Predating Oleander

by NeoMare

Curiosity, one of the most tempting sins.

They say that it killed the cat, but didn't satisfaction bring it back?

Kim Sora is quite an unusual individual that wears an affable mask.

Lim Yunho is a rather strange person that pretends to be normal.

Two persons that are anything but normal clash.

What can go wrong?

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Unique story (not just RR but unique in general)

Reviewed at: Chapter 3: Adjacent Angle

SO. Normally I wouldn't touch a story that doesn't tell me anything about it in the description AND is lacking previous reviews about what it is. Id really suggest a better synopsis OP. 

What brought in was pure curiosity of a story that pumped out such an insane word count with no reviews. Figured id give it a try and write a short one for people. 

Its clear from the start that the psychological tag is there for a reason. It feels like the type of story that is going to delve deep into the inner workings of the mind and how people can both control and be controlled by it. While almost no information is given about the MC in the first 2 chapters (big word count despite 2 chapters) the characters are still pretty interesting and I was immediately curious how the MC and the other dude would react to each other going forward. 

Its not the type of story normally seen on Royalroad, and honestly OP you might get a better reception on other mediums, but its nice to see some stuff  like this. Ill be sure to finish it up at some point here. 


EDIT:: It has come to my attention that the reason behind a large chunk of my review and rating is an issue between mobile and the chosen text format. I have removed those sections and am updating my rating.