Endborn Creation

by beddedOtaku

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Mystery Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Portal Fantasy / Isekai Ruling Class Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Noah finds himself stranded in a completely unfamiliar world after something went wrong with the 'Gates' mission back on Earth. Running low on supplies and with no means of contacting those who were supposed to arrive here with him, he will have to use his almost forty years of experience as a mercenary on Earth to survive, establish himself, and try and locate others, as well as learn if there is a way to go back home -- back to Earth.

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Word Count (19)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Outlander ago
Chapter 2 - Estranged ago
Chapter 3 - Bloody Apparition ago
Chapter 4 - Stranger Amidst the Friends ago
Chapter 5 - Strange Ways ago
Chapter 6 - The State of Life ago
Chapter 7 - Lumina Kingdom ago
Chapter 8 - The Cracks ago
Chapter 9 - The World Ahead ago
Chapter 10 - In Light ago
Chapter 11 - Unrelenting ago
Chapter 12 - Avant-garde ago
Chapter 13 - Usurping the Market ago
Chapter 14 - Cityscape ago
Chapter 15 - Quickett ago
Chapter 16 - Lake of Light and Fire ago
Chapter 17 - Queer Dacent ago
Chapter 18 - The Four Houses ago
Chapter 19 - Dreams of Light ago
Chapter 20 - Ways of the Living ago
Chapter 21 - Wheel of Light ago
Chapter 22 - Blood of Blood ago
Chapter 23 - The Silent Storm ago
Chapter 24 - Ethernon Peninsula ago
Chapter 25 - The Ripples of Death ago
Chapter 26 - Sash ago
Chapter 27 - The Price of an Idea ago
Chapter 28 - Sumnner ago
Chapter 29 - A Snake, not a Lion ago
Chapter 30 - Tutelage ago
Chapter 31 - Acknowledgment ago
Chapter 32 - Brightflood Plains ago
Chapter 33 - Lady Claire ago
Chapter 34 - Troubles ago
Chapter 35 - Turmoils ago
Chapter 36 - Myrell ago
Chapter 37 - Blood ago
Chapter 38 - As Here, So There ago
Chapter 39 - The Dark ago
Chapter 40 - Voice of the Broken ago
Chapter 41 - Trust ago
Chapter 42 - Shadow in the Light ago
Chapter 43 - The Sensations ago
Chapter 44 - Chess Pieces ago
Chapter 45 - Into the Night ago
Chapter 46 - A Shadow ago
Chapter 47 - Skyler ago
Chapter 48 - The Red-eyed One ago
Chapter 49 - By the Waters ago
Chapter 50 - Miscalculations ago
Chapter 51 - The Escape ago
Chapter 52 - Shadow in the Light (I) ago
Chapter 53 - Shadow in the Light (II) ago
Chapter 54 - A Resonating Shock ago
Chapter 55 - Reunion ago
Chapter 56 - Surviving ago
Chapter 57 - Aevoy ago
Chapter 58 - Nature of a Killer ago
Chapter 59 - Star-crossed ago
Chapter 60 - Calculated Desires ago
Chapter 61 - To Befriend a Devil ago
Chapter 62 - The Blooded Sky ago
Chapter 63 - To Win the Hearts ago
Chapter 64 - Minds from Beyond ago
Chapter 65 - Shocking the World ago
Chapter 66 - Meaning of Outlander ago
Chapter 67 - Geopolitics ago
Chapter 68 - Lightbringer ago
Chapter 69 - Unspoken Agreements ago
Chapter 70 - The Puppeteer ago
Chapter 71 - To Know Someone ago
Chapter 72 - The Life to Take (I) ago
Chapter 73 - The Life to Take (II) ago
Chapter 74 - The Life to Take (III) ago
Chapter 75 - Behind the Curtains (I) ago
Chapter 76 - Behind the Curtains (II) ago
Chapter 77 - Behind the Curtains (III) ago
Chapter 78 - When the Land Burns ago
Chapter 79 - Consequences ago
Chapter 80 - Oneself ago
Chapter 81 - Aspect's Chosen (I) ago
Chapter 82 - Aspect's Chosen (II) ago
Chapter 83 - Resolution ago
Chapter 84 - To Stop the Fire ago
Chapter 85 - Thrown Gauntlets ago
Chapter 86 - The Sea of Fire (I) ago
Chapter 87 - Behind the Mask ago
Chapter 88 - The Sea of Fire (II) ago
Chapter 89 - The Sea of Fire (III) ago
Chapter 90 - The Infernal, the Crepuscular ago
Chapter 91 - When the Light Descends ago
Chapter 92 - The Played ago
Chapter 93 - Silent Shackles ago
Chapter 94 - Endborne Sea ago
Chapter 95 - High Water Hells ago
Chapter 96 - Shared Fate ago
Chapter 97 - Refocusing ago
Chapter 98 - The Wit and the Brawn ago
Chapter 99 - Faithless Faith ago
Chapter 100 - Blood of Yesteryear ago
Chapter 101 - A Stage Beneath the Stars ago
Chapter 102 - Of Light, of Sacrifice ago
Chapter 103 - Invisible Storms ago
Chapter 104 - Shadow of the Walls ago
Chapter 105 - Mind's Limits ago
Chapter 106 - Lies and Deceit ago
Chapter 107 - Nomadic Plains ago
Chapter 108 - The Swaying Winds ago
Chapter 109 - A Confession ago
Chapter 110 - Undressed Innocence ago
Chapter 111 - Numbers ago
Chapter 112 - Fluttering Hearts ago
Chapter 113 - Life's Worth ago
Chapter 114 - Enigmatic Future ago
Chapter 115 - Bloody Mist ago
Chapter 116 - Tender Links ago

