Village of Steel

by HorrorsHand

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

What if you got transported to another world?  What if you got transported to another world with your entire family?  During a family reunion that is exactly what happened to Santos.

Brought into a world without any modern technology or conviniences a family must work together to not only survive, but to thrive in this new world.

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Good ideas but lots of wasted potential

Reviewed at: Chapter thirteen

I very much like the idea of an entire family transported to a new world. I read a lot of 1632'verse, and that universe hammered home that to build a new world, you need a lot of different skills. So an entire family instead of a lone wolf is a very good start indeed. Given the names, they're probably Spanish or Mexican, so I foresaw a lot of drama within a close family as well. Wizened grandmas, clingy mamma, hotheaded uncles, bumbling cousins, dramatic aunts, beautiful senoritas (ok, they're all one family so that one would be awkward) and a whole heap of practical help, advise and sheer knowledge from various down-to-earth family members.

Unfortunately, none of that happened. The MC is such a lone-wolf, he walked away from all his (unconscious!) family within minutes.
Even later when everyone woke up he doesn't talk, he doesn't plan, he doesn't explain let alone compromise, he simply goes his way.
Why make it a family transportation story, if the author abandons said family as soon as possible? Well, we're still early (haven't read past chp 13 yet), so perhaps they get more screen time later on, who knows.

Then we have the timeline. It's squashed as hell. He goes from nothing to forging iron (or even steel?) within a day.
Yes, yes, iron sand does exist IRL, so no mining necessary on that front but you still need coal to melt it. Wood just plain doesn't burn hot enough, and charcoal takes time to produce. A smelter and anvil doesn't simply plop into existence either. (A hammer I can see him taking from the family home, but an anvil? Oh god, the sheer ammount of iron for an anvil!)

Given that Santos spends most of his time alone, there's not much to tell character-wise. He seems decent enough and to have a functional brain but there's not enough interaction to tell much.

The writing itself is awkward at times, typos are present but not overwhelmingly so. Perhaps an ESL author, IMHO it's noticeable that the later chapters improve a bit.

All in all a 3.5 star experience, good fun but quite a bit room for improvements.

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The story requires a lot of work. It is extremely unrealistic and the characters are blank slates with nothing to them. The MC magically is an amazing fighter and Smith with zero explanation. There is no background info that would suggest he is not an average person and would be capable of these feats. The premise could be promising, but the author needs to put a lot of work into fleshing the story out before he continues.

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Modern Family transported to pre-bronze tribal setting

Reviewed at: Chapter Eleven

This  story is really good and focuses mainly on the main character who is a hobbiest blacksmith. It has pobably some of the most hardcore depictions of physical violence on this whole site so be warned. It is a slower burn and is still in the process of introducing the main characters i will update when the  story is further along.

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I really like this story so far. Its such a fresh spin.

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All right this is good, there's still a room for improvement.

gavin linville
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keep it up do not give it up 




good job........

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The fuck?? Finely some fucking good food

Reviewed at: chapter eighteen

Keep going, for what you are creating is impressive,

keep going for what I was reading was amazing

Keep training for the weak will fall

Keep fighting for the steel shall never stop

Keep going while the other mans drops

Keep stabing for the killing never stop

Keep breathing for it is your live you're risking

Such is the path of the last man standing

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Fast Paced Gruelling Action With No Drama

Reviewed at: chapter eighteen

Its pretty great!The one thing i i love the most about it is how things gets done everytime rather than sitting mull for 10,20 chalters only for the inevitable to happen.Its more like a fast pace fun action and a slight bit of dark dilly dallying.straight up fun.