Saga of the Cosmic Heroes

by JK-sama

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Set in approximately the 29th century AD (or 3rd century UC) in a setting where humanity is united under an interstellar Federation past its zenith. The story follows a young Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger through a first-person narrative as she follows in her father's footsteps and enlists in the Metropolitan Space Navy in events that will change her course forever.

Joining the narrative is Li Chou, known as the Madame Scarface. She serves as a lieutenant under a pirate republic ruled by her ruthless adoptive father nestled in the outer hinges of Federation authority. And Alexandra Descartes-Dolz, a colonial spacenoid with the aspirations of changing the decadent Federation's injustices. This saga tells of their intertwining destinies and the struggles they face along the way.

Full cover art of volume 1 was by gar32. Full cover art of volume 2 also by gar32.

For the release schedule, I intend to aim for a Friday/weekend release at 8:06 PM EST/EDT.

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Scholar of the First Cosmic Era

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Tragedy:Remedy | Shattered Innocence ago
Chapter 1: Tragedy:Remedy | The Changing Times ago
Chapter 2: Tragedy:Remedy | The Ones That Came Before ago
Chapter 3: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | And Life Goes On ago
Chapter 4: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | The Morning to a New Tomorrow ago
Chapter 5: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | Academic Life ago
Chapter 6: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | A Truth in Lies ago
Chapter 6.5: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | The Legacy's Longest Night ago
Chapter 7: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | Brave New World ago
Chapter 7.5: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | The Tomorrow to a Better Future ago
Chapter 8: ~Military Boots Reminiscence~ | The Songs of Distant Terra ago
Characters and Glossary (updated January 18th '21) ago
Chapter 9: Memories of Toscana | For Fame and Glory (1,000 views milestone!) ago
Chapter 10: Memories of Toscana | On Operation Lucky Alphonse ago
Chapter 11: Memories of Toscana | Wargames ago
Chapter 12: Memories of Toscana | Wargames part 2 ago
Chapter 13: Memories of Toscana | Victoria and Mazzareli ago
Chapter 14: Memories of Toscana | Victoria and Buttermilch ago
Chapter 15: Memories of Toscana | Heart to Heart ago
Chapter 16: Memories of Toscana | Before the Jump ago
Chapter 17: Memories of Toscana | Dong Che's Bad Day ago
Chapter 18: Memories of Toscana | Hello Toscana! ago
Chapter 19: Memories of Toscana | Times of Sacrifice ago
Chapter 20: Memories of Toscana | Passing Time ago
Chapter 21: Memories of Toscana | Greetings and Farewells ago
Chapter 22: Memories of Toscana | The Everlasting Resentful Dream ago
Chapter 23: Memories of Toscana | The Madame's Gambit ago
Chapter 24: Memories of Toscana | A Fatherly Love ago
Chapter 25: Memories of Toscana | Deliberations at Lübeck ago
Chapter 26: Memories of Toscana | Deliberations at Lübeck Part 2 ago
Chapter 27: Memories of Toscana | Deliberations at Lübeck Part 3 ago
Chapter 28: Memories of Toscana | Sleeping Beauty ago
Chapter 29: Memories of Toscana | Where in the World is Buttermilch? ago
Chapter 30: Memories of Toscana | The Decision at Baltit... ago
Chapter 31: Memories of Toscana | ...Two Maidens... ago
Chapter 32: Memories of Toscana | ...And Distraught in the Yilan (Top 50 Trending!!!!!) ago
Chapter 33: Memories of Toscana | Harsh Reality ago
Chapter 34: Memories of Toscana | Dong Che's Miserable Day ago
Chapter 35: Memories of Toscana | The Bataan's Luck... ago
Chapter 36: Memories of Toscana | ...And the Bataan's Curse ago
Chapter 37: Memories of Toscana | The Toscana Reception ago
Chapter 38: Memories of Toscana | Into the Dark ago
Chapter 39: Memories of Toscana | Taste of Death ago
Chapter 40: Memories of Toscana | Cruel Thesis ago
Chapter 41: Memories of Toscana | And Consequences ago
Chapter 42: Memories of Toscana | An Agitated Madame ago
Chapter 43: Memories of Toscana | The Second Detachment ago
Chapter 44: Memories of Toscana | Regrets ago
Chapter 45: Memories of Toscana | Moving Forward ago
Chapter 46: Memories of Toscana | Dong Che's Big Break ago
Chapter 47: Memories of Toscana | Side Baltit ago
Chapter 48: Memories of Toscana | A Scarface Bested ago
Chapter 49: Memories of Toscana | Reflections ago
Chapter 50: Memories of Toscana | The Words From That Day ago
Chapter 51: Memories of Toscana | Julius ago
Chapter 52: Memories of Toscana | Prelude to Rouen ago
Chapter 53: Memories of Toscana | Jung Lee (17,000 views milestone!) ago
Chapter 54: Memories of Toscana | Slumbering Wulf, Golden Summer ago
Chapter 55: Memories of Toscana | The Dozing Wulf Stirs ago
Chapter 56: Memories of Toscana | Between Promises ago
Chapter 57: Memories of Toscana | At the End of Golden Summer ago
Chapter 58: Memories of Toscana | The Curtain Rises ago
Chapter 59: Memories of Toscana | A Cast of Doubt ago
Chapter 60: Memories of Toscana | The Prideful Wulf Growls ago
Chapter 61: Memories of Toscana | The Wulf that Lunges... ago
Chapter 62: Memories of Toscana | ...And the Wayside Cosmic Hero ago
Chapter 63: Memories of Toscana | Rouen, The Crimson Sea ago
Chapter 64: Memories of Toscana | Rouen, the Wave of Pyres: Ripples of Determination ago
Chapter 65: Memories of Toscana | Rouen, the Looming Tide ago
Chapter 66: Memories of Toscana | Rouen, the Other Side ago
Chapter 67: Memories of Toscana | Rouen, the Ashes on the Glacial Blaze ago
Chapter 68: Memories of Toscana | Rouen, the Náströnd ago
Chapter 69: Toscana Requiem | Dawning Light ago
Chapter 70: Toscana Requiem | Uncertain Fates ago
Chapter 71: Toscana Requiem | Recollections (25,000+ views milestone!!!) ago
Chapter 72: Toscana Requiem | A Madame's Concerns ago
Chapter 73: Toscana Requiem | A Don's Lament, A Scarface's Plea ago
Chapter 74: Toscana Requiem | A Legend Fades in Vain ago
Omake ago
Chapter 75: Toscana Requiem | The Bandanna ago
Chapter 76: Toscana Requiem | A Mathilda of Love ago
Chapter 77: Toscana Requiem | Two and a Half Men ago
Chapter 78: Toscana Requiem | A Oath, A Declaration ago
Chapter 79: Toscana Requiem | Rouen, from which a Fire Lingers ago

