Ch01: The beginning


Arlo woke up in a pitch-dark room and couldn’t see anything. He rubbed his eyes a couple of times but to no avail. He simply couldn’t see. All of a sudden, he saw a box:

|Reincarnation in progress…...15%. |

‘What’s going on? Is this what I think it is!’

He was beyond excited but with that came a lot of questions: would he be reincarnated at the same time, same place or not? This was bugging him a lot but after some time, he finally got his answer.

|Destination: Volphyr |

‘Where the heck is that place!?’

|You have been granted three skills. Choose three skills from the list. Do you wish |

|to see the list? (Y/N)                                                                                        |

He was really curious when this popped up and hurriedly decided to go for it.


All of a sudden there was a list of skills. He knew that he has to choose three from them but first he needs to understand them. After some time, he got used to how the list worked. Once he concentrates on a skill from the list, he could see the description of the skill. But once he read the description he got baffled. There were skills related to magic, does that mean there will be magic in the word he is going. He needs to be careful and go through as much of them as possible. He was learning and grasping all the skills along with the stat available in this new world. After going through a lot of skill he stumbled upon a skill that intrigued him a lot.

|Revenge of the fallen [Passive][Level Up: N][Restricted]                                       |

|Description: For every 10% loss of HP, every stat increase by 25%.                       |

This was a seriously powerful skill. But he didn’t understand why there was a ‘[Restricted]’ tag in it. He has seen tags of this type on all skills, but most of them were ‘[General]’, ‘[Rare]’, ‘[Legendary]’ etc. So, he presumes that this tag dictates the likelihood of getting this skill. Does that mean he will not be able to acquire it? Just as he was concentrating on the word ‘[Restricted]’, an explanation came in.

|[Restricted]: These types of skills can only be acquired in this room.                      |

Now it all made sense, basically, it means that all the other skills can be acquired on that planet but the ‘[Restricted]’ types of skills can only be acquired here. That means he should focus more on these types of skills. As time went on, he found more skills in this class and all of them were seriously out of balance. He has decided to go through all the skills before finalizing his skillset as he doesn’t want to make a mistake in the selection. It took him 7 days to finish reading all the skills. It was an exhausting process but after going through all the skills, he finally made up his mind. He has to choose 3 skills from the following skills:


|Strength of Titan [Active][Level Up: N][Restricted]                                                |

|Description: Strength and speed stat get a boost of 500%.                                    |

|Cooldown: 10 min.                                                                                              |

|Charge Recovery Rate: 1 min / 1 hour                                                                  |

|Max Charge: 2 min.                                                                                            |


|Reflection [Active][Level Up: N][Restricted]                                                           |

|Description: Reflect an attack 100%/75%/50%/25% if opponent’s strength stat is   |

|                     lower than 2x/2.5x/3x/3.5x of user’s own strength stat. The part       |

|                     which is not reflected will damage the user.                                      |

|Cooldown: 1.5 min.                                                                                             |


|Revive [Passive][Level Up: N][Restricted]                                                               |

|Description: Gives a second chance to the user.                                                       |

|Charge Recovery Rate: 1 life/ 1 week                                                                     |

|Max Charge: 1 life                                                                                                 |


|Omnipotent [Active][Level Up: N][Restricted]                                                        |

|Description: When this skill is active, all the stats become infinite.                          |

|Cooldown: 1 hour                                                                                               |

|Charge Recovery Rate: 1 sec/ 1 hour.                                                                   |

|Max Charge: 1 min.                                                                                            |


After a couple more minutes of brainstorming, he decided to drop [Reflection] from his choice. The reasoning was simple: if somehow, he gets one-shot by a powerful being, he can use his [Revive] and [Omnipotent] skill in conjunction and kill that being. So, he decided to go ahead with this plan and confirmed his selection. After his confirmation, he felt an intense pain in his head as all the information about the skills he selected as well as basic information about the world was ingrained in his brain. He felt like he knew how to use them for a long time. With that out of the way he saw another box:


|Now you will be teleported to Volphyr. Good luck with your journey.                   |



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