Lucinda the Shifter

Lucinda the Shifter

by Kurast

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Unwilling to follow in the footsteps of her parents, Lucinda desperately seeks an alternative while enduring the beginnings of a lifestyle she has no interest in.

What she wants, is to gain the ability to transform into a variety of animal forms. But, first she has to find out what Class that is, and then how to actually become it.

This tale follows the journey of Lucinda. From the largest turning point in her short life, and through the events that follow.

** Huge thanks to Overcomplicated AppleĻ€ for the cover artwork. If you want to see more of her work, click this link.

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Table of Contents
57 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A New Path ago
2. Committing and Preparing ago
3. Hunting in the Forest ago
4. A Shifter's Trial I ago
5. A Shifter's Trial II ago
6. A Shifter's Trial III ago
7. Uncertain Future ago
8. A Journey Begins ago
9. Coming of Age ago
10. Desperate Pursuit ago
11. Goods and Services ago
12. Druid Lore ago
13. Dead of Night ago
14. Farming Forms ago
15. Fully Equipped ago
16. Birds of Prey ago
17. Shrubland Scuffle ago
18. Mountainside Mess ago
19. A Tenuous Task ago
20. Harpies and Hierophants ago
21. A Veritable Vista ago
22. Serendipitous Succour ago
23. A Companion Found ago
24. Communication and Learning ago
25. Mountainside Meetup ago
26. Eclectic Entourage ago
27. Gladiatorial Games ago
28. Glimmering Gold ago
29. Druidic Diversion ago
30. Druidic Dualism ago
31. Underground Ugliness ago
32. Griping, Gains, Greenery ago
33. Secluded Scenery ago
34. Grizzly Goings ago
35. Lakeside Rendezvous ago
36. Horsing Around ago
37. Poisonous Pets ago
38. Sampling Sweetness ago
39. Otter Spotter ago
40. Scaly Surprise ago
41. Troubling Truths ago
42. Curious Challenges ago
43. Sinister Suggestions ago
44. Frolicking Felines ago
45. Opinions Vie ago
46. Trouble in Triplicate ago
47. Natural Niceties ago
48. Deer, Departed ago
49. Choice Considerations ago
50. Cave-bound Curation ago
51. Ominous Ordeal ago
52. Restorative Respite ago
53. Adventuring Allies ago
54. Troublesome Tower ago
55. Shadowy Showdown ago
56. Foggy Foray ago
57. Shifter Surprise ago

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Reigsta Di Raizel

A good read I recommend this story

Reviewed at: 18. Mountainside Mess

It is a really intresting stroy to say at least. 

I really enjoyed reading this story en hope i can continu enjoy it while I keep reading it. 

The MC herself is quite the intresting character I would say so my self. There is life in her ,and the choice that she make for her situation are for me logical and make sense. She isn't some stupid or overcofindent youth who got some power after gaining a class. There is emotions to find in her so that she doens't look like a soulless husk of a MC. That and I like her character of how she looks at life how it has changed from her life before gaining a class.


The other side charaters or how you like to call them are for me quite good molded. With this I mean that there is depth in them and not just used as filling or there to be just because it helps the MC in the progressing of the story. Even the side charaters with few lines feel like real people and not soulless things. This also helps me to enjoy the story more because it feels more life like ,and is not just some letters that you read without a deeper feeling or meaning behind it. 


With grammar and the things that also belongs to that group I don't have much say in it. Because myself don't have much problem with reading it, and I'am not a really good at finding faults in some text after reading it. They must really be big grammar mistakes for that I can spot them. So I have no problem reading and I don't think I say big mistakes in the chapter I have read before I wrote this review.


So with everything I have to say about this story done with I will continu reading it. If you are intresed after reading this review check it yourself out because no one but you can only know if you like it or not, so take a shot if you like it or not. It's your choice to be made.


The best and worst of 'coming of age'

Reviewed at: 26. Eclectic Entourage

This is an interesting story. It's very well written, but for some reason the way the story flows makes it hard to want to 'turn the page'. Again, it's well written so it isn't a matter of quality. Whether it's the needless use of overly lengthy sentences or the somewhat generic fantastical tone or some combination of word choice and sentence structure, the flow of the story just doesn't jive with me. What's being said is interesting but how its being communicated is less so. 

