A Stranger in Sorcererstown

by Jon Wander

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

The ancient city-state of Sorcerstown, the world’s capitol of magic where the most legendary wizards, warlocks, and royal mages learned their secret craft was nothing like what the Stranger expected it to be.

Not a sorcerer has drawn breath there in years, only sorceresses fill the Great Schools of Magic and the petty squabbling between them has grown into full-blown war with the money vaults, spellbooks and armories thrown open to call and empower the best mercenaries, cutthroats and killers from all corners of the map and blast anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the middle.

That middle is where the Stranger decides is the best place to ply his own unique set skills in a daring plan to make pawns of the powers that be and reach an endgame opposed to all other factions in town.

But with the arcane arts being thrown around like sling stones, suspicions running high with everyone from the new hires to the headmistresses of the Great Schools and a looming threat of a supposedly unbeatable warrior on his way to the battleground of the once a great city-state it doesn’t take much for a wanderer’s plans to earn him nothing but an unmarked grave.

It’s all or nothing in here in Sorcererstown and in this deadly game everyone is playing for keeps.

Let’s begin.

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Jon Wander

Jon Wander

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This could be made into a movie.

Reviewed at: 11. A New Offer

1- Story

Question: Have you ever watched a western movie? 

Ok, imagine a lawless town, somewhere in the wild west, where the mayor and the Sheriff are corrupted, the different gangs in town are at war against each, dead bodies laying down the streets, there's no peace, the once glorious towns is now a shadow of its former self. 

And then comes a cowboy, a lone cowboy, a... dangerous lone cowboy,  nobody knows who he is or where he's from.

ok, now rewind and throw some magic in the mix😁. 


2- Worldbuilding

I think the Author is doing a great job with the world building, We are not being given too much nor too little  information. 


3- Characters 

-The Mc's a mysterious dude, we don't know much about him, he seems ruthless and cold but shows mercy when needed. He came with a purpose but we are kept in the dark about his goals. I have to say this is what makes this story interesting.

-So far not many characters have been introduced but... one thing is for sure, all the characters introduced so far feel alive, they do things for solid reasons. 



Personally, i don't have much to complain about. The story flows well, you can tell the Author has experience when it comes to writing novels


5- Grammar 

There are few typos, here and there but nothing that can stop you from enjoying the story.


6-The hicks

My main problem so far is that we don't know what the Mc's thoughts are nor what he feels. 

like, what are his thoughts about the people around him or the people he is meeting for the first time.

The only time so far (if i remember correctly) that we had a glimpse of what he was thinking was when he met Annabelle.


Fun fact, The town seems to have become a mess after the last sorcerer died, now the different schools of magic are full of women and they don't get along.