No matter how much the dog tried, it couldn't bite Oslo for he was a bit faster than the dog. Seeing their mother struggling just to harm the foe before her other dogs barked wanting to help her.

But because of their inexperience in hunting, they weren't allowed to fight beside her. The puppies were too young to fight.

And because the mother dog cannot protect every child at once, it shut puppies down again and again. Upon such display, Marie sighed in relief that they didn't bring the monster dog with them.

Even if the villagers had raised it, it would surely help its mother in need. That was one less headache for them.

In the grassy dry field covered by forest in every direction and a stone house in the middle, no matter how much the dog tried it couldn't catch its enemy.

Slowly, Oslo was feeling uncomfortable with the prolonging battle. He then tried uppercutting the monster but he only hit the air and the monster did dodge it.

He felt a chill running down his spine. The dog's speed was increasing with its reaction time decreasing. Its movement was getting sharper than before as the battle continued.


Oslo again punched its head but it didn't do much damage as he had expected. The pups who were crying to aid before didn't make a pinch of noise only stared at the unfolding battle.


Oslo barely dodged the nail and was shocked by how fast it had become. There was also one thing Oslo took notice of.

As the battle continued the body of the monster was changing as well. Not that its size was changing but its skin color which was deep green was slowly becoming red and red with every passing moment.

After some time the dog had become completely red, a massacring maniac. With all of its body part dyed read including its eyes, it charged.


With every hit, it tore the ground which only made cracks before. It had become a scary killing machine. With its speed and strength better than before, each attack made a loud noise tearing the ground its teeth sank on.

Oslo as before was calm as he had the way to deal with the beast but the monster's strength was overwhelming.

"Berserk magic beast?" Oslo mumbled looking at the dog.


With lightning speed, it was charging at him again with its head lowered front.


Again Oslo dodged it and creature hit the tree. With its head, it destroyed the tree in a single headbutt and uprooting the other six trees just by the shockwave.

Oslo couldn't believe that a berserk creature could hold much power having never seen one. This is going to be tough, he thought. After all, a berserk creature was rarely seen even in dungeons.

The magic beasts in Magic Land had the ability to evolve. After evolving their body structure would change making them look different or sometimes whole other creatures. Like a goblin could evolve into hobgoblin and hobgoblin as compared to a goblin would be stronger and they were much like an adult goblin.

Besides evolution, the magic beasts also had abilities to strengthen themselves for a certain amount of time. They would gain additional strength upon becoming a berserk creature than they originally had.

Berserk magic beasts were rare because not every magic beasts could transform into one and were seldom seen making them famous because of their fearful abilities to strengthen themselves.

The berserk magic beast Oslo was fighting would probably be a D-Rank magic beast, if not an E-Rank if it was inside the dungeon.

But becoming a berserk magic beast gave them an upper hand in the battle as even normal D-Rank magic beasts upon becoming could possess the strength of peak D-Rank magic beasts or even C-Rank.

"Hah...hah...If I don't finish it sooner I'll have to use Mana I was saving for dealing with the Magician." Gasping for his breath, Oslo dodged another body slam.


A small crater was created upon the dog's fall.

"Barely dodged that...hah... it's very much faster than before."

The fight was heating on as no one had gained the upper hand. No matter how fast dog had gotten, Oslo was still dodging the attack, barely. All those repeated dodgings were taking its toll as he was sweating from his forehead.

Ka-cha! Thut! Crack!

With each attack trees fell, with each attack ground was tearing and cracks were made but it's foe was still alive, dodging its attacks and breathing.

The dog even at its berserk form couldn't kill the foe...not even wound the foe before it. It was getting impatient seeing the foe which was slower than it but still dodging.
Again and again, it was attacking in a mad rage.

There was a person sitting by the window and with a glass of wine, he was enjoying the show before his malicious eyes. He took a sip of his blood-red wine and mumbled,

"Even a berserk magic beast can't take this kid down, huh? Interesting. Where did this kid come from? And why is he attacking my palace, I wonder?"

The monster dog then stopped its vicious attack and stood still as if trying to remember something. Oslo was confused as to why had it stopped.

Sniff! Sniff!

The dog sniffed around with the keen nose it had and suddenly jumped inside the forest.

"Why is it entering the forest?" Oslo wondered.

But the mystery no longer remained when a girl was running towards the house with the dog at her tail.

"Girl? That cunning bastard!" He cursed the beast which was intelligent and was plotting something against him. Something evil!

The mask on her face dropped as so did her tripping on the cracked ground. She was barely outrunning the beast but now she had fallen, it was all over for her.

Actually, the beast was letting her run forward as to bait Oslo and it worked. Seeing Oslo running to save the girl, the dog opened its mouth to chomp her in one fell swoop.

"Hey, watch out" Oslo barely pushed the shivering girl away from the mouth. She was lucky enough to get away but Oslo wasn't as lucky.

Dog's teeth were sunk on his shoulder and leg as blood flowed out. It shook its head madly making the wound even deeper ultimately throwing Oslo's body against the tree.


The tree broke upon the impact as his wound bled. His shoulder was gravely wounded and watching it, the dog gave a satisfied expression as it again turned towards the girl who was in the ground.

"Ahhhh, go away...go away." The girl pitifully cried as she tried her best to get back. Throwing dust in the dog's eyes, she was slowly moving back.

Oslo who was watching the scene with his obscured vision slowly stood up with the support of his unwounded hand. Gritting his teeth he acknowledged the fact that it was not a time to save mana anymore.

The dog was just toying with the girl. If it had wanted to the girl would have died when it first jumped in the forest. It wanted to see Oslo sink in hopelessness as he died.

"Dumb dog, I was giving you a chance but you just had to go and do it."Standing using his unbalanced leg, he went on saying,"I went easy on you and you got cocky. But now it won't be the same as before. I will let you witness the killer move I have been honing day in and day out. Prepare yourself!"

William who was watching the entire battle had his interest piqued hearing the word 'Killer move '. He wondered what type of move it will be? He seeing the girl already knew the motive of the boy for attacking his place.

With his clenched fist, he ran toward the dog. Greenlight covered his fist as he raised his hand to punch.

"Heaven Defying Fist!" Oslo shouted.
William looked at it even more closely with his eyes not missing a single moment. The name was too cool and if the name was cool, then how badass the move would be? He was immersed in anticipation.

The dog knowing the attack was coming dodged it with ease as its speed was greater than Oslo's. Its body was away from the fist but its head which had already dodged the attack was drawing near it. It felt as if it didn't have any control over its body for it was moving of its own violation towards the fist.


Fully covered in the green light, the fist punched its head slamming it to the ground. The monster dog was knocked out in a single punch and its unconscious body laid unmoving in the ground it fell on.

William, however, was disappointed seeing that the so-called killer move was just an old-fashioned Mana punch.

"If he is only worth that much then I can kill him a thousand times." William proclaimed.

He then focused his gaze at Oslo intently when his eyes suddenly widened.

"Mystic Clan?!" He couldn't help but speak in surprise, "Why is the member of the Mystic Clan which has such high status helping these low lives?"


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