The Lone Dragon



chapter 10 - The girl with the tattooed body


After two days of traveling air-bound, the ship finally began to descend.

As soon as the giant ship landed, the small village of 30 was completely astonished and stunned.

Buildings... Shops... Amenities... What not!

Everything was completely different. It was as if they had been living in the dark, like unevolved cave men.

The three experts settled everybody in one of the local inns and ordered food and bedding for their overnight stay.

This news was already reported to the ruler of this territory and land, with some resources were promptly allocated to the well being and development of the villagers.

They were going to start their new life in a town near the capital city, called Egalfy.

Though a few were already missing their native settlement, everyone was excited to explore and roam the capital city.

The village elder keeping a tight rein on all the naive folks also helped a lot with the adjustment.

Eluraa's mom kissed her good night and left her in her room.

The atmosphere here had far richer mana than their settlement, and being the cultivation idiot that she was, Eluraa immediately took a rain check on the local tour and sat down in the bed to cultivate.

Her small ball of mana in the lower dantian, body's cultivation center near the abdomen, was slowly and steadily increasing in its size.

With every breath, undulating waves of mana gently caressed her body, invigorating the cells and tissues of the body, and gradually consolidating with her already existing cultivation base.

Eluraa had no idea, but in barely an hour after stepping foot into the capital city, she was already making a name for herself!

Anyone walking near the inn could sense the very conspicuous rapid absorption of the energy.

Only people with heaven blessed high-grade affinities, like orange and red, were able to bring about waves of this intensity!

This meant that potentially a high-level expert was staying in the inn!

Since this was the capital city, this was nothing unusual. Several high-grade affinity people resided here.

The weird part was that the expert was staying in such a cheap inn.

Which five-star establishment would refuse accommodation for such a high-affinity expert?

But, still the expert decided to go for a cheap abode, and this was nobody's business.

While most people ignored the anomaly and carried on with their business, this peculiar situation caught the eye of one particular individual casually strolling in the market.

In the history of this era, the affinity stone has never once identified any child with black or white affinities so far.

The research indicated that these affinities exist but no one since the dawn of this era has ever shown a black or white affinity and many experts were even skeptical of its very existence.

But there was one exception, the fifth prince of Alexandria territory, Shi Meng!

When he turned fifteen this year, he shocked everyone and showed a deep dark red affinity, almost black in color.

This information was heavily guarded and only the Emperor and the top-level experts in charge of guarding the human race knew of his affinity.

The public only knew that he tested with a red affinity.

Shi Meng was also starting in the Capital City's academy this fall.

The Expire's capital city was the most advanced settlement in the entirety of human settlements, with different groundbreaking institutes and multiple top-notch facilities.

So he had arrived quite a bit earlier and had been roaming around the city for a while, almost all through the summer.

And just as fate would have it, he couldn't help but notice the rapid energy absorption in the inn's vicinity.

But, unlike others, he was still not mature enough to leave it alone and wanted to take a peek.

Though all students were supposed to start their formal training in spell casting after joining the academy, the children belonging to noble families and families with a strong military background, already had access to numerous resources, and it was not totally out of place for them to be well versed in certain spells and techniques.

Now, with his curiosity piqued, Shi Meng immediately cast an invisibility spell, which is a soul energy spell, and then used the air elemental energy to elevate himself to the site of the anomaly.

Casting a soul energy spell was completely different from casting an elemental energy spell.

To cast an elemental spell, one needed to emit the mana, mix it with the elemental energy and then control the energy's final form and power.

All three steps required complete mastery of their affinity with the specific elemental, decent cultivation, and complete control of the available mana.

Considering this in itself was extremely difficult, to take it a step further and actually cast an soul energy spell, showed Shi Meng's superior affinity and his prowess in spell casting.

He hasn't yet joined the academy, but he was already leaps and bounds above others.

But even Shi Meng, couldn't help but stumble and stagger, as he quietly and invisibly perched upon Eluraa's window sill.

The sight in front of him completely took him by surprise!

A young girl who didn't look like she was that much older than him, was sitting on the bed and meditating.

Since she was in the comfort of her room, she was not clothed in much, except for her bare minimum undergarments.

But that didn't even register in Shi Meng's mind, as he was still busy gaping in awe at the other obvious thing staring at his face.

The young girl's otherwise perfect, toned and flawless upper back, was completely covered in tattoos.

And very noticeably, these were not some gothic ink tattoos, these were actual tamed beast representative tattoos!

Once a beast was tamed, the master's soul and the beast's soul intertwine with each other, allowing the beast to reside within the master for all eternity. They breathe as one and live as one.

And this strange young girl at least had 10 different tattoos!! That meant she had tamed at least 10 different monster beasts!

Where the hell did she come from?

There was always someone bigger and better than you! Sighing, Shi Meng stopped invading her privacy any further and silently retreated from there.

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