Rise. Rising. Risen.

by Awespec

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

On a cliff that stood above the world, a young man with skin as pale and pure as ice looked out and into the horizon.

The beautiful yellows, reds and oranges of the morning sky shone without hindrance, dancing over the pristine white clouds below his feet.

This place was known as Shrine Mountain, the highest peak of not just this Plane, but all of existence. It stood so tall that the sun called it friend and even the clouds could only hug its feet.

Throughout the lower planes, millions of geniuses were born everyday, each with the dream of standing at the pinnacle of the world… Each with the dream of sitting in this young man’s very place.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Shrine Mountain ago
Nuri ago
Father ago
Third Phoenix Clan ago
Dormant Shrine ago
Forgotten ago
Supreme Priest Adofo ago
Old Monster Couples ago
Loss ago
Folk Lore (1) ago
Folk Lore (2) ago
Folk Lore (3) ago
Ventus Clan Heir ago
Unfilial Grandson ago
Heavenly Pupils ago
Valiant Old Woman ago
Old Mistress Holy Wing (1) ago
Old Mistress Holy Wing (2) ago
Old Mistress Holy Wing (3) ago
Inner Devil (1) ago
Inner Devil (2) ago
Inner Devil (3) ago
Inner Devil (4) ago
Inner Devil (5) ago
Inner Devil (6) ago
Void Beauty ago
Heavenly Couple ago
Aftermath ago
Unique Grade ago
Black Cloak and Incubator ago
Blades ago
Scenes of the Past ago
Two People - One Soul ago
Contorted ago
Imperial Censors ago
Kings' Garden ago
First Prince ago
Royal Father ago
Good ago
Elder Sisters ago
Natural Order ago
Unknown Consultant ago
Yaana ago
Old General ago
Disown ago
Punishment Grounds ago
Bloody Cross ago
Death Date ago
Dream ago
Mental Realm ago
To Run ago
White Devil ago
Run (1) ago
Run (2) ago
55 - Run (3) ago
56 - Kill ago
57 - Awakening ago
58 - Regret ago
Elder Brother ago
Martial Forms ago
Destination ago
Opes Kingdom ago
Murals ago
Natural Order Sect ago
65 - Paths ago
Second Rite ago
Rites and Foundation ago
Nature's Love of Symmetry ago
Basic Stances ago
Limitations ago
Madness ago
Essence of Origin ago
Wall of Opposition ago
Fourteen Rings ago
Both Paths ago
Descent ago
Private Lecture ago
Last Place ago
Soft Hand ago
Unexpected Result ago
Rules ago
Grassland Serpent ago
Dragon Corps ago
Ice Pupils ago
Momentum ago
Attacking Roots ago
Wealth ago
Third Tier ago
Odds ago
Silas ago
Half Prince ago
Largest Fist ago
Parent-Child ago
Sweep ago
Micro Tear ago
Master Stroke ago
Won't Let Go ago
Bullshit ago
Three Roles ago
Killing Intent ago
Breaking Ore ago
Endless Night ago
Skim ago
War Horses ago
So Close Yet So Far ago
Cheat ago
Shameless ago
Vengeance ago
Schedule Change ago
Devil ago
Flip ago
Death Blade's Edge ago
Two Moons ago
P*treon 10 Advanced Chapter Tier is Live ago
Whipping ago
Undisputed ago
Overturning ago
Familiar ago
Humiliation ago
Without Lifting a Single Finger ago
Crystalline ago
Core Texts ago
Weak ago
Eska ago
Touch ago
Blossom ago
March ago
True Fear ago
Spirit Seeking Lilies ago
Veins ago
Seal ago
Bland ago
Line of Fate ago
Resonance ago
Only ago
Absolute ago
Connect ago
Auxiliary ago
Bloodline Evolution ago
Death Bed ago
50-50 ago
Coward ago
Stars and Pulses ago
Qi Techniques ago
Speed ago
148th ago
Coward's Ring ago
Warmth ago
Valor City ago
Sir ago
Valor Membership ago
That's All ago
Lowered ago
New Face ago
Flaw ago
Terraforming ago
Badge ago
Stronger ago
Cold Link ago
Inventory ago
Resolve ago
Speechless ago
Throne ago
Heiress ago
The Center ago
Fast ago
Ninth Order ago
Push ago
Target ago
Focus ago
Virtuoso ago
Phenomena ago
Karmic ago
Need ago
Monalise ago
Tides ago
Pitiful ago
Shame ago
Illusion of Choice ago
Big Sis ago
One Man ago
Options ago
Luck and Pain ago
Thunder Bull ago
Commotion ago
Worth Nurturing ago
Smirk ago
Unyielding Men ago
Twenty Kilometers ago
Thunder Formation ago
Baseline Strength ago
Tribulation Shrine ago
Cruel Reality ago
Black Mission Papers ago
Extra Opportunities ago
Disdain ago
Rage ago
Black Ring ago
Irony ago
Osiris ago
Worldly Affairs ago
To Rely ago
Torture ago
Listening ago
Call ago
Seeded ago
Defeat ago
Change ago
Slander ago
Smell of Death ago
Weird ago
Resell ago
Why ago
Absolute Good ago
Too ago
Nether ago
Second Grand Elder ago
Easy ago
Faceplant ago
Fuming ago
Baleful ago
Rage Fire ago
Violation ago
Wordsmith ago
Murder ago
Need ago
Lower ago
Funny ago
Respect ago
Impose ago
Too Much ago
Fire ago
Future Calamity ago
Irredeemable ago
Armament ago
Vanish ago
Bumpkin ago
Stay ago
Not Our Turn ago
Bloodied Lineage ago
Cushion ago
Tyrant ago
Matheus ago
No Match ago
Lament ago
New World ago
Impossible ago
Useless ago
Royal Blue ago
Blade ago
Trash ago
The Skies ago
Tease ago
Fall ago
Unpredictable ago
Reason ago
What Else ago
Grand ago
Soul Ascension ago
Bold ago
Annihilation ago
Wrath ago
Infestation ago
Hidden ago
Heart ago
Intuition ago
Stir ago
Underestimate ago
Benefits ago
Skip ago
Memory ago
Rest ago
Exchange ago
Thank ago
Leave ago
Glow ago
Upheaval ago
Truest ago
Pocket ago
Glint ago
Instant ago
Cruel Joke ago
Rend ago
Mockery ago
Blood Debt ago
Race ago
Thirty Seconds ago
Blur ago
Take ago

