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Hey everyone. I decided to make a quick reference guide for how runes work and what the runes actually mean. Since there are 24 of them, it can be quite easy to get lost. I also decided to tell you the meaning of each rune. You probably will be able to figure out what some of the other 16 runes can do through the meaning alone, but others will be more difficult. 

Even though it wasn't stated in the chapters, I also decided to state which kingdom can use which rune, and give a list of all the known rune users.


Is there anything else you would like to know? Write it in the comments. As long as it doesn't spoil any future events, I will gladly answer any question.


Name Symbol Meaning Effect Kingdom Known Users
Fehu Mobile Wealth Can levitate objects and increase their speed Veil Altera Xion, Rory Skyfrost, Raja Dhakkar
Ura Rain Can summon and control water Veil Ragna Griffin
Berkanan Birch ??? Avalon ???
Ansuz Thunder ??? Kemet-Raa ???
Raido Ride ??? Kemet-Raa ???
Kaunan Flesheater ??? Kemet-Raa ???
Gibo Gift ??? Avalon ???
Wunjo Bliss ??? Avalon ???
Hagal Hail Summons ice and freezes Veil Ragna Griffin, Altera Xion, Rory Skyfrost, Raja Dhakkar
Naudiz Distress Allows to return to a marked retreat point Veil Eric Mort, Arturo Diavolo
Isan Cold Decreases temperature, creates feeling of apathy and depression, and decreases movement Veil Eric Mort, Sven Erikson
Jeran Harvest ??? Kemet-Raa ???
Iwaz Yew Creates poison Veil Ragna Griffin, Rory Skyfrost
Perbo Fruit tree ??? Avalon ???
Algiz Protection ??? Avalon ???
Sowulo Sun ??? Kemet-Raa ???
Teiwaz Divinity/Twice Augments attributes Veil Eric Mort, Sven Erikson, Raja Dhakkar
Burisaz Thorn Creates stakes of varying length on any surface the user can see; Composition of the stakes varies from user to user Veil Altera Xion (thorn/plant stakes), Sven Erikson (metal stakes)
Ehwaz Horse ??? Kemet-Raa ???
Mann Human ??? Avalon ???
Laguz Ocean ??? Kemet-Raa ???
Ingwaz Fire Summons and controls fire Kemet-Raa Rory Skyfrost
Odal Estate ??? Avalon ???
Dagaz Day ??? Avalon ???

Rune rules:

1. Each person can only use three runes (there are exceptions).

2. Which set of runes a person can use is determined by their personality and the kingdom they were born in.

3. Each kingdom has sovereignty over eight runes.

4. Runes require Mana to use. No Mana means no runes.

5. Effectiveness of the runes depend on the amount of Mana a person has, and their creativity.

6. A rune cannot harm the user in any way.

7. A rune has to be drawn on any surface to activate. Destroying the drawing cancels the effect.

8. Objects can gain the properties of a rune if it is written on them. A sword can become poisonous for example.

9. Living beings count as objects.


How to use runes:

1. Draw the rune on a surface.

2. Drop blood on the rune.

3. Draw the runes enough times that you feel an affinity for it.

4. If you could not create an affinity, repeat steps 1 to 3 with another rune.

5. Do the thing (What the thing is, varies from user to user and the nature of the rune).

6. The rune uses Mana to create an effect of the thing you want it to do.


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