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A hero is summoned to another world, vanquishes evil, yadda yadda, saves the kingdom and lives happily ever after.

There is no such hero in this story. Just a desperate youth with great ambition and very little to lose.

A zero to hero style story set in a country clearly inspired by modern USA with just as many issues and the minority of mages often pulling strings from the shadows. I am also hoping the whole thing won't turn out edgy enough to cut me. I want to rely on actual good writing rather than cheap powertrip gimmicks. 

edit: Please don't mind Zetari's salty review. He is quite literally making up any use of the torture and human experimentation trope and says MC is blank after 4 chapters where he conveniently stops reading just at the start of his first character development.

For extra entertainment, I will be uploading chapters two at a time and compose a relevant poem through the chapter names.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Sage Drunk Kitty
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On April 14th I made this review as a response to another reader's negative review. Their review is gone, so I'm editing this review. Just an explanation for those of you who've read the original version of this review and is confused.

As of chapter 3. The story has an interesting start with the situation the MC has been placed in. The characters can't be compared to the extremely detailed ones from some great novels, but they're not robots that just exist either. They have their own thoughts and opinions on matters, and are driven by different things. Character dialogue and interaction seems natural instead of something forced. The grammar is great, chapter 1 had no typos. Chapter 2 and 3 have 2-4 typos each.

Scott Fenton
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Decent story so far. I may come back to it later. The main character is not to my liking - too passive, not particularly assertive either. 

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Decent grammar a few chapters need a second pass I noticed one sentence on the latest chapter that flow's really weird. Good character development and so far an interesting storyline. I recommend this to anyone looking for an urban fantasy that has a bit more grit to it. 

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As web novels go, this is pretty top tier. There are a couple of weird writing choices, mainly interchanging between the main character's first and last name, but aside from that its solid. I think it's better I don't say too much about the story since I think it is one better understood if one has no expectations going in.