STEM: The Topical Dungeon

by Bubble Lord

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Dungeon GameLit Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Inspired by CORE: The Volcanic Dungeon by Ace Arriande and a spiritual successor to my writing prompt series Evolution Barricade, STEM is a series following the reincarnation of Kaden into the fantasy world of Brogdar. Reborn as a "DM" and a plant, Kaden tackles the challenges of being the agent of the chaotic god: trying to be his very own dungeon master. However, unlike other stories, Kaden is often making fun of and dealing with disadvantages that the normal reincarnated hero would never have to worry about.

A parody of the normal tropes of isekai, STEM is a periodic series that is intended to release a minimum of once per week. There may be times where there is more than one drop, but those would be special occasions. Additionally, the content tags are simply to try and ensure my readers know these stories can encompass a large variety of things. They may not immediately be in focus, but they will all end up appearing!

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Bubble Lord

Bubble Lord

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1st Anniversary
Top List #2000
Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
#001 - Kaden Sets The Record Straight ago
#002 - It's Mowing Day ago
#003 - Trapped in a Ranbi Rodeo Pt. 1 ago
#004 - Trapped in a Ranbi Rodeo Pt. 2 ago
#005 - Trapped in a Ranbi Rodeo Pt. 3 ago
#006 - Trapped in a Ranbi Rodeo Pt. 4 ago
#007 - Learning Curve and Menu Learning ago
#008 - Level-Up and Evolve The Strategy ago
#009 - Walker in the Rye ago
#010 - Dungeon Steps ago
#011 - Breakdown of a Breakdown ago
#012 - Landmark Discovery ago
#013 - Dayshrub, WHOAAAA! ago
#014 - Surprise Scythe ago
#015 - Murky Fate ago
#016 - Striker Down ago
#017 - After Omega Comes... ago
#018 - Ropert ago
#019 - Stature Statues ago
#020 - Hammer Time ago
#021 - Creativity Stems From Everything ago
#022 - Colors Are Fun ago
#023 - One Month Late-... Wait ago
#024 - Growing Pains ago
#025 - No Dungeon For Ranbi Minions ago
#026 - Teleporters Don't Come Free ago
#027 - Pens Are Mightier Than The Sword ago
#028 - Watch That First Step ago
#029 - Tutorials Aren't All Terrible ago
#030 - A Nugget Of Truth ago
#031 - Fawning for Gems ago
#032 - Finally, A Chance To Prove Myself ago
#033 - Worming Out ago
#034 - Normal Crafting Is For The Birds ago
#035 - Now This is a Knife ago
#036 - Water Plants, Maximize Profit ago
#037 - You're Calling Me Heated? ago
#038 - You're Hot, Deer ago
#039 - Round 2. FIGHT! ago

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  • Overall Score

This is a nice LitRPG Dungeon story with unique ideas and tone. It is a bit on the slower side with strong survival and base-building elements and less of the typical dungeon full of monsters.

The author is a bit long-winded at times when explaining mechanics/ crafting/ construction, but those parts are not all that frequent and can be skimmed over.

  • Overall Score
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The Style.

First person central narration style. The author is doing an excellent job in conveying the thoughts, expressions, perspectives and expressions of the main character to the readers in a beautiful way. They are also able to see the gamelit world and other characters through the eyes of the MC.  

The Story.

This is a litrpg novel at its parody best. A very entertaining and gripping story about Kaden, the MC, who was reborn as a DM in a system world of Brogdar. Once they start reading, the readers won't be able to wait for the next one to come out. The story is entertaining and everything is really clear in regards to the very elaborate plot. Great world building.

The characters.

The characters introduction is really well made, especially the MC. It doesn't take too much time for the readers to be immidiately involved in the unfolding events. Lovable characters.

The grammar.

High quality. No noticeable errors that could affect the flow of the story.

Well done, author. Keep it up.

Falls Green
  • Overall Score

Seems like a fun game to play, less so a fun book to read. My attention span may be lacking, but I can only read about rabbits for so long. Maybe because of no emotional connection? I honestly couldn't care less about mc