"I...Cough~Cough~...I don't know."

Marie said trying to struggle out of his big hands.

But his grip became even tighter when he mercilessly threw her down making her spit a mouthful of blood. Having received the smack she lost consciousness.

"That's why they are worthless low lives. They are simply too weak." William said as he turned toward Oslo whose fist was upon his face again.


William vanished becoming smoke again, and when he appeared he was behind Oslo. Grabbing Oslo's right hand he twisted it behind his back. Gritting the pain Oslo tried countering him with his elbow.

William slammed his body in the ground simply dodging the attack as if it was nothing.

"Ah~" Oslo screamed in pain as his arm was about to break.
"As I said, don't fool me and say as to why Mystic clan is helping them?"

"How... many...times do I have to tell you," Like a dolphin, he curved his back like a bow again elbowing him,
"That I don't belong to any clan such as that."

William grinned taking the elbow right at his face again disappearing. A kick was approaching him by his side.


This time he successfully dodged that hammer kick, standing up, he covered his fist in mana as he tried to hook him down.

"That move won't work. Your attacks are just slow just so you know." William said again simply dodging the punch.


But his cool form disappeared when William was suddenly greeted with a round kick right at his gut covered in Mana.



The kick was powerful enough to knock him against the wall of his own stone house, making it shake a bit.


A droplet of blood dripped from his mouth which got absorbed by the hungry dry ground. Wiping the trace of blood away from his mouth he stood up.

"Using the turning effect of punch to deliver a round kick from the back. Not bad."

"Not bad, not bad, that mana kick was something I didn't expect but you're still too young to challenge me, kid. Go drink some milk before you get hungry again." William said as he patted the dust away from his clothes.

With a white shirt with black lines and black pants matching with his black shoes and black coat, William was like a waiter without a bow tie.

"Milk? I don't want that, your blood will just suffice." Oslo said gasping for his breath.

"Your arrogance comes from your clan. You members of Mystic clan always think very highly of yourselves, don't you? But today I will put you in your place." William said.

No matter how many times Oslo denied it, William seemed to be hell-bent on making him a member of Mystic Clan. Oslo was getting annoyed by William's words which only stated that he belonged to Mystic Clan which he didn't even know.

"I am not the member of the whatever clan you're speaking of," His patience had its limits as well, "What makes you so sure that I indeed belong to the clan you speak of?"

"Still denying eh?" William shouted in anger, "You can't deny when I can already see that you're from that clan. Even though its black instead of purple, that dragon tattoo on your hand is the emblem of Mystic Clan! You can't hide it, kid."

"This dragon tattoo is the emblem of Mystic Clan?" He was dazed by the fact. He knew the tattoo could attract unwanted danger but he didn't know it would so soon which rendered him speechless.

"You shouldn't daze while you're in a battle boy."


Boom! Pat! Pat!

His face was greeted by a kick followed by few jabs making him drop in the ground for few times before he finally stopped.

His poker face finally revealed his true face. With blue veins bulging in his forehead he cracked his fingers slowly moving toward Oslo,

"Today I will exact my revenge for Mystic Clan by killing you."

"I will let them know that they shouldn't have messed with me."

"Today I will cut your hand and send it to them as a gift which will warn them. But don't you worry kid, for you will die a slow death before that." William said as he grabbed Oslo by his hair.

Bang ~ Bang~ Bang~

Slamming Oslo's face against the ground again and again till blood dripped from his face which had become a bloody mess, he lifted Oslo's body slamming it again.


A small hole was created upon his fall.

Cough ~

William coughed a mouthful of blood in his palms.

'Have my wounds opened again?'
With a bloody face, Oslo slowly raised his head which again got slammed down with William's fist.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

"It's because of you guys I lost everything. If you guys hadn't come back then, I would be living a peaceful life somewhere away from this low-class village. What gave you the right to decide what we did? Just because you guys were strong, you slaughtered us like insects. Do you think of yourselves as a god or something? What makes you decide on our life? Because of you guys I lost the leadership of my clan...hah...hah...its all because of you!"

His fist was covered in Oslo's blood and Oslo's face...

William swung down his fist again but this time using all his strength.


Barely moving the body, he dodged the horrible punch escaping death by a hair.

If he had not dodged, his skull would've shattered into pieces.

"Cough... cough....cough" Without moving from his position he threw a punch.

William not expecting retaliation got hit, making him push back a little. With the remnant of green mana on his face, he spat out bad blood,
"This low-quality mana cannot hurt me, boy"

Standing up William thought,
'If I was who I was from before I would have killed this kid with a flick of my pinkie. Damn it! It is getting worse by the minute. Curse you, Mystic Clan!'

William gritted his death as the boy was no more than an insect which was running away from his fate in front of him.

With his noodly legs, Oslo was barely standing on his feet. William leaped with his hands straight like a spear to pierce through Oslo's body.
Oslo swung his fist but it wasn't towards the direction William was approaching from. With Oslo's fist punching away from him, William snorted,

"What are you trying to hit? Air?"

"Hah...that's...cough...not your problem." His fist gleaming with green light didn't stop though, punching in the wrong direction.
But suddenly William found himself being pulled by an unknown force. His face was moving towards the direction where Oslo's fist was heading.

Finally, he opposed the unknown force using his own strength but it was a bit late as the punch was already upon him.


William's face caved in a little with the punch. He was about to crash at the ground when again the unknown force pulled him towards Oslo.Grabbing his white shirt, Oslo kneed William and brutally punched him again which made his shirt to give up.


The well-refined cloth William was wearing got torn as he crashed at the ground. His bareback was visible and when Oslo glanced at it, he saw a beautiful tattoo of a white crane.

It seemed like it was exuding a holy aura and as compared to the black tattoo on Oslo's hand, it was much better. The image was simply breathtaking but there was also a purple mark on Crane's body.

The picture of the crane was tainted by a tattoo of a purple dragon. But it wasn't time to enjoy its beauty and having realized that, he remorselessly punched William's back which then turned into white smoke and disappeared with the punch only cracking the ground.

The crane shone on William's back enveloping his whole body in blinding light.

"I lost my cool back then when I saw that emblem but now I will show you the difference between us. I will show you what power really means."William said as he thought,

'I was saving this for my revenge against the Mystic Clan but I think this kid will do as well. Mystic Clan, I will get you back for what you did to my clan.'

The white light enveloped everything in five hundred meter radius making one blind.

"Illusion World!"


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