The Overpowered Demon Princess Has Left Her World To Help An Author Write Her Story

by richiekim

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

You've heard all the scary, gothic tales about the Demon Lord. In fact, you humans will root for the Hero who will defeat & SLAY THE DEMON LORD~

Well that's not the case for Branshire's Hero, Francis Goodlight, who's quite demanding & overconfident, not to mention he's so narcissistic, that he can slay all those Demon Generals in a short time. That's until he got beaten by a beautiful young-looking woman with purple hair, who admits she's living in the Demon Lord's castle.

Furious of being humiliated of his defeat in front of his regular pub, the Hero makes his way to the castle to slay her. Except she was gone with a note saying: "I'm gonna need an author to write my story so please don't bother me."

And when he arrives in the new world she's in, the Arrogant Hero/Plank is in for a ride of a slice-of-life(time) of being more unfortunate than The God of Poverty.

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Richie Kim

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An Underpowered Review For An Overpowered Story

Reviewed at: Elise

This is a story that's all heart, a clear love letter to isekai.  The grammar is rough around the edges, but is easily overlooked in the face of the author's vivid imagination, fun plot, and engaging characters.

RichieKim nails the "light novel" feel.  While personalities do feel strongly grounded in anime tropes, they also feel fully-developed, and there's never a dull moment to be had with this cast.

There's also something particularly excellent about having an overpowered female character take a prominent role in a story.

It's not all light-hearted, but there's no mood whiplash, either - the story flows very nicely, and there's very solid development as time goes on.  I'm excited to see where it goes, and I encourage others to check it out, too!


A fantastic character journey and more!

Reviewed at: Goodbye, Elise

I was honestly surprised by how much I came to like the main character, Plank, especially as the author went to great lengths to make him out to be a completely pompous buffoon from the beginning. Then slowly, piece by piece, you begin to understand him and see him change. It was a great character journey and I can't wait to see where he goes from here.

I enjoyed the world-building and the overpowered demon princess. Looking forward to finding out more about her as she's probably the most enigmatic character so far. Also, the origins of golems was a nice touch and added some real depth to Plank's struggles.

There’s a lot of mystery to the story and a lot of it is far from over. This could build into an epic-length work of fiction and I am on board for the journey. Sure, there are some grammar and language issues that could be cleaned up, but you can easily look past that.

With more than enough to get your teeth into, you’ll find yourself lost in Richie Kim’s rich fantasy world. It gets darker from time to time, but that’s a good thing. I’ve already said it, but I’m looking forward to the next instalment.