by FAHyatt

Original COMPLETED Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead

William Drake, a modern day Illinois blacksmith, is no stranger to unusual orders, but the latest one is odder than most. He has been commissioned to create a sword of bizarre specifications, and the sword isn't the only thing that's strange. His customer, Markham, is definitely not a local, and balks at the bill.  The sword is stolen by Markham, and William storms after him, finally retrieving the blade at the top of a rented Scottish tower. During the confrontation, William is transported, artifact in hand, to an alternate world called Wayland.Sly bartering demons, the Aos Si, wish to claim Wayland, as does a rival duke and his mage, Veddick. Meanwhile, a banished dieity, Credine, is seeking return to Wayland by using William as his unwilling avatar. Caught in a web between the three competing powers, William must unravel the mystery of the sword he has forged, stave off the encroaching god Credine and save the residents of Wayland from both the god, the usurpation of the rival duke, and the Ao Si.

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Word Smith (IX)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Forgemaster of Wayland ago
Chapter One: A Difficult Order ago
Chapter Two: A Burglary! ago
Chapter Three: Swept Away ago
Chapter Four: The cave of nightmares ago
Chapter Five: A New Start ago
Chapter Six: A Harrowing Expedition ago
Chapter Seven: Disquieting revelations ago
Chapter Eight: Demon Trade and Strange Help ago
Chapter Nine: Golems, Coins, Taxes and News ago
Chapter Ten: Business, Cycles, and Apprentices ago
Chapter Eleven: The Nublins Are coming! ago
Chapter Twelve: I Accept An Assignment ago
Chapter Thirteen: Stupidity, Being a Tool, Vengeance, and Nublin ago
Chapter Fourteen: Mugged! ago
Chapter Fifteen: The Evils of Recovery ago
Chapter Sixteen: Affairs of State and Forge ago
Chapter Seventeen: Departure! ago
Chapter Eighteen: Guns, Nobles, and Girlfriends ago
Chapter Nineteen: Corbell! ago
Chapter Twenty: Hustled Out ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Finding Trouble ago
Chapter Twenty Two: A God's Battle Puppet ago
Chapter Twenty Three: Duke Wayland ago
Chapter Twenty Four: I Skirmish with Demons and Gods ago
Chapter Twenty Five: Win Some, Lose More ago
Chapter Twenty Six: Imprisoned! ago
Chapter Twenty Seven: Shotgun Politics ago
Chapter Twenty Eight: Escape from Corbell ago
Chapter Twenty Nine: Chance Meeting ago
Chapter thirty: Dervin Inn ago
Chapter thirty-one: A Slight Detour ago
Chapter Thirty-two: A Mountain Village ago
Chapter Thirty-three: Trouble in Tark ago
Chapter thirty-four: The Strong-hold ago
Chapter Thirty-five: Preparations ago
Chapter 36 Unexpected guests ago
Chapter Thirty-seven: Above the Pass ago
Chapter Thirty-eight: Knighthood ago
Chapter Thirty Nine: A Hostage of War ago
Chapter Forty: Tunneling In ago
Chapter Forty-one : In the Tower of Tark ago
Chapter Forty-two: A New Start ago

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Omnis Ra
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Over used story arc but well read

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Six: Imprisoned!

Even though the whole summoner genre is over used in some way it is a good story. I loved the characters and how the story flows. There are some parts where the grammar is off but it doesn't take anything from the story.

  • Overall Score
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This has been a most excellent read so far. The story flows smoothly and the tension ebbs and rises in accordance to the situation while building up to the inevitable finale.
The premises and many themes are traditional and familiar but with refreshingly original tweaks. The characters are round and dynamic and while introspection happens frequently  it does where it's needed and adds depth to William's actions instead of bogging the story down.
Fluidity is exactly one of the story's strongest points and it makes it a treat to read.
The only damper on my enjoyment  so far has been my constant need to peruse a dictionary, but it is a very minor one and the lingo adds to the charme.
I highly recommend this story to any fan of classic fantasy