The Guardian of the world tree

The Guardian of the world tree

by Falconking

Do you like reading stories of men, who, form a large kingdom from scratch, then this might be what you are looking for,


Matt, a young cardiologist, is about to embark on a journey that will change his world, literally. Join him on his journey, as he is about to encounter the things that he has only heard about in the myths, fairy tales, and movies.

What to expect;

an MC who is slowly becoming OP

Kingdom building elements 

Game elements 

Legendary warriors, mages, etc. and also Legendary weapons 

* slow-paced world-building and tension building

What not to expect;

Harem  or sexual contents

* an OP MC from the beginning or MC becoming OP overnight

* fast-paced storyline

* Action-packed storyline

* Technical mambo jumbos

* A big bad guy, who is trying to concur the whole world or destroy it. 

 Cover edited by CoffeeQuills and the photo taken by Jeremy Bishop.

 Release schedule :  A chapter Every Sunday afternoon.  

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Avery Light

The story is pretty normal. Go to another world, got some fortuitous encounter, meet friends, fight monsters. Now I'm not saying it's bad but with so many stories with a similar beginning, it lacks a "hook" that separates this story from the rest. But it's still early in the story and it could turn out really good depending on how you cook it. Just sayin my opinion here.

The char. I must confess the MC is too trusting and too good of a person for my taste but I can accept people could different. He saved the tree and Leon then tells him he's from another world just like that? Okay, he wants to save lives because of his background. Believable and I respect that.

Now the grammar... it's not good.

I think the main problem is the lack of edit and proofreading, not insufficient English skills.

All in all my rating would be 3.5, if you could polish the grammar more then its a 4. The grammar mistakes disturb the immersion of the story thus the score down.

My best wishes to the author.


I see an airplane in another world.

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: The fall

Minor spoilers ahead.

The story of a man isekai'd to a magical world. You think it's your regular isekai, right? But then think about the plane and the portal that appeared just before the mc was isekai'd. I think there is an interesting twist underway. You just need to be patient and give this story a chance.


This is ok but there's a problem with the formatting and sometimes the coloring of the text. Also the change in pov should be more clear. You can indicate it with names eg. Matt.


Still at the beginning. We'll have to wait and see where this will go. 


This could really benefit from some editing. It's readable and coherent. The author is ready to correct any mistake pointed out which is good. I also notice that there's a definite improvement after the author started posting weekly. Use Grammarly or prowritingaid.

All in all I think this is a good book especially if you consider it as a first attempt the author. How many people get their book to be this good in their first attempt? Give it a chance.