Rise of Emperors: The Creepy Ice Mage

by Grammar Slayer

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead School Life Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Virtual Reality

Short Version: It is the story of a guy trying to have fun in a virtual space while trying to survive high school.                

Not so short version: After a decade where new diseases spread and conflicts happened almost on a daily basis, In 2030, humanity finally managed to create a virtual space that could grow endlessly according to the interactions that humans can do in such space. They called that world, Infinitia, and to access that world one would have to buy the game set of Rise of Emperors, the first limitless VRMMORPG ever created.

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Grammar Slayer

Grammar Slayer

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  • Overall Score

I am enjoying the story and the concept so far. But, there are a few errors with grammar and missing or improperly used words throughout each chapter. It's not to the point where you can't read it but it is annoying and a little ironic to find them when the authors name is "Grammar Slayer". Other than those issues this story has so far been a good read and I would recommend it to others. 
[For the author: I would recommend reading the chapter out loud to yourself after you have finished writing it to see if it has any errors.]

J De Silver
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I enjoy the concept big the story, all the skills and their growth abilities are explained well in a very simplified and easy to understand manner


It has a good plot too it and I can see it has a lot of room for diversification


My only flaw to this story is that the author uses a very stiff, robotic style, everyone sounds the same ( same robotic personality) it's like a story written down from a very narrow field.


Still enjoy reading the fights and all that but hopefully the author can change the writing style and maybe get a proofreader or something to check and help change parts of it to feel more natural 

  • Overall Score

It is ok when the character is inside the game but he needs more of a motivation to do what he does he also needs more fleshing out of his current character so we know his motivation for his actions more.

  • Overall Score

Fun to see a story based on Avalon instead of a more traditional MMO. Good times :)

Writing is a bit above average for RR. Shows some improvement across the existing chapters. Characterization isn't super deep, but does exist! Characters behave in plausible ways, if you accept "everyone thinks the MC looks like a serial killer" as just the way things are and roll with it. MC isn't annoying.

3.5 for fairly standard story done okay, +.5 for a non typical game template and because I'd like the author to keep writing and improving. I'll keep reading :)

  • Overall Score

It's an interesting read. I liked the only skills level up of the gaming. The main character really should stop overreacting to all of the situations in real life whenever he messes up something. Overall I found it enjoyable.

Eluen Still
  • Overall Score

I like this story so far. Despite minor errors the whole can be read quite nicely. The story and characters can still be improved, maybe some more work could be needed to clarify the character's motivation and interaction between them.

Red Lotus
  • Overall Score

And ice mage is not a ice mage without the ability to make ice cream

Reviewed at: Chapter 037

love the novel

i feel identified whith the mc

hope for the best author.. keep goind slaying the grammar

Liroy Jeckins
  • Overall Score

I like it.

MC has an original problem, the author keeps his character personality in mind through everything that happens and the game design is pretty good so far.

I recommend this book to anyone reading this review, I find this book refreshing to say the least.

  • Overall Score

I like it, I think this is a good book to read in MY opinion