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  • Profanity

Space... An endless expanse of darkness populated by countless specks of light.

Around many of those specks of light planets orbit, just cosmic motes of dust, but on some motes, there is life. And life, not content to stay on those motes of dust, found a way to challenge the endless expanse, to leap through the void to find other specks of light.

This is the story of Leonora Horn, aspiring Starfighter Pilot of the Solari Federation and her travels through the Black Sky.

[This story is set in the same Universe as my story Scarlet but both can easily be read individually]

[This story contains a female, bisexual protagonist.]

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Should add a romance tag.

Reviewed at: Chapter 62

Great start, but soon becomes an endless romance.

gets really boring after a while. 

hope it picks up again.


Another great work from Tsaimath

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

A great piece of work that has great characters, both realistic and fleshed out, and a unique environment to set them in. This story hits the ground running and continues to have a steady pace. Overall it's a great story, would definately recommend.

One Inch Ash

I highly recommend this novel.

My thoughts so far (caught up as of Chp 37, take this as you will):

The writing style is fairly unassuming, this is neither a highly-strung power fantasy or a novel grounded in some deep spiritual/abstract journey. (For this, I could not be more grateful, there's enough of that to go around already, thank you!)

The plot is engaging, underpinned by realistic, interesting (if at times somewhat-earnest) character-character interactions. While I've yet to see an overarching conflict (and so I have no idea where we'll eventually end up), this novel doesn't suffer for it. The slow(-ish) pace of the world-building is in actual fact one of my favourite aspects of this novel.

The Dyslexic Won

Pro grade book in the making

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

If you have picked up a book by David Webber, S.M. Stirling, Mike Moscoe/Mike Shepherd or John Ringo take a look.


So far nothing to say either way. I like the authors other works and I also like the sci fi setting. 

Hopefully five stars will prompt more good work from the author.