An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character

by Hug Friend

Original HIATUS Fantasy Psychological Multiple Lead Characters Reader interactive
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Season 2 (A straightforward adventure but the audience keeps killing the least interesting hero, ongoing):

Six orphans must race across a ruined fantasy world to kill the Locust Queen before YOU vote them dead.

Season 1 (An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character, complete):

That’s right, dear reader. The lives of nine people are now in your hands. They’ve woken up at the top of a tower in the clouds with only one directive: BE INTERESTING, OR DIE.

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Hug Friend

Hug Friend

Word Smith (IX)
Top List #2000
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0.7 ago
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0.9 ago
💀 1 💀 ago
Interlude ago
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1.8 ago
1.9 — VOTING OPEN ago
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Interlude ago
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2.6 ago
2.9 — VOTING OPEN ago
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Interlude ago
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3.9 — VOTING OPEN ago
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Interlude ago
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4.6 ago
4.9 — VOTING OPEN ago
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Interlude ago
5.1 ago
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5.4 ago
5.6 — VOTING OPEN ago
💀 6 💀 ago
Interlude ago
6.3 (1) ago
6.3 (2) ago
6.4 (1) ago
6.4 (2) ago
6.6 (1) ago
6.6 (2) — VOTING OPEN ago
💀 7 💀 ago
Interlude ago
7.3 (1) ago
7.3 (2) ago
7.4 (1) ago
7.4 (2) ago
7.3 (3) ago
7.3 (4) ago
🐛 Wiggle Worm 🐛 ago
7.4 (3) ago
7.4 (4) ago
💀 8 💀 ago
Interlude ago
Epilogue ago
Afterword ago
0.🦟 (The affair of the unkillable orphans) ago
0.🦋+🦗 (The affair of the hundred horses, Act I) ago
0.🦋+🦗 (The affair of the hundred horses, Act II) ago
0.🦋+🦗 (The affair of the hundred horses, Act III) ago

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The Wadapan

An Inventive, Engaging, and Fast-Paced Interactive Death Game

Reviewed at: 1.9 — VOTING OPEN

This is the kind of debut that blindsides you with its planning and production, both of which seem a cut above that of most amateur fiction (of course, it's possible the author of this story is writing under pseudonym). The daily updates are extremely impressive considering they're written in more-or-less real time, and this story is very rewarding to readers who check back each day.

In terms of premise, this story evokes the kinds of replacement remixes you find on YouTube (x but y) in that it's pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Unlike those sorts of remixes, there's a lot more room for error here, but the structure laid out in the title has been strictly adhered to and the characters are genuinely just about interesting enough for the audience's decision to always be a difficult one.

This is a story which rewards readers who jump on early, as they'll be given the opportunity to shape it as it progresses (heck, when you vote, you can even send a message that might end up in the story itself). I'm very much looking forward to seeing how it pans out.


While the concept itself is interesting (one that is actually perfectly executed by the author), the characters themselves are an entirely different set all-together. With each having their own unique and discernable trait, voting out one is a task I deem to be exceptionally difficult.

Read it.

Gabrie l

The premise seems really fun and as of the first chapter well executed. There are no apparent grammar or spelling errors and in a bunch of fancy English class words it’s actually a well made book. It got me invested and I recommend you try it out.


Brilliant concept, well executed. Again, just brilliant.

Reviewed at: 3.1

This is an interactive novel. But: 

No second perspective, the plot isn't haphazard from a million different people's input. All pluses.

Hug Friends take on an interactive novel is one that hooked me in. The characters are aware of the author's word count.

Any novelist can tell you how much the words 'word count,' at one point in their career make them want to tear someone's hair out. (Well, at least me.)

And the word count is a timer to a charcter's death. (which is a bizarre, "Take that!" From the author to their content!)

Gruesome idea, yes. Kind of like a battle royal (albeit to gain our favor), yes. It's actually a glorious inversion.

The characters are...not all interesting. Kidding. 

Because that's what this concept is all about. Be an interesting character to read about. Or die.

Some of the characters have such strange quirks and tics, or a mystery that surrounds them.

This is a weird novel. The concept is brilliant.


Some chapters were wonky, (I think the second team?) and confusing, but once we got past those, things smoothed out. Also, besides this being a death contest, there is an overarching plot/mystery, about why these individuals were chosen. 

(When you think about how this is a work of fiction, that can be a mind bender.)

I love the interviews post death.Those are hilarious, and a great way to give closure to the people who liked the character that got voted out.

What I think that Hugs Friends will gain the most out of this is the ability to know what compells an audience towards certain characters. Which, if Hugs Friends chooses to write a non interactive novel, will lend itself to supremely interesting characters.

And characters are on top of the list for what makes people love a book.

Anyways, I'm super hyped. Because this is a really nifty, epic idea and well executed thus far.

Really, really amazing job, author.



A Story True to its Title

Reviewed at: Epilogue

If the title made you stop to take a look, do read a few chapters. 


This story was a work of art