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  Matt had been wandering around the forest for a while now. He had come across many animals some of which were familiar to him like, squirrels, rabbits, deers, etc. and some he did not recognize like, a rabbit-like creature with antlers, a guinea pig the size of a Doberman and many more. He once saw a bear and had to go around it otherwise, He hadn't seen any other aggressive creatures. He collected some berries from a small shrub. He had seen some monkeys eating them, so he was pretty sure that it wasn't poisonous. Then he came upon a small river from where he drank his fill. Afterward, he found a giant tree's root to rest upon and further analyze the situation he was in.


  Matt popped a berry, which he had collected from the shrub earlier into his mouth. It was very sweet and a bit sour at the same time, like a grape. It even had a single seed like a grape. Suddenly a window popped up in his vision and startled him. “I need to get used to this fast or it might kill me one of these days,” he said to himself and read the notification.


You have consumed the Berry of Insight

+3 to Int for four hours



“Well, well, well, look at that, even eating stuffs gives you some kind of a status boost it seems. It is just like those video games and other RPG games that I used to play until a few years back.” he thought to himself “And if I'm not wrong this world is just like those worlds you read about in those LitRPG novels like The Land, Arcane emperor, etc. That is to say, it is governed by a game-like system. So here, Skills, Abilities and other stuff are really important to one's growth and survival. Now how do I see my status? Let's see Status.” Suddenly his status window popped in front of him. “Cool, let's see..."



Matthew Thomson


01, 0%










Common tongue


Level 1




























Mind magic

Level 1, 0%

Soul magic

Level 1, 0%


Soul of Steel (passive)

Level 1, 0%

Analytical Mind ( passive)

Level 1, 0%

Mind Fort (passive)

Level 1, 0%

Sun's benevolence (passive)

Level 1, 0%


Mark of the World Tree

Upper arm


The First Demi-God

+1 to every attribute per level

Guardian of the World Tree

Can use % World Tree's total Mana and life-force proportionate to your level

Status Effects


In case of death will be resurrected at the resurrection point.



100% affinity in any and every skill

Gift of Tongues

Ability to comprehend almost any sapient languages

Fast Leaner

Ability gain the first levels of any and every skills.


“Ooook... It seems a bit too large, well I've no complaints about it though.” matt said to himself “and magic, mana, etc. are real here, well that is to be expected. And if my guess is correct all these attributes work just like in those games. All the abilities have a description so there is no need to further investigate it but what about these skills and there seem to be two extra abilities apart from the ones that I received from bonding with the World Tree.” Matt focused on the first skill in his status window. A new window describing the skill appeared in his vision.

Soul of Steel (passive) Level 1: This Skill makes your soul resilient against soul attacks.Shields the soul from 10% of the damage caused by soul magic.


“Well that is straight forward and I should have guessed that this much from the name itself,” said Matt and he dismissed that window with just a thought. “Let's see the skills analytical mind and mind fort is self-explanatory even so it's better to take a look at it now than to learn any unpleasant lessons later on”

Analytical Mind ( passive) Level 1 : This Skill helps you control your emotions and think rationally even in the face of death.

Mind Fort (passive) Level 1: This Skill makes your mind resilient against mind attacks.Shields the mind from 10% of the damage caused by mind magic.

“Ah now that I think about it I have been taking this situation rather too well, so it is because of Analytical Mind. Even without it, I would have done the same things but it's always good to know that I have the skill to help me survive dangerous situations. Mind fort was a no brainer. Let's see what the last skill has to say”

Sun's benevolence (passive) Level 1: When exposed to sunlight your regenerative abilities and and healing abilities get 25% boost. At higher levels, if given enough time you'll be able to regrow an entire limb.

“Woo, now that's.... that's just absurd. It seems that the skills, abilities, etc. written with yellow color are kind of legendary. If that's the case I am a legendary being, well that is to be expected because I'm now a freaking demigod.” Matt was starting to love this whole getting transmigration business. “That's enough messing with the interface for one day or I might get a head, as big as an African elephant.” Saying this he closed all the windows and stood up from where he has been sitting for the past fifteen or so minutes. “It's time I start searching for something to have for lunch. Let's see if I can get some fish from the river that I drank water from.”
And so Matt started walking back towards the river in hope of catching some fish.


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