Never noticed any grammatical mishaps. 

Coming of age stories present a curious situation, character growth becomes easy while side characters become difficult (more on the latter later). Character growth gets easier because it's the story. Who Lucinda becomes and how she becomes that person, is the story. It's personal and based on internal conflicts rather than external ones. Of course external conflicts exist, but their role is more as fuel for more interesting internal ones. The author does this very well, both presenting interesting conflicts and allowing Lucinda tackle them in ways that are engaging. I'm not that big on LitRPG, but the genre is probably the best when character growth is a key element of the story. It definitely works to this story's favor. (Obviously if you just like LitRPG, this features the standard elements. I'm not the best at judging the quality or originality of 'systems' tho)

On the character side of things. I don't think I like a single character besides the MC. Her mentor turn fling dude, dude is decent, but even he could use a bit of work. This is a common issue in coming of age stories, how do you write the side characters? How do you make then full fleshed individuals when 1. Much of the screen time needs to be spent on the MC and their growth 2. If they feature in the early stages of the story, they have to in some way be shaping that growth. Whether it's through direct support, or presenting a challenge the MC can solve relatively quickly. and 3. Young character's tend to lack the ability to exert influence on others, so interactions with the MC become one dimensional. While the author, for the most part, dodges the third issue the other two issues are unaddressed. That leaves characters with very little time to accomplish a very specific goal before quickly being shunned to the back of our minds. Even as the story progresses, most side characters merely exist to service Lucinda's story rather than be individuals in their own right. 

Overall, it's a good coming of age story that features both the best and worst of its subgenre.


So first I'm not entirely sure if the emphasis here is supposed to be based on some form of D&D or not. It's a gamelit where the MC begins her journey preparing for the class she wants and things roll from there. At the time of the review she hasn't attained it yet but it's been a bit of a ride getting there.

The writing is solid albeit the author leans for shorter chapters. I'm hopeful for the future and can't wait to see where they go from here. I'd suggest giving it a try for anyone who likes Druidic/nature based MCs


A fun coming of age story with a theme that pairs well with the shifter setting

Reviewed at: 24. Communication and Learning

This story is pretty enjoyable so far. It reminds me of the YA fantasy books I would read when I was younger that I would get lost in on the car ride home. A nice, light LitRPG story.


I enjoyed the author's writing style in this story. Words and sentences, thoughts and descriptions, flowed together nicely, and it wasn't choppy or hard to slug through. The perfect balance of flowery and straight-forward.

The dialogue is a bit flowery too, but I think it fits with the setting of the story.


There were a couple of spelling and punctuation errors here and there but nothing that a quick run through grammerly and prowritingaid can't help.

Story/ Character

I really enjoy the main character, Lucinda. She has an innocence to her and a strong will to be her own person yet a hesitance to move forward that's relatable. I also enjoyed when the story delved into her thoughts because, frankly, if I were in some of the situations she found herself in I would be thinking the same thing.  Her drive to break free from her parent's expectations and do what she wishes is also something that people might find relatable. The struggles she experiences after certain pitfalls may also be relatable to readers.

Additionally, the world-building was quite nice and the reader will be able to get a pretty clear picture of what kind of society the characters are living in in the first couple of chapters.

The relationship dynamics in this story are interesting and it's fun to see all the characters interact with one another. However (and this is a personal opinion) her relationships with some of the older cast in the story are a bit too spicy for me. These relationships "fit" and "makes sense" in the context of the story but the recurrent age gap is a bit uncomfortable. Again, this is just my opinion. 

I'm interested to see how Lucinda grows in her travels and how her shifter powers play into her coming of age.

Anyways, long story short, who hasn't wanted to be able to turn into an animal?


Off to a good start.

Pros: Nice magic system with some soft litrpg elements and some dungeons and dragons type classes thrown in. The shapeshiftig is believable in the context of the story. The characters (for the part) are pretty well thought out. Most of their motives are believable but there are some where I question their actions as being a bit too odd. I suck at grammar so take my grammar score at face value. The only thing I can say is that nothing pulled me out of the story.

