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Leon was brought out of his musing by the sound of the cell door being pushed open by the goblin captain who was in charge of the patrol unit that had captured him. The goblin was accompanied by a pair of goblins that looked just like the goblins that had been chasing him, when Matt had first came to his rescue. The big goblin was scanning the crowd of prisoners for someone and when his gaze fell upon Leon he stopped and asked the goblins behind him something in goblin tongue, to which they both nodded in affirmation. The Warrior goblin turned around to meet Leon's eyes and came closer to him,


"So someone aided you in your escape heh, tell me where he is, or else, I'll make you wish you were dead" said the goblin in the common tongue.


"I don't know what you are talking about, I escaped all on my own, no one helped me and even if there was such a person, I wouldn't have told you" Even before Leon finished saying this the goblin struck him in the stomach with his gauntlet covered hand. The attack was powerful enough to push out all the air inside his lungs and send him flying towards the wall behind him.


" That's not a good enough answer, try again," said the goblin.

Leon stood up from where he had fallen, that single punch took 10% of HP from him. He felt the taste of iron filling his mouth and spat out a goblet of blood. " How am I supposed to tell you something I know nothing about"


"Is that so, then who was the one who saved you from these two over there and beat all three of them, including another whose leg got fractured in the fight?"


"No one saved me, I fought them off on my own," said Leon


"In that case, let's see you fight them again. Tomorrow morning, you'll be put up against three goblins from my unit and if you lose you'll be put up against another three goblins again till you can fight no more. This will continue in the days to come, until you start talking." said the goblin and he left the cell with the other two following after him. The goblin standing guard locked the cell door once the other goblins had left.

"Man, you've got balls to have stood up against that monster," said Brook "so who is this friend of yours that fought three of those fuckers single-handedly?"


"Matt he saved me and I'll lose my life before I tell on him," said Leon


"Yah, one who betrays his friend the worse than a scum" agreed Brook.

After that incident, nothing much happened, until midnight that is. Once the sun went down and darkness took over, the camp was lit with many torches and a central campfire. All the goblins gathered around the campfire to eat and drink. Once they started getting drunk the songs, arguments, fights and all other activities followed. The cell in which Leon and the others were locked was near a small rocky mountain from where, Leon could see glimpses of the central campfire. It was about midnight when all the festivities ended. The only goblins that remained were the ones on guard duty.

Suddenly the guard standing guard near Leon's cell fell unconscious and Matt materialized from the darkness near the unconscious goblin.

"It is about time you showed up," said Leon "Now let me out of this damn cell, we've work to do" and Matt obliged, by unlocking the cell door with the key, that he got from the goblin he had just knocked out.

A note from Falconking

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