In a dark frosty night, with the air as cold as death, a nimble elegant figure danced atop the tall lush trees, navigating through the dense forest like it was child's play.


Eluraa cut through the intruding dense leaves and sat down in a meditative pose on a sturdy branch, overlooking the small accessible entrance to her little hidden tribal village.

It has been almost 15 years now!

15 years since she had been reborn on this planet...

Eluraa looked at the humongous bright yellow moon staring brilliantly at her face across the vast endless ocean.

She had three balls of water circling around her, like mysterious orbs.

She closed her eyes, and slowly and steadily sucked in the mana permeating the atmosphere through her skin, nose, eyes, mouth, and everything.

It was as if her entire body was a greedy hungry vortex.

But unfortunately, cultivation cannot be rushed. It was a slow and laborious process, which needed deep concentration and contemplation.

Though Eluraa would never in a million years complain about this aspect of the cultivation!

This was her second chance!

She was going to use every inch and centimeter of it!

While she closed her eyes and meditated serenely, the pitch-black panther next to her, almost invisible in the dark of the night, moved around uneasily.

Eluraa opened her eyes and patted the restless animal.

"Do you sense it as well blacky?" She gently whispered, with a faint flash of anxiety and worry crossing her face.

It looked like tonight, their small isolated and hidden village would have some uninvited guests...


So much time had passed by that the axon era had come to an end.

The greed of humanity had long since destroyed the harmonious balance which existed between the life forms.

Elemental energies were exploited for territory battles and meaningless conquests.

To supplement this energy, magical creatures were inhumanely hunted down, and their cores were used for mana cultivation, which only ended up making things worse.

But unfortunately for humanity, the magical creatures which survived the inhuman hunt thrived and grew exponentially stronger and terrifying.

These monstrous creatures slowly increased in numbers and took back their forests and territories.

Diverse magical clans emerged from these anomalies and they all had distinct features and abilities.

For instance, the dwarfen clan members were short and stocky but excelled in the brute strength of their bodies.

Not even the vicious phoenix grade flame could pierce through their thick skins!

They are rumored to be descendants of the powerful and sturdy mountain orcs, whose reproduction cycle was shorter, and brand new mini orcs keep popping out every 2 months.

Thus, making up for their lack of sophisticated intelligence, with sheer numbers.

The elven clan members had long ears and were more proficient in using magic and spell damage.

They were the creatures who were most attuned with mana and elemental energies than anyone else.

To make matters worse, these magical clans were very wary of humans, and their greed.

In fact, human beings were considered a blemish on the planet, which needed to be plucked out.

Constant struggles broke out all around the planet for territory control, and the weak were still preyed on and exploited by the strong, without any peaceful solutions in sight.

In an environment where all other species reproduced and replicated much faster, the frail and weak human population was dwindling every day.

This was the world Eluraa was born into...

However, she had little to no idea about any of these!

From her birth to date, somehow she had luckily led a sheltered and safe life.

She was born in a remote isolated tribal village in the middle of nowhere surrounded by huge bodies of water and tall dangerous mountains.

Her cute face was always drowsy, and she seemed to sleep all the time, to the extent of even worrying her parents and making them anxious.

In reality, this was expected.

After all, Eluraa's soul had been imprisoned and shackled for millions of years.

Along with anxiety, Eluraa's father was a bit disappointed as well.

He had wanted a strong and sturdy son, who would brave and climb those arduous hills surrounding their small village, killing the monstrous beasts and providing their family with adequate food and shelter.

In fact, every single family in their tribe wanted sons!

Men had a natural talent and the raw strength needed for direct combat.

Since they were a very small colony and lacked any powerful experts, this was the only chance they had to survive and protect themselves.

However, no matter how hard he tried Eluraa's dad couldn't be disappointed with her in the slightest.

She looked like an angel with her deep blue eyes and a magical heart-melting smile.

Both the parents were still worried about their mysterious baby though.

They haven't come across any other toddler who slept for such long hours. Maybe she was born with some disorder or deficit?

But, not torturing them too much, Eluraa soon stopped her long relaxing naps, when she turned 4 years old.

And before they realized, she quickly became her parents' pride and joy!

Since her birth, Eluraa had shown an unprecedented talent in communicating with the wild beasts.

She tamed her first pet, ironically a black panther, at the age of 5, when other kids were barely learning the basic cultivation methods from the village elder!

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