Days went by and I kept up with my secretive hiding and sneaking around. Only during the night did I travel to the stream for a wash or to pick fruits. And by now I was perfectly able to see in the dark.

I had also given up on waiting for that blond guy To To, knowing he wouldn't be able to find me, we had not even decided upon the meeting place, all I knew was his date of arrival, which was by the end of the week. And the end of the week had passed just yesterday.

It was night again and I was sneaking towards the woods to the north, the place where I had once met that beastly glowing wolf. If I was lucky (or unlucky), I might be able to see it again. I don't even know why I wanted to meet that monster, it was hilarious, but I wanted to. Deep down I knew it could have killed me easily, but it didn't and I couldn't forget it's silver fur, a smooth silk so soft in appearance, I had wanted to touch it for real.

Or was that all just my imagination... nuh.

I soon entered the forest and scratched my neck, it was feeling itchy with sweat and grime. I didn't have a proper bath for so long, so it was a given.

The forest was lit with moon light and a slight fog engulfed the branches, it might have spooked out many, but I wasn't afraid of it, it was nothing compared to the fear I felt that day, as I watched my brother die and after that the wolf's growl which had wrecked me all over again.

I fell in my haste to catch up to the time, I couldn't wonder around for too long, the cold was biting. So getting up, I shifted to be on the move again.

I shivered, clutching my loose dirty rags around me to feel some much needed warmth, but it was of little use. "It is s-so cold."


I jumped, startled.

I looked around frantically to search for the new voice and came face to face with Toga. What was he doing here at night? And he seemed different somehow, calmer, more elegant.

"What are you doing here at night mister?" I asked him curiously, somewhat startled to see him.

"Why, I can be wherever I want to be. You have a problem?"

I was pulled into a dilemma, whether to trust him and stay... or run, to be honest his aura today was different, frightening...? And his way of speech had changed significantly.

"You are talking different." I told him timidly, not wanting to disturb the calm.

"I am different, good to know you picked it up."


"Because I want to be," Toga said with a deep voice, he had it from the beginning but today he sounded much more gruff and somewhat dark. I wasn't able to understand him and it bugged me whether I could trust him.

"Are you here to train me?" I tried to keep my voice hopeful, but it was freaking me out, his seriousness.

"I am here in search of a wolf, have you seen it by any chance? A silver one."

Now that had made me nervous. "W-Why do you want to meet that wolf?"

Toga was quiet for a long time, making me squirm under his gaze. He was thoughtful as his face faced the moon. I could feel his eyes glowing, his frame leaning against the tree not far from me. And I wasn't surprise when he didn't answer my question, instead changed the topic.

"I am waiting for my mate to come, he said he would meet me here."

"That silver one is your mate?"

For the first time Toga growled at me, baring his fangs. I stumbled back with shock and a sudden fright. Did I say something wrong?

"Never assume one's mate kid, it is offending to the one bonded if you assume wrong."

"Then why are you searching for a silver one, you yourself are confusing and making others assume." I don't know where my confidence was coming from, but it felt right to argue for once.

He chuckled, "Sorry, true, ya right." His voice chirped and I knew the friendly stranger whom I had met earlier that week was back. I noticed he wasn't wearing any expensive clothes, but rather very normal clothes, with a loose white tunic and some black lose lowers. Even his jewelry was missing.

"That silver one is actually my brother," he explained this time, "I have been searching for him for so long, he went missing a few months back."

"What's his name?"


"I think I have seen him." I told him slowly, wondering why I felt a sudden urge to meet him. Was Jiner an alpha? He had been so big. "It had glowing blue eyes and -"

"Wait--- glowing blue eyes?" Toga asked skeptically, "Jiner doesn't have glowing blue eyes as you put it, he has golden eyes, just like me."


Toga watched me as I wondered if I had seen some other wolf, because I was sure that one had blue eyes, not golden. "I-Is Jiner an Alpha?"

I didn't hate alphas, but since that unfortunate day, I had started to feel a pang of anger within me whenever I thought about an alpha. Sure my brother had been one, but these days all I could chalk an alpha off as was dark and evil monsters. Not that I didn't respect and love my deceased brother, but the term 'alpha' had left a deep scar in me. I only felt anger and revulsion towards them... I knew it was wrong to judge all just because a few were bad ones, yet I couldn't help myself. I didn't know what to think of that beastly wolf nor what to decide of my dangerous hatred. I never before hated anyone.

"Jiner is a beta like me." Toga explained and I sighed with relief, feeling better instantly.

"Do ya have something against those bitche- I mean alpha wolfs?"

I nodded, "A pack of alphas k-killed my family, I hate them."

