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Sorry, I couldn't post any new chapters for the past two weeks. I had some personal problems to settle and the ending of the fight I had written before was not good enough for me and had to re-write it. Hope you like it. Enjoy reading.

It was a massacre. The once peaceful camp was now filled with hundreds of dead goblins that had inhibited it a few hours back. Three goblins, the survivors or the winners of the battle royal that had taken place in the camp, stood in the dead center of the camp, all bloodied and bloodlust evident in their eyes. Matt who had orchestrated this bloodbath, along with his accomplices was standing there, rooted to the ground. They knew that, if these battle-hungry goblins were to attack them head-on, even with having an advantage in numbers, they will lose their lives. To have stayed alive after being attacked by at least a hundred goblin on an average and to have killed the said hundred goblins said volumes about their strength.

Matt observed the three remaining goblins. One was wearing a full plate armor, less the helmet, which was died red by a mixture of blood and dirt. It had many dents on it but despite the damage it still held strong. Its wearer was very huge compared to its brethren. When the other goblins only half the size of a regular human, this guy was nearly the size of a regular human. In his right hand, he held a giant battle-axe which, like his armor was covered by blood. There was a deep scar on his left eye, which gave him a sinister look.

The second goblin was the same goblin who had been leading the patrolling party that had brought Leon into the camp. He, likewise, was wearing a tattered leather armor and was holding a great sword in his right hand. The third goblin was wearing a cloak which despite the intense battle had sustained no damage at all. In his left hand was a staff which had something engraved on its whole length which of-course Matt couldn't see. The top of the staff was designed in the shape of a spiral shell.

The two groups stared daggers at each other. "So you are the pests behind this, You'll pay for this with your blood. I'll personally behead you all and display your sculls on spikes for everyone to see," said the goblin in full plate armor and charged at Matt's group axe ready to strike but he was intercepted by the muscular man from Matt's team, who was wielding a large hammer.

"I should ask his name once this is all over," thought Matt. But he had not much time for musing, because the goblin with the great sword also joined the fray and he, along with Brook, was forced to engage the new threat. He also saw a magic bolt being struck down by another.

Brook was wielding a short sword with both his hands. He blocked the first strike aimed at his torso. The goblin tried to overpower him, but Brook side-stepped and struck the goblin, who had lost his balance, from behind. The goblin fell face first on the hard ground. Brook tried to impale the goblin with his sword, but the goblin rolled away from the anticipated strike and got into a kneeling position. Brook went for his head and the goblin blocked it with his greatsword. Matt, who had been waiting for an opportune moment, choose that moment to strike. He closed the distance between the duo engaged in a furious battle, stabbed the goblin, using both his daggers in quick succession. The goblin roared in pain and pushed off Brook with all his might. Brook was forced to take two steps backward and before he could regain his balance, the goblin swung his greatsword horizontally and forced Brook to fall further back. The goblin continued his strike to get the enemy behind him but the enemy had long retreated. This continued for a long time until finally, the goblin fell lifeless before the on-slaughter of his two enemies. But their victory came at a very high cost; Brook lost his entire left arm. Matt had to literally drag the man, of the battlefield towards the other two wounded party members.

The other fights were also coming to an end by the time Matt returned to the battlefield. The axe-wielding goblin had a huge dent on its armor and also was lacking a vital organ namely; a head. His opponent was nowhere to be seen. The Shaman, or whatever it was, was lying dead with some kind of purple flame dancing on its body. The two mages who had fought against it was sitting a few feet away from its body.

The battle was over and they had won it, and believe it or not, Matt was the reason for their victory.

A note from Falconking

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