Years have gone by since that unfortunate day. Now I am 21. An age at which most of the males are already mated and have settled down. Me?

I am just here, training to become eligible for that competition I long since decided I wanted to wreck. Maturity hit me at a young age, so my understanding of this world has also accumulated with time to become something more.

My senses are sharper than most and my instinct even baser. I know I no longer look like an immature brat of an omega, but more like an young alpha in training. I also know that I am no longer the me from before, that smiling and laughing kid which I once was.

Those who see me, either avoid eye contact or just randomly attack me. They can't help it, I am just that much of an enigma to them. I know they can smell my scent wherever I go, and as my luck would have it, my scent is way stronger than what is considered normal. It is as if I am constantly in heat.

I don't know if my turning into a wolf triggered such strong reaction to my scent or the tough training was the catalyst. But whatever the reason, I am always struggling. Above that, when my heat strikes, it is like a tidal wave of lust when all I could think about is fu*king someone. And that thought is dangerous, so I just stubbornly keep my heat under the wraps, caged within a wall of will power, only to be opened when I want it to. Which I feel is never.

Besides, I have much better tasks to focus on than finding a mate. I don't think that will ever happen with me, no mate can satisfy my hunger for power or could handle my fluctuating emotions. I am not a broken soul, but I am worse than that.

I sighed as I looked around the bar. Everyone was drinking something or the other and the dim lighting gave a feeling of warmth and comfort. Like I belonged in this dirty place full of strangers filled with lust. Most of them were either betas or gammas, a bunch of locals who must work under some alpha.

And I wanted to know who that alpha was, his real name.

I had heard that the village... more like a town, was under the influence of a great alpha namely, Jackson. But obviously, that was a name given to him by the locals and his pack members.

And what better way to finding the leader than approaching his pack directly?

The reason why I wanted to meet this Jackson person was because he was a member of the Challenge Arch Fest, an active member who dealt with giving the names of the challengers to the council which organised the Fest. He of course didn't own any territory but his influence was still at par with the ones who did.

So giving up on finishing the drink that tasted like sewer, I stood up from my chair and focused my senses to my surrounding. And not so surprisingly, I felt several people tense around the bar, as if they were spying on me.

Since a few locals were still happily chatting away, the atmosphere didn't seem as tense as it really was. The loud singing of one of the performers was also soothing the thick smothering feeling around the place. Yes, the bar was cozy, but it was not my type. I liked noise. Preferably the screams of my enemies pleased me the most, as I snapped their bones like twigs if crossed.

I walked around the tables, and watched with amusement when a few people started to leave the bar. And even better, the chattering stopped, even the music. And since it was now no longer noisy, I felt my temper rise for the occasion. I liked noise, so I was going to make some.

Wolves ran on instinct, and since each of us were hybrid wolves, the instinct probably warned many off. I chuckled, my blood pumping with excitement, for this was the first time in weeks when I was anticipating a good fight.

I reached the corner table where a group of males were sitting quietly. They must have known I was coming towards them, wolf senses weren't just for fun.

"You have got courage, Omega. Not many dare to approach us." The one who commented had silver hair and sharp grey eyes, almost as if he was piercing me with his gaze itself. A little smile played across his lips as he observed me, his pale skin darker under my shadow as I hovered around with a dominating aura. It was for the first time someone got my class correct, most of them thought I was an alpha because of my girth and height. Of course, earlier when I was still young, my omega class was brought up almost every day.

The guy speaking to me wore striped black suit, instantly making himself known as the boss of the underlings sitting around, who were dressed far less appropriately than him.

And I was worse than his underlings, only wearing a black top and lose grey trouser. Anyone who would take a look at me would know I was from a poor background, well... who cares, I liked comfortable clothes, what others thought about me didn't matter. Plus, with all the blood I spattered across it, my clothes were often discarded thereafter.

"Take me to your leader Jackson."

"And why would I do that young one?"

"If you want to still have intact limbs... then you would do as I say. Simple." I did not like to threaten people, but when it came to having my way, I went to any length to have it. I hated it when I didn't get what I wanted, it always bugged me.

"And who are you?" he mocked, his eyebrow raised in question. The rest of his men did not move or utter a single word, but I could tell they were ready to strike me down if the need arose.

"I am JeonJa, remember the name."

"Well JeonJa, I am Bhuwak, but people call me BaBam. I am feared for my... craziness."

He actually winked at me after saying that, letting me notice he had a mole under his left eye. He even had the audacity to send me a flying kiss.

"I don't like being the insane guy, but even I am not above being called one. So however crazy you are mister, I am one level above that."