Toga tutted at me this time, crouching forward while looking at the dying grass beneath his feat. Strange guy.

"Hate is never a good term to use, ya sure ya hate alphas, that's very generalized."


"Generalized mean- never mind, I don't want to explain, just know that ya shouldn't hate all just because some of them did the wrong to ya. Not all alphas are like that, yes they are shit faced, ya I mean they are bad, but they aren't cruel. Every person is unique, categorizing them based on their blood is just wrong."

"I am an omega and I am week, you have anything to say to that mister?" I bit out, not knowing why I was trying to anger him for no apparent reason.

He shrugged, "Omegas are born weak, but ya can change that, that is why ya shouldn't be concerned by something so trivial. An alpha can be weak too."

"Then why do people segregate us, why not leave it be. My parents were thetas, and they are d-dead," I stifled in a sob, "They were week against the alphas."

He chuckled, standing up and coming closer to me, his eyes studying me like I was an experiment of his, and I ignored the dark look which crossed his face for a flickering second. "Yes strength is ingrained in the blood, reason why the segregation of class is necessary, but ya can change that if ya are determined enough. Are ya? The question is that."

I frowned, not sure what to reply him with, I was lost on that.

"I can give some pointers before I leave ya, that way ya can train. Ya can change that omega class of yers, if yer willing enough." He grinned like a Cheshire cat, very pleased for some reason.

"I think I want to, I want to live for my family," it was the first time I sounded so confident and strong, my voice was not the same timid one I had grown up with.

"So cute," a voice broke in from behind me and I jerked to see who it was.

I watched as a red haired man came forward, standing closer to me than necessary, his eyes were slightly hooded, glowing grey. He wasn't as tall as Toga, but matched well with a sturdy built.

"Hoba~" I heard Toga shout and jump around me to meet this Hoba guy. They both hugged each other and out of nowhere started to kiss deeply. I had seen my parents doing that once but it was so yucky and weird to watch.

And weren't men supposed to marry women? But wait, Toga did say he was waiting to meet an 'he', his mate. Still, it was so... odd.

When they finally broke apart, their gazes met mine and I was slightly embarrassed. They must have noticed it since they started to laugh at me, their voices echoing in the still forest.

"You are truly cute. And I think I know why Toga likes you," Hoba said with a warm smile, his voice bright and smothering.

Toga just slapped this Hoba guy playfully across the arm and turned back to look at me with a grin, "This is my mate, Jungaba, I call him Hoba."

"Nice to meet you mister," I shyly spoke, "My name is JoenJa."

"Oh~" Toga exclaimed, and I was reminded that it was for the first time I had given my name to him.

"Nice to meet you too bunny boy," I heard someone say loudly from my side and this time it was a blond tall guy with broad shoulders, standing a few feet away from me.

I could tell him and Toga had some relation, because both were blond and too beautiful. Their eyes, golden and sharp.

"Jiner?" I guessed and I was right. He smiled in return, his gestures kind as he saluted me.

"C-Can you turn into a wolf?" I had never seen any person turn into a wolf before, but I was very curious. I wanted to see how he would look, was he the same wolf that I had seen before?

Jiner raised an eyebrow at that, clearly taken aback by my blurted out words. "Why do-"

Toga interrupted him with a chuckle, "He wants to see if ya are his wolf, a wolf with glowing blue eyes." He highlighted that part unnecessarily, his tone teasing.

I blushed, very much a mess, "N-No, I just never have seen any person turn before."

"That's because not many can when they want to, turning into our animal is difficult without a full moon." Jungaba or Hoba, explained to me seriously, but his eyes were lit with amusement.

"So you can't turn?" I was deflated.

Jin just laughed heartily at that, "I can but not now, I am just very tired today, maybe tomorrow I will show you my true form."

I nodded strongly, happy that I will get to see a true wolf form... aside from that beastly wolf which I am guessing Jiner wasn't, much to my dismay... and that wasn't a feeling I thought I could feel towards a beast who literally chewed out big hulking alphas within seconds.

"And where were you Brother Jiner, we have been searching for you for so long, our pack needs you." Toga had switched to serious once again and I hoped he wouldn't catch me staring at him, trying to figure out why the mister changed his personality so much.

Jiner sighed, rubbing his head with annoyance, "I tried to finish my job within a month but I couldn't... reason why I missed out on the feast."

Toga scowled but refrained from saying anything else, while Hoba stayed tight lipped, his eyes focused on me instead... the whole time, I just hoped he wasn't mad at me for staring at Toga, mates did get mad at such things... I think.

"So JeonJa," Toga suddenly spoke to me, his boxy grin back in place, "Mind helping us find a place to stay at for the night...? I would prefer yours."

"...Sure Mister."


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