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It had been a month, since Matt first arrived in the forest. And he had learned many things during this time, like making a fire with just dry woods, grass and some leaves; sleep in the hard ground or a tree branch; etc. He was living alone in his apartment back on earth so he knew how to cook himself. All this had given him a few new skills.


Survivalist ( passive) Level 3 : You can survive in hard environments like a forest, desert, etc. more easily.

Cooking ( active) Level 4 : You can cook food using any ingredients available to you. The the food you prepare will recover +4 of your health and stamina

Hunting ( active) Level 5 : You are a good hunter, your movement speed will increase 20% and can inflict 15% more damage per attack while hunting.

Tracking (Active) Level 4 : Every person or animal will leave a track while moving through any terrain. You can follow any track, that is no more than one day old.

Stealth ( Active ) Level 3 : You can hide your presence from others when shrouded by darkness or in shadowed area.

Weapon crafting  ( Active ) Level 2 : In the hands of a good crafter even a strand of grass is a deadly weapon. Can craft weapon only of poor quality. 5% extra damage inflicted per strike connected.

Trap building (basic) ( Active ) Level 2 : Where brute force fails to take down an enemy a well placed trap might do the trick. Can build traps only of poor quality.

Fishing ( Active ) Level 3 : A good fisherman knows just where to look for a good catch and how to catch a fish just using a stick. +2 to luck when fishing.

Skinning ( Active ) Level 2 : The hide of any living thing can be used to craft many a things from water skin to an armour. 10% chance to remove the hide of any beast or animal with out damaging the hide.

Martial-arts ( Active ) Level 5 : Martial-arts is an age old art of self defence and has many branches to it. A Master of this art can single handedly defend himself from an army or defeat a platoon of well trained soldiers. 50% increase in movement speed and hand to hand combat.

Meditation ( Active ) Level 4 : Meditation is the art of becoming one with the universe. It helps you to align your inner energy with the that of the universe. Increase your Int by +3 and Wis by +2.

All these skills helped him tremendously in surviving this one month. And in this one month, he had also come across many large beasts that could have killed him with a just a glancing blow. But had been lucky enough to evade all of them up until this very moment. Sadly, he was not lucky enough to come across any human or any other intelligent beings so far. He was beginning to think there was no one except him in this world.

Currently, he was resting beneath a tree. Suddenly he heard a cry for help, which startled him. He immediately got up from where he was sitting looked around to find the source of the sound. The sound was coming from his left and it was coming closer by the second. Abruptly, a man came running from the tree line shortly followed by three short green humanoid creatures with weapons. It reminded him of those goblins from movies and games back home.

The man suddenly tripped himself and fell face first in the ground. The goblins came to a halt just in front of the fallen man and started circling him. Matt had been starring, dumbfound as these events unfolded in front of him. The goblins were about to kill the man and Matt took a step forward involuntarily to save the man. But it was a mistake, a twig snapped under his foot alerting the goblins of his presence. The trio of goblins snapped their head towards him at the same time. Time stopped flowing for a moment, everyone kept starring at each other in utter confusion, not daring to move a single muscle.


A goblin with a spear recovered his wits first and rushed at Matt with his spear poised to strike. At this, Matt also recovered and stepped forward, past the striking range of the goblin and grabbed the spear by its shaft and yanked it out of the goblin's hand. The momentum and sudden movement made the goblin lose his balance and collided with a tree. Seeing this the other two goblins rushed with their swords at the ready at Matt, to finish him off. Matt went low and struck both the charging goblins using the shaft of the spear with just one strike which send both the goblins tumbling down. By this time the first goblin had recovered from his fall and charged Matt yet again. Matt stuck in the chest again with the spear shaft and send it flying.

Realizing that they had no chance of defeating him the three goblins fled with their lives, abandoning their weapons. Matt relaxed his posture and moved towards the man on the floor, and found him lying unconscious. "Well, at least he is breathing. And there are other humans in this world" said Matt to himself "Let's move him to someplace safe first, at least as safe as a forest with giant beasts the size of a truck can get." Matt hoisted the man and put him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and started moving forward.

Matt carried the unconscious man to an empty cave, near a river, that he has been using as his new home for about two weeks now. The man had no serious injuries, at least not anything on the outside and he didn't have any pieces of equipment to run a detailed diagnosis of the man. So he took off the man's shirt, it was more of a ragged piece of fabric than a shirt and tore it up to make a make-shift bandage to tie it around some of the injuries that were bleeding. He used the rest of the cloth to clean the man up after dousing it in the river water, even a seemingly small wound can get infected if not properly treated.

After doing everything in his power for the injured man and laying him on a bed made out of grass and leaves, Matt sat beneath a boulder, near the mouth of the cave. Then he pulled up the windows he had dismissed after the fight.


Battle log:

  • A goblin charges you with a spear .

  • You dodged the attack and yanked the spear out of the goblin's hand.

  • The goblin collides with a tree and loses -2 HP

  • Two goblins charges you with swords.

  • You attacked the goblins with the shaft of the spear.

  • You dealt -5 HP damage to the goblin

  • You dealt -5 HP damage to the goblin

  • A goblin charges you.

  • You attacked the goblin with the shaft of the spear in the chest.

  • You deal -10 HP damage to the goblin.

  • The goblins flees from the battle field.

End of the battle log.


You have gained 100 Exp.


You have learned the Skill

Armed Combat ( Spear ) Level 1 : Everyone knows it is better to fight with a weapon than your bare hands. 10% increase to damage inflicted using spear.


You have reached Level 5

"Wow, another level and a new skill, cool. The Exp. is a bit too low, but well it was a rather easy fight so it is to be expected" thought Matt to himself. " Ha, I better start cooking something for lunch, that man looks famished, he might want to eat something when he wakes-up"

When Leon regained consciousness he was inside a dark cave, and his body was aching all over. His last memory, before he lost consciousness, was three goblins trying to kill him. Slowly, he tried to get up, but he was too weak to even move. Little by little, he came to realize other details about his surroundings and himself.

First of all, he was half-naked, someone had used his shirt, as a makeshift bandage to stop his bleeding and secondly, he was alone in the cave, whoever had brought him here was not around at the moment. He didn't know whether the person who brought him here was good or bad. Since whoever had brought him here had tented to his wounds and probably, saved him from the goblins he hoped that person had good intentions.


After a while, he mustered enough strength to sit upright. There was daylight outside so it was still day time. Suddenly a young man in his early twenties entered the cave. He had a well build body except that, nothing else could be made-out in the dim light inside the cave.


"So you are awake, and just in time too. You must be hungry here have this. It might not be much but it sure as hell is better than having to live on just fruits and vegetables" saying this he offered Leon a bowl filled with some kind of a soup. He hadn't realized it until now but he was really hungry.


A note from Falconking

This was my first time writing a combat sequence, how was it, share your thoughts with me.Thanks for reading.

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