Giant Eater (LITRPG)

Giant Eater (LITRPG)

by Sig Kusanagi

A father and son get revenge by killing the Giant that devoured their family. But this unlocks something otherwise unknown to them at the time: Adventure Classes.

Now joining up with the ranks of the Heroes in the world, their realm gets a whole lot bigger, including the stakes. 

Leaving their simple life in the woods behind, they become the Giant Slayer and Giant Eater, two extremely rare classes that will be the key to toppling the monolith evil that plagues the land.

With these new powers and responsibilities come consequences, and both father and son's burdens become heavy when they realize exactly what it is they've stumbled onto.


 This is a LitRPG set in another world. There is no Isekai or VR.

This story switches POV's.

Chapters updated several times per week (typically four or five.)

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Loved the beginning, thought I'd found another gem.

And honestly, the writing itself is actually pretty good, each character feels real with good dialogue, the grammer is good and you can see some really great plot elements.

Unfortunately the story is far too erratic for me to gain any enjoyment. In fact I found myself very frustrated between chapters 4 and 15. The story jumps between POVs and plot elements like crazy. There is no exposition, no downtime, very little time with our mc to really form any bond. Again it was very frustrating to read.

I do see potential here. But unfortunately this is the end of the line for me.

Noah strand

A start worth the praise, now just shallow

Reviewed at: Ch. 18 - The Labyrinth


The story started off great and we got an introduction to our MC's. The father and son adventure was interesting, and I soon found myself wanting to know more about these characters. Unfortunately, the story quickly turned sour. Jumbled pov's and lackluster character interactions made my interest slowly but surely fade. 


The issues are mostly unrelated to the story itself, but significant flaws include lack of exposition, relatively low plot-cohesion, and a sense of erraticness when reading the story.

Improvements + finishing note

If polished further and rewritten with more focus and intent this story can be good. For now, there are better alternatives out there. This is in no way an attack of the author, he is clearly competent. I think he just needs some more experience. - Noah


Interesting Start with an interesting hook but has some rough patches

Reviewed at: Ch. 26 - Father

 I've enjoyed the story as of chapter 26.

The author has a good plot set up with enough mystery to keep me interested. What occurred with the MC's family in the past? What happened to the First Lords? What are the secrets of the MC's class? And so on and so forth.

 When we do start getting more clues the questions, it feels rewarding because it wasn't just handed to us right away. Sometimes you want some depth to the mystery.


Now, it does have it's downsides. There are several point of view sections that as of this chapter I feel should be deleted. They seem to be based around one off characters, who frankly I don't care about. Sure it's interesting. To read about what someone dismissed from the trial did afterwards, but unless they're going to show up later, what they did really doesn't impact anything and it could be cut to make things flow smoother. POV shifts or interludes should always be used to push the main plot with the occasional bit of world building.


That aside, the story is interesting so far and the characters seem real enough, not just interchangeable cardboard cut outs. They have personalities and flaws you pick up on which make them interesting enough to want to know more.


I made it to chapter 11 before stopping. I couldn't follow the constant switching of perspectives and I didn't enjoy the lack of any exposition at all.

Over all the story feels bare bones. It has potential but it needs a less confusing organization.


I loved the start. Unfortunately it went downhill after that. Don't get me wrong, it's a compelling story. With a good plot. I just didn't like how many change of POV it had. It was very confusing and takes away from the story. How can you read something when it takes half he chapter to figure out what's going on. While I don't like it, I can see that others will.


The storyline overall so far is fantastically captivating and fun! I love the writers ability to paint each scene with sensational detail, and each character with independent, yet necessary personalities. I'm excited to see where this story goes and eagerly await more chapters!


I'm a fan so far, enjoying the start of a new story. Definitely way more fantasy than litrpg, but that's not a mark against it. It's the sort of litrpg where statuses are only made visible with the help of an item, and that's only happened, briefly, twice so far. People's powers don't stem from being able to see the system, rather that's just a way to quantify the magic already inherent to each person, so even without blue boxes there's magic to be had.

Quick synopsis, a father and son are bestowed Classes after killing a giant, and then for an undefined reason take a test to be qualified as Adventurers a year later. Think "Black Clover" meets "God of War"; strong dad with mysterious past and his son trying to join unique magical squads with competitive relationships who function as a part of the kingdom's government. We're at the first step of what looks to be a lengthy entrance exam arc, after some city shenanigans got resolved and a framework for the plot going forward was established.

Plot seems to be chugging along, world building is great I'm very invested, and characters seem to be multifaceted individuals. Sometimes the characters are a bit hard to nail down as having specific personalities, can sorta switch from one line to the next but overall they're consistent. Grammer is good.


Only One Flaw: It's Too Short

Reviewed at: Ch. 22 - A Chance Meeting

I binged this entire story in a few hours and was quite angry when I clicked on the 'next chapter' button and nothing happened. 

There are some small things that might bother extremely picky readers, but they're all handled so well that you'd be a fool to pass over the story to avoid them. Notably, there are multiple perspectives. The main character, Hutch, has a distinct voice, and scenes from his viewpoint are in first person whereas though in the shoes of others are in third person. 

I didn't notice any spelling or grammar issues, which puts this story ahead of just about three quarters of the most popular stories on this site, and it's written in plain, understandable English. 

Honestly it's like a breath of fresh air to read something where the author put some actual effort to write well. The characters feel realistic (Waldo is a git, but a lovable one. Nox is suitably mysterious), the setting feels develloped, but there's this constant impression that we're barely scratching the surface of what the world has to offer. The LitRPG elements aren't crunchy at all, but they're still there and I think they'll grow in importance as the story moves on.

I've read the reviews complaining about PoV changes being confusing and I suspect the author as since rectified that as I didn't have any difficulty following along.

Basically, 5/5 a well-written story that stands out from the rest by virtue of being competently written. 

My only quibble is the strange paragraph spacing, but that's minor enough that I can ignore it.

Give it a read, it's unlikely you'll reget it.


This somewhat reminds me of the anime Demon Slayer, but it manages to stand on its own and weave an interesting narrative. Super excited to see how all of this unfolds!


Really slow for an LitRPG but it has fantastic descriptive elements for what the characters are seeing. Characters are fleshed out and can elicite emotion from you so thats also a plus. I can't see anything wrong with this story, even the grammer is on point so I recommend it 100%.