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Starts out interesting and new, turns into generic Reincarnation quickly.

Reviewed at: Death Date

The story starts out really interesting, just like the description says it is. A man on the top of the universe, dealing with a unique problem.

The story hints at some political intrigue and plotting, and a vaster world with Ruins of past cultivation eras to be discovered.

The MC has an interesting romantic interest and shows a strong drive to better himself.

Then he fucking dies and gets reincarnated into a Fourth Prince on a weak world. Like every other cultivation story in the world.

I think it would have been far more interesting if it had stuck with the original plot for the long haul. It was unique, and showed a side of Cultivation stories rarely seen. 

Oh well....


This is probably the most true to form English xianxia I've read that doesn't have  awful grammar.  The characters described in the early chapters are compelling and have a personality, but it's just a smoke screen for the entirely milquetoast sociopath protagonist we get after reincarnation. After the usual milquetoast torture of the protagonist to justify him becoming both even more of a sociopath than he already was and give him a pretext to not care about anyone around him, we hit the milquetoast filler chapters you can mostly skim through as nothing happens while he levels up from 0.1 to 0.2 on a powerscale that stretches to infinity. 11 or so chapters are spent on the character not developing in any meaningful way, but rather throwing out words like meridians and spirit stones and Qi without ever actually stating anything of substance. At some point during this process he decides to dual wield pole arms. 

If you'd have told me this was just an exceptionally well localized CN Webnovel, I'd buy that. I'll keep reading it, because I have incredibly low standards when it comes to Xianxia and this story exceeds them easily, but unless you have similar Xianxia standards, you might not get as much out of it. 


This is a filler read

Reviewed at: Royal Father

Not bad, but the pacing is slow for the sake of it, there is no progression and the narrative is political focused, so there is a lot of description about how smart the MC is, how conceited some "villain" is.
still interesting enough if you want to read something, but not good enough to recommend.


This book is quite slow, but it is very detailed and well written. The only shame is the release rate. However, due to the quality of the story i feel that the release rate is reasonable. In conclusion, its overall a great story. Very well written.


Pretty enjoyable all in all.

Paragraphs are structured well and grammer is good, with few issues to be found.

The characters (other than the main) are interesting, but dont get a massive amount of screentime. This is understandable considering the mc's situation so not really much of an issue.

Dialogue is well done and the mc's thoughts are clear and concise.

There is not much story yet, but what iv seen so far has been pretty good.


Good background

Reviewed at: Father

I liked the world of Rise. Rising. Risen. by Awespec before the MC got reincarnated. That he or she wrote such a believeable world for the mackstory of the MC makes me believe that the new world will be as good.


Very nice example of the genre

Reviewed at: Run (2)

Excellent back story, a good example of the reincarnation genre written well


Really good give it a try

Reviewed at: Fourteen Rings

Nothing more to be said it's a great example of its genre and I'm really looking forward to more


Best cultivation novel I've ever seen

Reviewed at: 58 - Regret

It starts out great with the political intrigue but falters a bit after the reincarnation, but if you can get through the early part of the reincarnation parts then there is a perfectly valid reason that makes SO much sense it is great and I love it so much. This is just me singing its praises but I'm only at chapter 58 so it might get worse/better.

My main point is don't get discouraged by the fact that he reincarnates, it all makes sense later.