Chapter Thirty-five: Preparations


The following day saw Thavis on the trail to Dervin. The man seemed to remember the way to practically anywhere he had once been, no matter how complex the journey.

"I will return as soon as I may, William. Wait here till you see me again. If you suspect something has happened to me, hire a Nublin to get a message to May-Anne."

"Or to Dimanda?" My eyes lit.

"Send a Nublin to Dimanda? Through the streets of Durbin,?" Thavis pursed his lips. "Only if you suspect I am found out. Only if you must. There will be agents in the streets of Durbin, William."

I promised to wait, and asked he advise Chord of what I was going to do while here, and to give Dimanda my love.

Visions of her liquid eyes and soft touch washed over me. I felt lousy for holding back my true feelings for her before, however much she seemed to see through to them. Standing mute did nothing to shield either of us from hurt or harm. Whatever hard decisions lay before us, they would be joys or pains she needed to share in, that we both would face together. "Tell her, my jailer has released me at last." This netted me a raised eyebrow.

"She will understand." It felt strange, but liberating, to finally express aloud these feelings , however opaquely.

Thavis produced a slip of a smile, and put his hand on my shoulder. "I will tell her, and about time, if I may say so. You are as bad as Chord, in some ways. I would not hesitate to profess yourself plainly next you see her, were I you. She is a very pretty lass, and I have seen more of her lately than you have."

"Hit the road, Thavis."

Thavis turned, laughed and waved over his shoulder apparently pleased to have made me uncomfortable and started off.


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