He smirked at me and within seconds he was standing in front of me, his big grey eyes staring at me with a dark look. And his aura rose to entirely another level than before. I knew he was trying to force me to submit to him, I knew he was a beta. I could feel it.

And that's why he was the naive one, even if I was an omega and shadowed my strength under a sweet guise of inferior shell, he shouldn't be so relaxed about it. He was making a mistake here. A big mistake.


One minute I was standing in front of him and the next minute I was thrown back against the bar's wall, and the force was so strong, the wall collapsed as I went flying through.

The pain was absolute, I think I broke a rib or two, but what angered me the most was how easily he was able to get to me. I was the alpha's right hand man, a beta unparalleled... then how was he able to beat me so easily?

Omegas ranked at the bottom of the society. With Alphas at the top, followed by beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, theta, omicron, sigma and upsilon. With so many in between, he was still able to use such strength?

I bit my lips to keep from whimpering as I landed on the wall against the street. The people around quickly scattered away, knowing a fight was about to break out, but some were confused. I could smell it in the air, their shock and disbelief at my weakness. Until now there hadn't been anyone who could even scratch me. Only Jackson and Mak were able to overpower me, while the others were only strong enough to defend against me.

I looked up at my enemy, noticing that the underlings were all lying around him in the pool of blood, I knew they were alive, but barely breathing. How was he able to beat them in such less time, I am sure my flying through the wall incidence wasn't that time consuming. Was he really that fast.

I growled, teeth baring out with hot anger. He had humiliated me, in front of so many locals, now word will spread and Jackson would demote me. How frustrating.

Well there was only one thing I could do, and it was clear he was anticipating it. The fu*ker.

Spitting out some blood from my mouth, I stood up shakily, my legs a little unstable and my chest burning with a sudden pang of pain. "So you are stronger than an omega..." I wheezed, having difficulty speaking much to my embarrassment.

The omega just smirked, "It is only the start, I wish to demonstrate it to you by cutting off those limbs of yours. But I am being generous for your first time against me. Take me to your leader and you wouldn't suffer."

I grinned, "Don't be foolish, I am not that weak, was just caught by surprise."

And suddenly I found myself on my back again, lying on the ground as red hot agony tormented me. I couldn't hold back the scream this time. I am sure there were more broken bones to heal and I could feel the internal injury spreading.

...had he punched me again? W-Who was he?

I glared at him trying to heal myself naturally, but even with my fast healing I couldn't heal in time to stand up again. So he kicked my gut as I whined.

His tall and broad build hovered above me while he watched me with a pleased gleam in his eyes. The same look I got when I was torturing my enemies. Although I did notice he was far more dangerous and crazier than me, his suffocating aura was too much for a mere omega.

When he had came to the bar, his sweet smell had been so alluring that I instantly knew he was an omega. Even my less than pleasant underlings could feel that scent, but they were confused when they saw him, asking me if I thought he was a beta or an alpha.

I had called them foolish, because no alpha/beta could ever smell so sweet. Only lower classes could emit such scents. But even a sigma and upsilon couldn't make use of their scent in such a way. Omegas were the only ones who had such tasty presence, and I knew I wanted him for myself.

So when he had came to me, my first thought had been to make him submit. Which I did.

And now I was down on the ground, on my back, facing the so assumed omega. I was starting to doubt he was one, no omega could do something like this, it was against their nature. They were born to be scum, nothing more.

The omega crouched down next to me, his eyes mocking me, and so was his smile. "I will give you an option, and chose one, either life or death. So if you want to live, you tell me where this Jackson guy is hiding, and if you don't, I will beat you to a painful death."

"W-Why do you even want to meet him."

"I want to enter the fest, and I know Jackson is a member."

I laughed at him, hissing in pain as the ache doubled. "T-The only way you could enter..." I breathed a pause, "is to take part in the selection competition." Even speaking was a trouble now, and I was hating it.

"But there is another way of getting in, and we both know that is a much better option."

"Jackson would never recommend you."

"Oh don't worry about that." he told me slyly, his dark eyes focused on my face. "I had hoped for a good combat but you are just as week as the rest of the betas around, truly pathetic."

"D-Don't compare my strength to Jackson's, he is much much more powerful than me and you. You can't threaten him, nor subdue him."

Jungkook frowned at that, "Don't think so. But you shouldn't be worrying about him, worry more about what is going to happen to you if you don't bring me to him."

I was about to spit on his face, when a deep voice broke in.

"BaBam, what am I seeing."

I shivered. Jay didn't sound very happy with me. Damn.


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