The Lost Island

by Cybergn

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

This story doesn't aim quality.

This story is a mature story, with mature themes, like depression.

This story will contain explic sexual content.

This story may have severe grammar problems.

Each of it's chapters have more than 2.000 words and i uptade every week.

You have been warned.

           This is a dungeon building story that happens in a huge island that have been isolated in the last 600 years and developed a singular culture apart from the world. This story is reader interactive, doesn't have over powered characters or powers, and is focused on the social and political role of the dungeons in the island instead of in the power progression of the protagonist.

           The story also focus on the building of the dungeon (actual building by hand and designing of each room and trap to be unique), and the various personal relationships of the main character and other related people. There will be multiples points of view sometimes.

           Polls will guide the story and help to construct and develop the dungeon, it's monsters, defenses and traps - it's your choice - but the polls will also show how Jack, the protagonist, keep himself in and out a web of politics and aliances inside the island. And the readers will choose how screwed Jack is in that.

           That is of particular importance as dungeons are, in story, incapable of create things and beings from the ether – but very capable of changing, housing and taming plants, animals and monsters – which have an economic and social impact and, like magic, it is fully explored by the people of the world. Being a dungeon master is just another job for some people.

           Once in each five chapters, more or less, we will have a poll focused in the direction of Jack's relationship with someone and determine how deeply involved is Jack with that person and what role it will have in his life – and that will vary from friendship, romance, coworkers, enemity or to outright pornographic sex - and chapters with explic sexual content will be marked with the [explicity] tag. Again, it's your choice.

           But while those polls will usually not determine how Jack's dungeon will grow or how he will level - after all, Jack knows what he is doing - they can determine how other people will level and what kind of dungeon Jack's enemies have. And if Jack will fail or not. And if he dies. Like i said, your choice. Feel free to say in the comments what kind of dungeon you want to see.

           And, of course, the polls will help determine Jack's relationship with the sea itself. Which may or may not be an ancient, sleeping god, and/or a long dead monster with misterious plans for the island that send creepy and disturbing "You have been warned" messages all the time.

           You have been warned.

Map of the Island

*** Please review this novel, i cannot improve if i have no feedback. ***

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