Hunter x Hunter: Gon Freecs, The Multiverse Gamer.

by MysticalVanilla

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#No harem, no Yaoi.

#Slow Romance


Gon discovers Kite's corpse and is promptly struck with fiery rage.

Moments before he unleashes the most lopsided mutation in Hunter x Hunter lore and chucks his enormous potential, something Hisoka secretly concocted, is ignited.

The frenzied teen's nen is sealed and at the mercy of his foe.

The former departs more chaotic and bitter than ever.


Nearly a decade later, an innocent Gon finds himself distressed by a series of nightmares.

After the discomfort, the anxiety, and the sorrow, the young boy's memories resurface along with something exotic.

More enthusiastic than vindictive, Gon only has three years before the old gang can convene.

But this time around, he resolves himself to take the Hunter examination with adequate strength.

Investigating that sadistic clown should be a delightful bonus...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Note: Additional attributes ago
Glossary and useful terms ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Whale Island x Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Whale Island x Restart ago
Chapter 3: Whale Island x Reunion ago
Chapter 4: Whale Island X Acting ago
Chapter 5: Whale Island x Departure ago
Chapter 6: Sailing x Noko ago
Chapter 7: Yorknew x Wanted ago
Chapter 8: Yorknew x Comrades ago
Chapter 9: Escape x Freak ago
Chapter 10: Fugitives x Plot Start ago
Chapter 11: 287th Exam x Prelude to a legend Part 1 ago
Chapter 11: 287th Exam x Prelude to a legend Part 2 ago
Chapter 11: 287th Exam x Prelude to a legend Part 3 ago
Chapter 12: 287th Exam x Calculations ago
Chapter 13: 287th Exam x On the Edge ago
Chapter 14: 287th Exam x Evil Duo ago
Chapter 15: 287th Exam x Introductions ago
Chapter 16 Part 1: 287th Exam x Pokkle ago
Chapter 16 Part 2: 287th Exam x Pokkle ago
Chapter 16 Part 3: 287th Exam x Pokkle ago
Understanding the stats ago
Chapter 16 Part 4: 287th Exam x Pokkle ago
Chapter 17: 287th Exam x Knowledge ago
Chapter 18 Part1: 287th Exam x Hisoka ago
Passing skill Clarification ago
Chapter 18 Part 2: 287th Exam x Hisoka ago
Chapter 18 Part 3: 287th Exam x Hisoka ago
Chapter 18 Part 4: 287th Exam x Hisoka ago

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I'm not a fan of 'system' or rpg/game like story elements in general but since it's H x H I'll indulge myself. The timeskips at the begenning are a bit jarring and the multitude of P.O.V character made this a bit weird but I still enjoyed the story anyway. I would recommand if you're a fan of H x H and litrpg/gamelit.


Would read again and again

Reviewed at: Poll

Just the idea of this book got me so excited to read it I was almost jumping off the walls. Since I love the hunter x hunter series and I love twists off of different stories this fit perfectly and so far it is in my top ten upcoming books that I'm reading.


Hunter X Hunter returns!


Gon returns just before breaking his nen vows now he has memories and a system but better yet he hasnt even left whale island, his adventure is only beginning, read this and enjoy the series with a twist.

Redeyes Eclipse

 I enjoyed every and do love the new nen gon have it very well done and I can't wait to see how it ends


Although I haven't read many fanfics on one of my favorite animes, Hunter X Hunter, from those I have read this one is still one of the better ones. I would recommend reading if you enjoy H X H or if you just enjoy fanfics.


Some mysterious title that feeds my ego

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: 287th Exam x On the Edge

the author seems receptive to feedback if a little prickly, lol. But the fics good and is interesting, there is a hump of a time skip in the middle that throws off the momentum of the story as well as sinful pov changes. BUT, the fic is actually good, and the concept is just as great. Every fic has their fair share of problems, what separates a bad fic from a great one is how willing an author is to acknowledge shortcomings or whatever else blah blah. You get the idea.

Zachary Karpel

i must have more of this delicious desert known as 

Hunter x Hunter: Gon Freecs, The Multiverse Gamer.