The more Eluraa thought about this prison being linked to the divine elemental, the more she was convinced.

She could feel it. She was on the right track.

Eluraa calmed herself down and, for once, stopped all her instincts fighting the energy shackling her.

Slowly she tried to accept the imprisonment.

She could feel the energy restraining her. It was so strong and so dark.

She tried to explore the nothingness but without the accompanying despair or misery.

Was it a feeling similar to free falling? What if she was falling continuously in an endless dark pit.

No, that was not the feeling.

Eluraa tried to slowly and gradually absorb the energy shackling and restraining her.

But no matter how much she absorbed, this ominous dark energy felt infinite.

If she wanted, she could keep absorbing this energy forever, and nothing would change. This was the feeling she got.

But, what if she was just under the illusion that she was absorbing the energy for a prolonged time?

In reality, she could be absorbing it just for a millisecond.

Several confusing questions bombarded her already disturbed mind.

The only certainty was the overwhelming power she felt with each cycle of absorbing. The other elemental energies couldn't even come close to this energy.

If that was a fire, this was a huge raging inferno!

Collecting her thoughts, she stopped everything and just tried to connect with the frequency and resonance of the energy waves.

She tried to feel how the energy had enveloped her and restrained her.

She tried to unravel the multiple layers of dark energy confining her.

She was slowly and gradually getting used to the shackles and the restraints. They were no longer intrusive and confining.

They were mere extensions of her body.

She steadily started comprehending the small undulations in the energy waves, and unknowingly, she had fallen asleep.

For the first time in forever, she had actually fallen asleep. Not erased into nothingness, but just fallen into a plain and simple deep slumber.

Eluraa was currently floating in a blissful joyous dream.

She dreamt about her childhood days and all that she cherished. How long had it been since she had felt this happiness?

In a bright sunlight morning, she dived into the sparkling river water and played gleefully with her panther.

She surprised her dad from behind and gave him a huge scare.

Annoyed, her dad chased her all afternoon to provide a good spanking. She laughed so much that tears came out of her eyes.

Wait. What? Why are tears coming out of my eyes?

She lifted her hands to wipe her eyes. Can I even lift my hands? She was surprised and confused.

My soul is trapped, and I can't move. I am under the divine restrictions, and I can't move at all. So what is happening?

Huh. Why am I so tired? I am so tired, so sleepy. I am going to fall asleep.

No! I won't disappear. I can't disappear. Wake up.

She jerked herself awake. Her eyes slowly cleared up, and the blinding light dispersed.

Eluraa was instantly stunned.

She could open her eyes and see. With a warm smile dancing on her lips, she waved around her chubby childlike hands.

She even saw a bunch of strangers with smiling faces and a warm woman gently embracing her.

Am I dreaming? How is this possible? Has my hell ended? How did I break out of the divine prison?

It didn't matter.

Whatever is happening right now, it can't be worse than that hell.

She calmed herself down and first checked if this was a dream or reality.

Did it even really matter?

Let it be a dream or reality, as long as it could last a little while, that's all she needed — just a small break from this terrifying nightmare.

Eluraa took a deep breath and opened her eyes again. She tried to move her arms and legs and realized she was a chubby little newborn baby.

Her bright azure blue eyes met with the woman holding her affectionately like a treasure. She was probably her mother.

The man who was at her side looking a bit disgruntled, but at the same time affectionately caressing her was perhaps her father.

Eluraa cooed softly and silently enjoyed this warm atmosphere.

Her dark shackles disappeared, and her chains broke free. The nothingness and loneliness all evaporated.

After confirming her new-found freedom, Eluraa immediately fell into a deep slumber, with a small cute smile on her lips.

The years and years of mental torture had taken a massive toll on her mind and body.

Even with her extraordinary cultivation, Eluraa was still extremely damaged at the moment.

In the process of breaking free from her damning prison, all her mana reserves wholly drained.

She was utterly exhausted, but she didn't care.

She was finally free. She was free again to live and breathe.

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