Cons: Some of the motives and behaviors of the supporting charters are a bit off.  Examples under the spoilers. One encounter (see second spoiler below) seemed rushed.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler

 Otherwise very good story so far.



Better than expected!

Reviewed at: 9. Coming of Age

I somehow didn't think a story of a shapeshifter would be all that enjoyable but I ended up finishing all the available chapter in a day :P 


I think that tells you all you need to know, but just to list it out.

The characters were very likeable in my opinion and the interaction were enjoyable and were fairly realistic.

The relationship between her and her mentor while some probably find it iffy, for me it produced some fun banter and the intamite scenes aren't described so for me atleast I don't mind relationship in the book and find their interactions to be enjoyable. 

looking forward to the next available chapters!


A promising story, rooting for Lucinda!

Reviewed at: 10. Desperate Pursuit

Game lit typically isn't my thing, but I'm enjoying this story so far. I like Lucinda, and the idea of pursuing forbidden options / going against the grain of your parents wishes makes her a compelling 16 year old. Still, she has lots to learn, and isn't immediately overpowered like a lot of young MCs in coming of age stories. Thus 5/5 for character.

Normal tiny things here and there on grammar, but mostly fine. 4.5/5

Story wise, it hasn't struck me as anything unique, but it also hasn't driven me away with too many stats / leveling chapters (personal preference). Some of the early plot aspects felt a bit contrived, but it soon had me hooked and either got better or I stopped noticing. If you like action / fantasy adventure / game lit, you should check out this story 4.5/5

Style wise, it was refreshing for me to not be overloaded with the game aspects (as of chapter 10). They are there and compliment the story nicely. Sometimes the story feels a bit telly (opposed to show vs. tell), but the information is relevant and interesting.

Also, as a sci-fi fan who loves DS9, shape shifters are the best!




Great Story and Wonderful Characters

Reviewed at: 13. Dead of Night

"Lucinda the Shifter" is a wonderful story about a young woman's journey to achieving her dream of becoming a Shifter. As we first meet Lucinda, we immediately see her determination to defy her parents' expectations to follow her dream. The author does a good job of exploring Luinda's internal battle as she fears hurting her parents, yet can't accept the choice they've made for her.

However, this isn't a mere coming of age story. As she begins training to become a Shifter, strong LitRPG and D&D elements enter the story. The system the author has come up with is wonderfully detailed, yet is explained well.

Strong secondary characters, particularly Lucinda's mentor, greatly enhance the story. The wordplay between mentor and apprentice is particularly well done.

The grammar had a few minor issues, but is overall quite good.

Filled with excitement, humor, and a few unexpected turns, "Lucinda the Shifter" is well worth the read.


TLDR: Good story, keeps the "game" feel without getting me bogged down in details and stats. I more feel like it's a real word, just with game mechanics, which is good!

Style is good. A few spots here and there were the abruptness of a sentence or the way a paragraph was cut off was a little jarring, but no big issues. 


Grammar: some  issues with sentence structure in the beginning, but it improved quickly. Maybe a quick reread of the first chapter might  help

Story is good!  It's a basic story, but  it has heart, and that's what's importnat. 


Character: Keep me interested in the character, and you keep me interested in the story. Lucinda has me interested. 


A good place to start reading on Royal Road.

Reviewed at: 16. Birds of Prey

First of all, I liked this story a lot, and may update this review once I'm deeper into it.

The story as some point that make it shine :

- Style is simple and easy to read, while not too minimalist, and the dialogs are made lively by the good use of onomatopeia.
- The story is a good classical coming of age with a great mastery over flow.
- The gamelit system is simple and elegant, with a big touch of dungeons and dragons. Moreover, the gamelit part of the story don't vampirize everything else, it's integrated in a organic way to the world and plot.

The fist few chapters didn't convince me but, like a lot of other novels, it's worth powering through it. In this aspect, it remind me of The Wheel Of Time saga: Three chapters deep in I was bored, next month I had read the entire 22 books.

The shifting ability of the MC is interesting so far, and I hope it will be used even more interestingly further in the story.

Good work Kurast, keep going ^-^