Dungeon Pearl

by Phruxx

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Psychological Dungeon High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Zeke lived a normal life and died a normal death. Fortunately for him, this wasn't the end. Swallowed by a strange creature known as a dungeon pearl he quickly gained the godlike power of the core for himself! A very small, weak god. Unfortunately for him, it seems that he won't be left alone.

An attempt at a more organic dungeon core novel. Riffs on a lot of litrpg stuff without actually being litrpg.

Cover by Douglas Terabyte!

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A more natural dungeon story

Reviewed at: Chapter 20

The basic premise of this story holds true to the standard start. Died on Earth, woke up in a dungeon core (as a tumor), and then took over the dungeon. The rest of it, though, is pleasant break from the standard dungeon trope. No system, no strict soul-slurping growth requirements, and the dungeon pearl is an organism replete with semi-magical organs that handle the more magical aspects of dungeon function. In this, the focus is more on tinkering with the tools under his command rather than killing off adventurers that want his treasure. It's a trend that I've enjoyed, in the vein of The Abyssal Dungeon that blends magical and biological realism.

That isn't to say that the story lacks other components. The protagonist, Zeke's, voice is well-developed with a blend of curiosity and humor that fill the gaps in between interactions beyond the experimentation. An overarching plot hangs in the wings, between the empire and Zeke's unusual situation, as well as the human population that he's fostering next to his dungeon. It bodes well that the plot falls in as the second most interesting aspect of the story, with the exploration of the underpinnings of the world and the ways that Zeke can affect it taking front and center.

The writing itself flows smoothly, though there are some errors, misspelled or out of order words. They remain rare enough that it's not an impediment to reading but is an aspect that could be readily improved. Otherwise, the only thing I really want is more of it. The attention to ecosystem growth and beginnings of animal modifications have set an excellent foundation that just needs to be filled out. Even with just 20 chapters, I'm excited to see more of what Zeke can do, not to mention the addition of Borb and its cheerful music

Overall, even with just 20 chapters, it well worth a read as it stands now.


Top notch story. Serious mechanics so far, nothing extremely complex, but certainly solid. MC deals with situations in a way that make sense for one not entirely right in the head. 


What makes the story is the hilarious comments/reactions/naming that the character makes. Borb made me laugh out loud, rare in prose stories.


I recommend fleshing out the descriptions a bit. I have a vague sense of what looks like what but i would not be able to draw what the author describes, without filling in most of the details. More of a personal preference but one that is shared by many readers. 


I think I'm in love

Reviewed at: Chapter 19

Honestly I think this is one of the best stories I have read on this site. It's logical in a logical way, which while sounding is really important.

It has no grammar faults that I can see, has amazing characters, writes in a way that I think makes it clear how dungeons really is not humans and the story so far while slow is absolutely faboulus. 

My favourite part of the story is how the author explains all the fantasy. Like when 

Spoiler: Spoiler

I'm also impressed with how much thought and research the author does for those small details which really makes the whole story a lot smoother.

All in all an amazing start to a hopefully equally great book.


Wow. Just wow. A realistic fantasy dungeon core with cool worldbuilding, an engaging yet vague plot (in a good way), AND regular updates? This is cream of the crop stuff. Kudos to the author - you've got something special here.


Interesting story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

An interesting story with a deeper examination of this genres tropes. 


Just the right amount of silly vs. serious to make the story both light-hearted without making it a satire/parody. 

August Hackworth

I'm enjoying it and can't wait for more

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

So it's a dungeon reincarnation novle, but it proceeds to add mechanics and depth to world that you normaly wouldn't find in this genre. Dungeons don't poof monsters, they modify living creatures that they take control of. They aren't just orbs of magic that make dungeons cause "why not?", they are living beings with their own anatomy and instincts. As of chapter 18 I'm enjoying it and can't wait for more.


Well, this story is a rollercoaster. Although the forst chapter was a bit hectical because of the author's purpose it seems. The concept is quite creative, and the author grabs a hold of this mindstorm he has into designing an oddly enough dungeon. 

In all the cliche that a dungeon core is, the atory brings a lot by the variety of its mob... Or well, the actions of Zeke. Who somehow is mixed with a lot of things inside. 

Anyway, we have crows, dynokitty, and many other things you might want to wash. 

Its full of author shitposting in some places, ao much that you might even find the author talking about anime, and other things. I ignore some and laughed at others, its hard to be 100% in synchro with all the humor. 

Lastly the story although crazy with these bits has a logical approach too. An extra to many atories that just go like the xianxia proverb of mc doing the impossible everytime. In this the author adds nice ideas and explanations. 

A good read. I can suggest it. 


Organic and original. A bit too original.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28- Good morning 3.0

The setting of this dungeon core story is incredible, in fact it reminds me a bit of dungeon engineer, since it takes on the (very common) trope of a dungeon core litRPG trope and strips it of the unnatural and cumbersome system, so for me the style is 10/10.

The MC's personality is... eccentric. Almost too much so. Well, some people might like it, but he jumps from topic to topic much too fast in my opinion and many times gives vague or half-assed descriptions. Nothing some editing can't fix tho.

The plot is not very developed yet, seeing the story is still in its infancy, but it's definitely promising.

Edit: As I suspected, It's getting better and better

In conclusion, read a couple of chapters. If you end up confused or you didn't catch half the things, just quit. If you're ok with the pace, you're in for a blast.


Finally, a dungeoncore that can stand up to the longstanding paragons of the genre. It doesn't begin with 50 pages of redundant expostion, instead world building through smooth demonstrations of the characters people and personalities, showing the growing conflicts between them and the Imperial forces. The character is proactive from the very beginning, forced to fight for their own Isekai existance.