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The concept of the novel, an isekaied super soldier/infiltrator ending up in an otherwordly land and going his way to ursurp power, isn't exactly new and thus my scrutiny falls mainly on the execution.

The world-crafting is pretty basic, details are only offered if the author/mc wants to make a point of something, like the technological level of the natives. Personally I find it pretty bland and insufficient.

The story itself is pretty solid if not particulary inspired, though up to the chapter I've read progression felt more artificially crafted than naturally developed. Another minus is the tendency for the inner monologues of the mc to slow down the story instead of carrying it along.

Grammar is about average for rrl, which means frequent grammatical errors and no particular flourish regarding vocabulary. It doesn't particulary hamper reading though.

May main gripe are the characters, mainly because of the clichees/tropes at play. The mc has supposedly decades of experience (mid forties) but thinks like an anxious teen and fumbles his way to success all the same. Meanwhile the author let's him entertain morally dubious stuff regularly just for the sake of hammering down how much of a hard ass he is or let's him make basic and superficial observation (sometimes even flawed) to show-case his 'ingenuity/experience'.

The first female pov (and probably lead) immediately gushes over his looks, cleverness and affability, making her look more like a cultivation trope collection than a real character. Might be that the author develops her properly later, but I'm not to find out.

I hope my feedback offers insight and wish you fun and plentiful experience while exploring this story, beddedotaku. 

Panini Trampini

Good in some aspects, not so much in others

Reviewed at: Chapter 52 - Shadow in the Light (I)

I think the biggest flaw this story has is the character development of the people around the protagonist. We learn a little bit about their desires, but they lack the drive to do anything about their situation until the main character meets up with them, which is unfortunate because the characters seem complex and varied in regard to their past and current situations. It seems that any character development that happen only occurs when the protagonist speaks to them or teaches them directly, with only a few instances where it happens through their interactions with the world without the protagonist around.

Frankly, it gives off the feeling that the world revolves solely around the protagonist, which doesn't give it many points for worldbuilding either. 

Aside from that, the story is fine in its other aspects. The author does a good job of depicting a protagonist who is powerful in the eyes of others without the use of flashy magical moves or huge stat numbers like in other isekai novels. It's clear that the protagonist is experienced and very intelligent, and he uses the traits he has to manipulate those around him to get what he wants. Every time he manipulates a character, the interactions seem fluid and natural, which is what makes it feel much more real to the reader. He isn't the most altruistic person in the world (worlds?), but it's shown in the novel what made him who he is, which gives the character a bit more depth. This novel is not extremely action-packed as of now, despite its action tag, which is something to keep in mind if you're planning to read this novel. Instead, the meat of the story is how the protag disrupts the world around him to achieve his goals.

Overall I think that it's slightly above average, but not quite reaching 4 out of 5.

3.5: Decent, and with interesting parts here and there. Not something that I'd be comfortable recommending for everyone though, so if you could bear the main shortcoming of the novel, then I'd say to give it a try.

That being said, I think that the novel still has a lot of unrealized potential in future updates. The author has experimented with different perspectives of characters occasionally, and the recent events that are unfolding present an opportunity for the author to showcase what the reactions of many of the people he has met will be in response to a very particular event.

Spoiler: Spoiler

So it may be worthwhile to keep an eye out.


Reviewed as of chapter 69.  Started reading and didn't put down until I was caught up with recent post.

In the not to distant future... Noah, a cold-hearted special ops mercenary with a history of political sabotage, takes a new mission.   A mission unlike any other that will change change his life forever.  With a handful of others, he is is thrust into a new fantasy world with magic and powerful beings only to find himself separated and alone.  Watch as he adapts to this new world and does what he does best--collapse the existing government structures and taking power.  Will he adapt and survive?  Will his cynical and closed heart be opened?  Will he amass enough power to gather his lost teammates and return?

This isekei novel is written as a traditional western fantasy with stylistic elements from xianxia woven in.  Semi-OP MC.

Scene setting is good.

Plot is good.

World building is great.

Grammar, syntax, spelling errors are minimal.

Character development is average compared to traditionally published novels.

PROS: thrilling ride that has you cheering for a bad guy who through happenstance is headingtowardsthe right goal.  

CONS: expect POV shifts every few chapters, many of which exist to show how the supporting characters are impressed by the MC rather than developing those characters -- a trait many eastern novels are guilty of. 

Ultimately, I found it well-written and enjoyable so far.