The Overpowered Demon Princess Has Left Her World To Help An Author Write Her Story

by richiekim

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reader interactive School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead

You've heard all the scary, gothic tales about the Demon Lord. In fact, you humans will root for the Hero who will defeat & SLAY THE DEMON LORD~

Well that's not the case for Branshire's Hero, Francis Goodlight, who's quite demanding & overconfident, not to mention he's so narcissistic, that he can slay all those Demon Generals in a short time. That's until he got beaten by a beautiful young-looking woman with purple hair, who admits she's living in the Demon Lord's castle.

Furious of being humiliated of his defeat in front of his regular pub, the Hero makes his way to the castle to slay her. Except she was gone with a note saying: "I'm gonna need an author to write my story so please don't bother me."

And when he arrives in the new world she's in, the Arrogant Hero/Plank is in for a ride of a slice-of-life(time) of being more unfortunate than The God of Poverty.

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