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When Matt regained consciousness again, he found himself lying under a tree. It was nearly dawn and the sun was slowly rising. He had passed out for an entire night. He was still inside a forest but something was different. For one, here, the trees were of regular size and the chippering of birds and other life forms can be heard. There were one or two giant trees here and there but nothing as big as the ones he saw yesterday. He started to think that it was all some kind of a dream. A very weird and particularly detailed dream, but a dream nonetheless.
Suddenly a window like the one he saw yesterday popped up in front of him and a barrage of other windows followed suit. He was startled for a minute but regained his wits soon enough. He focused his vision on the topmost window.


You have successfully bound your soul with the World Tree.

You have gained the title : Guardian of the World Tree

Warning* Your race has been changed from Human to Demi-God

Matt read the first notification. So now I am a demigod like Percy Jackson cool. Ok now, how do I read the next notification? He tried swiping the first window but nothing happened, his hand just went right through it. Next, he thought of dismissing the window, and it vanished from his view revealing the window beneath it.


For being the first Demi-God

You have gained the title : The First Demi-God

You are under the status effect : Immortal

All your basic stats are increased by : +3

WHAT! I'm Immortal now, that's crazy. This is absurd. Let's see what's next.


By enduring the process of binding your soul with the World Tree

You have gained the passive skill : Soul of Steel

Your resistance to soul magic has increased by : +5


By enduring the pain of binding your soul with the World Tree and retaining sanity

You have gained the passive skill : Analytical Mind (Level 1)

You have gained the passive skill : Mind Fort ( Level 1)

Your resistance to mind magic has increased by : +3



You have been blessed by the World Tree

You have gained the Ability : Limitless

You have gained the passive skill : The Sun's benevolence (Level 1)

Your Luck has increased by : +3

Your Int has increased by : +4

Your Wis has increased by : +2

Your Charm has increased by : +1


"OK at least these tree notifications aren't as absurd as the first two. And apparently whatever happened yesterday was no dream either. And this is not Earth, but some other planet or dimension. The flight accident yesterday morning, has somehow brought me into this world. So what now? " said Matt, as he tried to make some sense of the situation he was in.
"Definitely, going back to Earth or contacting any relatives or family is out of the question. Then finding a human settlement in this world should be given more priority. Since I am out of the World Tree's domain, that's what I'm going to call the place where the World Tree is at, I might come across one sooner or later." There was no one to hear what he was saying, but still, he kept talking to himself. It helped him to keep the solitude at bay. He was not used to staying alone.
"Next on the list comes food and shelter until I can make it to any kind of settlement, human or otherwise. Strangely enough, I don't feel that hungry right now and I had been starving yesterday even just before I passed out. It might have something to do with me bonding with the World Tree or something and I might be able to survive without food and water for a long time since I am Immortal and all, but it's better to be safe than sorry."

A plan in mind, Matt began his journey in this new and game-like world. But make no mistake, this world is no game. It is as real as any other and so are the dangers it possesses.




A note from Falconking

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