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The Juggernaut

Author’s dedication is worth the read!

Reviewed at: Appendix (updated August 12th '20)

It's Awesome!!!

Very few authors put as much effort as JK does to a story. Not mentioning the kids of art he shelled out to give his readers the best experience possible. 
You would be remiss if you didn't give it a try just based on that alone! 

Zenopath (AEV)

This writer has a lot of potential, the dialog is engaging and well written. I like the idea of living in a 21 kilometer spacecraft and the characters are likeable. 

I liked the illustrations provided by the author's friend, and military sci fi/space opera is a very enteraining genre. The only minor nitpick I would offer is that the prose could use a little more description, it is sometimes a little hard to follow what is going on when all we get is dialog.

Overall, I think this writing has a lot of potential and would recommend reading it if you don't mind something that could use a little polish. I think that this would work as a graphic novel or as a script though, could be really good when put through a second draft.


I've been reading this from day one, and I am very happy with how the story developed. The characters are fantastic, and the world really feels alive. You have a clear picture of things as you're reading, so I really enjoy the style. It's not too complicated, and the flow is great.  

Grammar's good with occasional mistakes. If you liked LoTGH read this, you won't regret it.


Saga of the Cosmic Heroes is the tale of two friends trying to join the space military, a look into the life of a traumatized child who has lost everyone they loved, and a history book-esque recount of humanity's space exploits. 

First of all, style. Just as this fiction tells three different "stories", there are three different styles to go along with it. They aren't too different from one another, but the grim, shaky tone of chapter 0 is a definite contrast with the playful, happy tone of chapters 1 and 2, which is a definite contrast with the epic, historical tone of chapter 3. All of these are executed wonderfully, and I would like to give kudos to the author for managing to juggle all these different styles in one book.

Now, story. The "primary" plot seems to be a space military adventure featuring Vicky and Kiki, young and starry-eyed (hehe, get it?) best friends from a futuristic earth. However, as the author says at the end of chapter 2, it looks as if chapters 3-8 deviate from this story in order to tell the history of humanity in the 26th century. This is a subjective thing, but some readers might find this shift jarring, so just a warning there. 

I personally didn't, especially because of how chapter 2 kinda of soft-transitioned to that style fairly well, but I'll still miss the inclusion of our dynamic duo. The two long-name gals play off of each other wonderfully, and every interaction they have brings a smile to my face. However, hands-down my favorite character is Vivi the roomba ;)

Overall, if you're looking for a sci-fi with extensive lore and brilliant characters that will make you come back for more, maybe give this a read! :)


Too often when I read Science Fiction novels I find myself having to put them down because I'm overwhelmed by endless descriptions of technology that I genuinely don't care about.

With this one, I was actually able to get into the story because I wasn't forced to read about how many ion cannons there are on each side of the ship. There are interesting characters with a lot of personality, and a story that makes sense without having to infodump every other page. Right from the start you're being thrown into an interesting story, and are shown characters that you'll actually find yourself caring about very early on.


The grammar is consistently great, and the author has a style that stands apart from everything else I've read on this site. I don't have anything but praise in this regard. When I first started reading this I came across a few mistakes here and there, but the author has since gone back and rewritten a lot of his earlier chapters to make them better. 

If you like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and space operas in general, you're definitely not going to want to miss this novel. The author also takes the time to include pretty decent illustrations within the chapters, which I find to be a very nice addition.