories at once. I'll probably rewrite my review at some point as the story gets development.

EDIT: I tried to keep up with this as an active story, but I just can't. Everything is so short that I can't remember what's going on over a 10+ day span between updates. I can still remember the basic concept, but almost all of the important details are lost. I'd like to see this story when it's finished, but sticking around like this just doesn't do it for me.


The first seven chapters were pretty interesting. The premise is nice enough. My only gripe with writing was that chapter three contains unnecessary verbatim copy of prologue.

Then I started to notice the negatives:

1) comments for chapters is disabled - usually a herald  of bad news;

2) MC motivation is unclear - why does he want system when it is abundantly clear that he can find normal job and he clearly wasted years on this already?;

3) The apparently raid-experienced MC forgets about danger, then gets punished for it, vows to do better then immediately forgets about danger again. Multiple times.

4)The entire dungeon has exactly two types of monsters. Pretty weird. What do chickens eat? How do they level?

5) MC gets monster's skill - then immediately proceeds to be better at it than the monsters.

6) We are told monsters have a defensive skill, but no monster ever used one.

7) MC gets wrecked by monsters and basically shrugs it off, when monsters are hurt by MC they are basically crippled.

8) MC get wrecked by monsters during quests, then is surprised he didn't get too reward. 

9) MC gets progressively less intelligent - his ambush of the first monster is great (if not perfectly executed), the MC then lured the raid boss and... proceeded to face-to-face combat?? What the hell? He could have literally repeated the first ambush, showed us he progressed as a person and got rewarded for it with top loot.

10) I didn't notice it while reading chapter seven, but later it is clear - MC suddenly acts and talks as a Xianxia character.

11) As of chapter eleven, this is now a Xianxia with classics like 'everyone plots against MC', 'everyone plots against everyone' and stilted, unrealistic dialogues and characters. Oh, and of course let's not forget the 'humorous misunderstandings'.


Great, good pace and progression, close fights and non despicable mc.


Very enjoyable story so far. Some small grammer mistakes but nothing terrible. Would definitely recommend.


listening to skillet will reading makes this book soooo great. Feckin great book recommend it 10/10 great. Pls don't drop author already massively addicted.