Thousand Lake Guild's Loss


"Is this really the place?" The man said gazing at the surrounding.

"Yes, it is," Chris replied.

"Then where the hell is the entrance of the dungeon?" David roared in anger.

He was an SS-rank adventurer and upon hearing the news about the dungeon which was possibly also an SS-rank, he had come to clear it himself.

"But It was right here. If you don't believe me then ask Kevin who is by your side. He was the one who had located and ranked the dungeon after all." Chris said.

"Was the dungeon right here when you had found it?" David asked looking at Kevin.

"Y-Yes, it was right here," Kevin replied shuddering.

David punched the tree behind him to vent out his anger utterly destroying it and showering the surrounding in something that resembled sawdust.

"Where the heck did the entrance go?"

"Did other Guilds beat us to it?" David greeted his teeth, "If only I was a bit faster..."

David was the Guild leader of 'Thousand Lakes' and rarely had some free time because of his busy schedule. If not for the news of the appearance of SS-Rank dungeon, he would not have come to raid himself.

After the news, it took him an entire day to gather as many adventurers of the Guild as he could. But upon realizing that all he did after coming here was waste his time and he was furious because of it.

"Maybe other Guilds didn't beat us to it but the boss left the dungeon," Chris said trying to relieve David's anger.

Boss leaving the dungeon wasn't unheard of and it common in dungeons. But Chris had told him that it had an egg that the boss was protecting and warming. Laying an egg would weaken the magic beast by more than half and it was a perfect opportunity for them to score some golds.


Gazing at the dungeon... where dungeon once was, David finally calmed his nerves,
"Didn't you say that the dragon was warming its egg, and magic beasts mostly don't migrate for the safety of their egg, so how could it have left?"

"Well, there were sellswords and maybe dragon noticed their presence and felt that it wasn't safe there anymore, hence migrating somewhere else," Ray said.

"Or it was just an E-Rank dungeon and clearing it you're just making it up to get more attention," Kevin said looking at Chris.

"What are you trying to imply? Are you saying that I'm making up Ben's death just to receive some measly attention? Are you saying that Raiha died because I wanted your attention?" Chris said angrily in a cold tone.

"What? There is always a possibility. And who was Ben? That low-class healer was better of dead anyway. I cannot care less about him and I wouldn't be surprised about the fact that you sacrificed that low class just to receive extra attention." Kevin said loudly.

Grabbing Kevin's collar, Chris roared,
"Don't go too far as to insult the one you haven't even laid your eyes on."

"Oh?" Kevin raised his brows, " What evidence do you have to support that claim of yours that what I had said was wrong, And..."

Chris gritted his teeth having no evidence for him to support his words and what he said was the truth. Kevin had already ranked the dungeon as an E-rank and many adventurers thought that Chris was just lying to receive extra attention.


"Get off your high horse kid!" Kevin said slapping Chris. Patting his collar he continued, "Next time you touch my collar, I'll slice your hands off and feed them to the dogs."

Chris was powerless against Kevin for he was an A-rank adventurer and in terms of strength, knowledge, and everything, Kevin was superior to Chris. Because of that Chris always had to suck up to him.

"And about the money you asked of us to pay to the family of the sellswords... they ain't getting a single penny. Worthless commoners don't deserve to be paid if they can't even do their job right." Kevin said.

"What did you say? They may have lost their lives inside the dungeon but you aren't going to pay them? You're now being heartless." Chris said.

"Heartless? Hahahahaha, you may be right. I am heartless but the crap you pulled by wasting our time here, what about that?" Kevin looking at the Chris lying in the ground with red cheek having hand mark said,
"You don't call shots here. So, behave yourself."

David didn't say anything as they quarreled, but now much of the time had been wasted, he opened his mouth,
"Let's go back!"

With a disappointed look on their faces, all the adventurers headed back as Kevin shot a last glance at the Chris and said,

"Well then, don't waste our time ever again...liar!"

Chris stood up patting his new armor, looked at David,
"Father, about the money..."

"As Kevin said, you don't call the shots here. So behave yourself...pathetic liar." David said with a glint of rage in his eyes. He then left with others.

Chris gritted his teeth as he looked at Ray who was standing in front of the place where the entrance of the dungeon once was, crying. He couldn't give his big sister a proper burial she deserved because of the entrance which was now lost.

Swipinghis tears, he turned and said, "Let's go back, Mr. Chris."

Seeing Ray acting like a strong boy, Chris smiled,
"Yeah, Let's go!"

Thousand Lake Guild suffered a huge loss this time. Not only some of the members died but also they missed out on the treasure that the dungeon could have provided them.

It was really a huge loss.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

In the hill, west of Village Kush, a man clapped as he walked out of his stony castle.

"That was a good show. But...because of your idiotic thinking, you ended up getting hurt."

"I hadn't expected this creature to hold this long but it seems I had anticipated wrong."

The puppies were licking their mother's face for the hope that she would stand again. Not one pup tried attacking Oslo who was able to defeat their mother in her berserk form. They just shivered and kept licking.

With his eyes closed and a face that had a fake smile pasted on it, he said clapping,
"Kid, tell me then, why are you, the member of Mystic Clan helping these low lives?"

"Mystic Clan?!" Oslo tilted his head in confusion, "I don't belong to any clan with a name such as that."
"Don't play dumb kid!" William said glancing coldly at Oslo, "What is the relation between the Mystic Clan and Kush village?"

"Is there some sort of treasure Mystic Clan wants from these low lives?"

"As I said, I don't know who the member of Mystic clan is?" Oslo said dashing at William with his fist covered in mana.

"Denying your existence, are you?" William sighed, "Not that I had really expected you to spill the beans."
Oslo's punch hit William's face but William's body turned into smoke and disappeared.


Looking around he found William, who was in front of the girl. Grabbing her by the neck, William asked,

"Hey low life, now tell me what exactly is the relation between your village and Mystic Clan?"


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