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The sound of the cell being pushed open in the middle of the night caused some of the other prisoners to wakeup. When they saw that it was another human that has opened the door, instead of a goblin, they were all surprised. Brook, whose sleep was also distributed by the late-night intrusion, was the first one to come out of his revive

" Woah, is this the surprise that you mentioned? Is he the same person who had saved you from those fuckers the other day? " he inquired to Leon

"Yes and Yes, this was our plan from the beginning, or rather, I would say his plan," said Leon, inclining his head towards Matt. "We didn't know where the goblin camp was located at, so he asked me to get myself captured by a patrolling party, so that, they'll be forced to return to the camp with me and lead him into their camp. He has the Stealth Skill which helped him hide his presence. Then he waited till this time to break us out of the prison" Leon explained their plan to Brook.

"Wow, that was very dangerous, if they had caught him too then, the whole plan would have ended in a disaster," said Brook

"but it didn't, did it? now get moving before the other goblins wakeup. There are other guards, you do realize that right ?" Leon chided the man. Matt had been waking other prisoners while Leon and Brook were talking, and within no time everyone in the prison was awake. The prospect of escaping this nightmare, as they call it, was enough to shake off any last bit of sleepiness.

"OK, now that we are all awake, Matt here will tell you what to do next," said Leon to draw everyone's attention towards Matt.

"Hello everyone, I'm Matt, and here is what we are going to do. First of all, it is not possible to move this many people without the goblins noticing it. So either, we will have to form a group of four to five people and move everyone out in batches but the problem is, this will divide us and if we get caught we won't be able to fight back. Or we can take the fight to them by initiating the attack ourself and since the goblins are all asleep we might have an upper hand and if we are lucky enough we may come out of it with far fewer causalities than we think. We don't have enough time, so make your choice now."
 "What is there to consider, we can't let these bastards go without making them pay for what they have done to us, so let's get back at them when we can, they won't even know what hit them," said a man with bulging muscles and a thick beard and mustache. Comments like this came from every other prisoner present in the cell.
 " OK, quiet down everyone we don't want to wake anyone up, so it's settled, we are going to take the fight to them," said Leon
" That is fine and all, but with what do we fight them? we can't possibly fight them with our bare hands," said a very tall a lean looking man
 " Oh I don't need any weapons, I need only my bare hands to smash them 'll into a pulp," said the man with the bulging muscles from earlier
 " not everyone is a monster like you, you muscle headed fool," said the lean fellow

" who are you calling a fool you good for nothing elf. You are the fool here" their arguments caused a small commotion but Matt along with Leon, Brook, and several other inmates stepped in and stopped the commotion from growing out of hand.
 " Everyone, please calm down we cannot get out of here without everyone's cooperation," Matt said to everyone once the commotion had died down. Was it their luck or the goblins on guard duty slacking off, Matt didn't know, but even after causing such a racket, not a single goblin came to investigate the matter. Whatever be the case he didn't want to take any more chances. So he went outside and dragged the goblin he had knocked unconscious into a corner, out of sight from any potential goblin passing by and locked the cell from inside.
 "OK, so we need weapons right, I saw some kind of an armory on the other side of the camp and it is only guarded by two goblins right now. We can equip ourselves from there. Lets first form a small group to take out all of the guards first." said Matt "I have been told that, those goblins have Sealed away everyone's ability to use Mana . Does anyone know how to remove it?"

" I have a skill that lets me break any kind of Seal placed upon me and anyone in contact with me, but with the level of Mana I have, I can only break the Seal placed on ten people," said the tall and lean man who apparently was an Elf
 " OK, that's good enough, anyone else?"
 "I've got a spell that can get rid of any negative status effects placed on a group of people at once, but since the Seal placed on me doesn't let me reach my Mana, I cannot cast that spell," said Leon
 " That's great news, how many times can you cast that spell?" asked Matt
 " about three to four times in a row if I use up all of my Mana"
 " How does the spell work, I mean, does it affect a specific number of people or people within a radius?"
 "the later, but I said I can't use it, then why are you so excited?" protested Leon
 "right now you can't, but once, What is your name?" Matt suddenly asked the Elf with Seal breaking skill.
 "Elgar Quidan," said the elf
 "Yes once Elgar here, breaks the Seal placed on you, you can use it right." suddenly Leon's face lit-up with comprehension but his face fell as fast

" The spell will emit a lot of light while casting, it will draw all the attention of the goblins on guard duty," said Leon dejectedly
 "Doesn't matter, you cast the spell ten minutes after I leave, along with another eight or seven people that Elgar has released from their Seal, to take down the goblins on guard duty," said Matt, he was determined to get out of this ordeal no matter what. "So who's with me?"
 """Me""" said everyone in unison.

A note from Falconking

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