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Matt was in the middle of his morning workout when his phone rang. He stopped his pull-ups and moved to get his phone. The phone displayed a beautiful young lady in her late twenties. He picked the phone up with a small grin.

“Hello sis, awake already?”

“Oh cut the crap Matt, you know I don't sleep that late into the morning these days right?” came a sharp but elegant and feminine voice.

“Yeah yeah, I know I know, just kidding. So what's up you won't call me this early in the morning for nothing.”

“I knew it, you forgot about today's get together didn't you?” said his sister with a sigh.

“But luckily you have a beautiful and responsible sister to watch your back. I've already booked you a ticket, I'll mail it to you. The flight is in one hour so get ready fast.”

“Thank you, sis, you are a lifesaver.”

“Yah I know, now move your lazy bum and start getting ready already,” and before he could retort the line went dead. He resolved to get back at his sister for that final remark and moved towards the shower.

Within five minutes, Matt came out of the shower and got dressed. It was only a family reunion that his sister organizes every few months or so. Their family wasn't all that big to begin with, but they got scattered all over the continent in pursuit of their dreams, jobs, and whatnot. Matt is a budding and one of the most promising cardiologists in London.

His sister Teresa, who is five years older than Matt, is helping her husband George run his family business in Manhattan. His father and mother both are researchers, working for the US military. His grandparents are living at Oak Park near Chicago. His grandfather is an ex-military officer, who also happens to be one of the most talented martial-artist of his time, is now running a dojo. His grandmother, who is Chinese by birth, is an excellent medical practitioner in the (Chinese) traditional ways. Because of this, it is only on these family reunions that the entire family comes together.

Both Matt and his sister had spent the better part of their childhood with their grandparents and hence both of them are way more attached to their grandparents than their parents. This lead to Matt taking a liking towards both martial-arts and the art of healing.

After getting dressed and on the way to the kitchen to have a quick breakfast, Matt looked over himself in the full view mirror placed in the corner of his bedroom. He wasn't too muscular or too lean, but had a well-built body, thanks to his daily workout sessions.

He had a fair complexion and a neatly trimmed and cropped, ivory black hair. His eyes had a blue shade to it. Overall he had quiet the charming look, that'll make any women take a second glance at him. He was wearing a casual light blue shirt and light-colored cotton jeans.

Satisfied with his appearance Matt rushed into the kitchen and had a simple breakfast of eggs and bacon. He hurriedly took a print out of his air ticket, locked his apartment and flagged down a cab to reach the airport in time.

Even so, he barely made it in time for check-in and he was the last person to board. His sister had already called him three times on his way to the airport, to make sure he didn't miss the flight.

“She's sometimes like a nagging mother,” he thought to himself with a chuckle.

The plane took off at the scheduled time without any trouble whatsoever. With seven to eight hours' journey ahead of him Matt decided to take a small nap. What he didn't know at that time was that this journey of his will changes his life forever.


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