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Sitting in the cell, along with other prisoners, Leon thought back to how he got himself into this situation. After he had revealed his story, Matt said " Sorry, I don't even know what to say to you, I can't even begin to think what you have been through"


"It's alright, it is my incompetence as a squad leader, that brought me here, what hurts me more, is the fact that it also caused the lives of those under me. Moras, my second in command, had even warned me, not to go this deep into the forest, but I was arrogant and didn't heed his words." Leon said with grief lacing his voice. "Once I find a way to remove this cursed seal placed on me, I'll find a way to release them, even if it costs me my life," said Leon with determination evident in his eyes.


"Don't be rash, you can't possibly fight all those goblins alone" Matt tried to discourage him from this suicide mission


"Doesn't matter, I've to do this even if it is the last thing I do, or the guilt of my actions will kill me from inside" but Leon was having none of it, he was determined to go with his plan no matter what.


"Oh well, in that case, let me at least help you," said Matt


"What, No I can't let you put your life in danger for the mistake I've committed." Leon refused to accept Matt's help.


"Then I can't let you endanger your life either, I didn't save you from those goblins for you to give it away in a suicide mission like this" Matt was also not going to let a life he saved to go to waste.


After a long and heated argument, Leon finally had to give in to Matt's demands. "So it's settled once you recover your health we'll raid the goblin encampment." said Matt

"well.... there is a small detail that you are missing, I escaped from them when I was being transferred to a new camp so I don't know where it is, so before we can raid the goblin encampment we'll have to find it"

" What! then how were you planning to attack a goblin encampment that you don't even know the whereabouts of?" enquired a surprised Matt

"Well I was planning on following a patrolling party back to their hideout"


"That's absurd, you'll have to stay hidden from them for god knows how long, and if I remember correctly you've lost your ability to cast spells"


"Yes but I've no other way to find the goblin encampment otherwise"


"You are indeed terrible at planning, sorry to say this, but if this is how you plan things, then you had no chance of defeating the goblins from the beginning. Have you ever lead a team into a battle before this?"


"If you had said this to me before I had been captured, you would have been sent straight to the prison, you do realize that right, but you are right I've no experience in leading a team into battle. This was my father's idea, to show the king that I'm worthy of succeeding my father's position in the court. For that, he picked the most elite members of the army to follow me in this mission." said Leon with a sad smile "He expected great things from, me but I failed him, I don't deserve to succeed his position"


"Now now, don't beat yourself up, no one could've predicted this would happen. Anyways I'll do the planning for this rescue mission if that's fine by you" said Matt


" eh? so you've prior experience in doing a military operation like this" asked Leon "but you don't seem to be a solider or anything."


"Not exactly, but you could say that I've prior experience" If you consider leading armies and legions in RPG games that is, thought Matt


"What do you mean?" asked Leon. Matt didn't know whether to tell him the truth or not. He had practically met the man just a few hours back. But he cannot hide it from everyone for far too long. He had no knowledge of this world and eventually he'll have to reveal his identity as an otherworlder. Also, Leon had told his story to him so it is a common courtesy to do the same. So Matt told him his story as well, but he left out the part where the came in contact with the World Tree as-well-as him being immortal and all other stuff.


Leon was rendered speechless for a while "So you are not from this world"


"and you were brought here by a magical portal"


" and Your world have no system, no magic or magical beasts"

"yes yes and yes"

" this is absurd only the gods have the power to pull off such a big summoning ritual, the Mana needed to power such a ritual is nothing us mere mortals could afford to supply. I would keep this a secret if I were you. You don't want to get noticed by the wrong people."

"Yes I know, but I needed someone's help if I wished to lead a regular life in this world and I had faith in you. Someone, who is ready to give his life to save his subordinates, will never betray someone who had saved his life," said Matt with a smile

" Thank you for trusting me, I won't betray you even if it kills me. This I promise to you on my life"



Leon Lasguard had made a Promise of Faith to never betray you even upon pain of death. If he brakes this promise he'll lose 10% of his life force and -8 to reputation with all entities in mortal realm.


" What the system will make a binding contract on its on accord here" Matt had no words to express his awe " back in my world people make such promises daily but will break them if they see it fit"

" Then this is the first thing you should keep in mind, if you wish to live in this world, ' Your words have power, never make a promise that you cannot keep," said Leon " And what kind of disgraceful world are you coming from?"

" It's not all that bad as you think it is," said Matt " and we have gone off track, we were planning how to rescue your subordinates from the goblins," said Matt " we'll discuss my world another time"

" Yes you are right, so what's the plan?" and Matt told him his plan.

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