[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

by SavageMercy

This project has been moved to Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur. Please see the updated project under my fictions.

Cover art is "Playtime" by Kerem Beyit.

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Overdino Attendant

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: It's Not Easy, Hatching ago
2: If You Don't Move, They Can't See You ago
3: Did You Know Mosquitoes Go Squish? ago
4: What's a Dino Gotta Do to Get a Pack Around Here? ago
5: It's Nice to Throw a Feast Occasionally ago
6: All Little Dinos Have to Grow Up ago
7: Inside the Belly of the Beast ago
8: I Got Royally Screwed ago
9: Kung Fu Dino Ninja Strikes Back! I Will Destroy Them All! ago
10: Baths are for Chumps. I'm a Chump. ago
Schedule Details ago
11: Prehistoric Snack Attack ago
12: I Could Really Go for Some Hot Wings! ago
13: What is a Gorlen? ago
14: I'm a Fast Learner ago
15: I'm Getting Coal for Christmas ago
16: Visions of Dinos Danced in my Head ago
17: A Fair Face ago
18: Ooh, Scary Dark Punnel! ago
19: Nobody Said It'd Bee Easy ago
20: How to Kill a Buzz ago
21: Fancy a Little Insectipsychological Torture? ago
22: The Butt Hole ago
23: Did I Mention I Failed Environmental Science? ago
24: A Sunny Stretch ago
25: Butler-in-Training ago
26: Frieda's Night Out ago
27: Dino and Gorlen ago
SPECIAL: Who Wants to be a Reptiliannaire? ago
28: The Prowler ago
29: It's Raining Bad! Lava-lujah! ago
30: Strollin'. Strollin' up the River. ago
31: When Dinos Cry ago
32: To the Dino Cave! ago
33: The Bug Unwrapped Santa's Gift! ago
34: Speared ago
35: Spoiler! I died. ago
36: Design Flaws ago
37: More Design Flaws ago
38: Over the River, Across the Bridge ago
39: Call me Franken's Dino ago
40: Seeing is Beetlieving. ago
41: Bowling in the Jurassic is Quite a Classic ago
42: The Conveyance ago
43: The Phantom Memory ago
44: Boosting is Overpowered ago
45: The Four ago
46: Corrupted Titan ago
47: When I Get That Feeling, I've Got Maximum Healing ago

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Pocket Full of Snow

Interesting premise with a lackluster execution

Reviewed at: 38: Over the River, Across the Bridge

I was intrigued by this story, at first. I'm a sucker for reincarnated as monster stories, and I haven't found that many finely executed stories that fall into this category thus far. Unfortunately, this story has fallen into some of the common pitfalls. A main character that makes completely illogical choices combined with a plot that meanders as if the author is undergoing a stream of consciousness exercise robs this story of much of its potential. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 And end spoilers. As a reader, I'm just frustrated. This story had so much potential. I was intrigued by the history and setting. The human civilization hidden just out of sight thus far is interesting, as little as we know about them at this point. The horde of OP dinosaurs bearing titles are fascinating. There are just too many situations that cause a suspension of disbelief. Too many situations that end perfectly for the main character. There's no real nitty-gritty feeling of survival in a forest as a low-tier lizard surrounded by apex predators. I don't want to discourage the author by any means. I think this story has tons of potential and with a decent amount of polish, could become quite a gem. This is probably my stop on the dinosaur train, for now. Au revoir, SavageMercy. I wish you the best of luck in your future writings.

Endless Paving

Another savage reincarnation adventure! This time as a dumb lizard! Whoo!

And adventure is the operative word in these monster litrpg reincarnation stories. Action, revultion, life and death, and risky gambles for level grinding that places our intrepid protagonist at the seat of the bull that is death refusing to be tamed!

It's an old formula with a lot of allure. Create danger and opportunity, pursue danger and opportunity, fall into danger and opportunity, and escape danger while gleefully snatching power and fortune from it's jealous clutches. A fun read to be sure.

The story is quite early on so far and it!s content only strecthes as far as chaoter 9 in which, not much of the eventual main plot conflict and future main character development is revealed at all. The story will still have to earn its keep in the pages to come, and it takes more than an endless progression system to make a compelling narrative.

Also we're still waiting on what seems to be an inevitable backstory, that or a more in depth character exploration.


Sure, there might not be too many nice things to speak about when it comes with the style of it, but the grammar is decent enough. There were so many ways that this showed off its orginilaity, to the point where it should have a genre-tag for itself. If only it could have been written in a better way, I would have binged this a long time ago. Though... I have seen that a new version is being released. Maybe that would be interesting to read...

Overall, this here is something great. Im giving it a 4/5. 


Sounds good enough to me. Enjoying it. 

Story: A dino survival... But the dinos are a special sort... So plus for me. 

Style: easy to read. Nice flow. Nice sentence structure. The vocabulary and literacy level is simple making it fresh and enjoyable. 

Chars: Only the mc for now. A dino-gamer. Well fleshed, and likeable enough. Not OP, has to survive and experience real survival. 

Grammar: Some minor errors that sporadically pauses the reading flow. Sporadically meaning extremely rare. 

Overall: Everyone should read. It also has special plots that hooked me (And I'm a bit picky. It's on chapter 9-10 btw. If you can't get hooked there, its probably not for you). 



Edit after reading more:

The above was done until chapter 10. As I said before, I suggest reading until chapter 10 before deciding what to do with this story. 

Now, continuing with the extras until the last chaper I've read... 

The story gets better and better, except for a certain trait of the mc doing a certain -over the dino sacrifice- that felt a bit bad to me, and although there were some grinding chapters I didn't enjoy as much. I must say, that if you can tolerate a bit of those above, you can enjoy this a lot. 

The mc now isn't alone. Will probably get more companions too, and it reminds me of tensei shitara dragon and snek (all hail!). A bit of kumo also. 

The system is getting more complex. And although the way the author triggered it with the excessive 'plot of overdino thing I mildly sooke of above', the system got fairly more insteresting with a lot of customization options for the char. 

Until now I can say its something I enjoy reading a lot. For the future: it's unknown where it'll go, but I hope I can continue to enjoy it. My suggestion would be something like an 'anti-monster-hunter' where the dino has to go against the hunters, or something like that perhaps.

A second suggestion would be to beware of mc's psychology. Hm, how do I say it, sometimes he treats his new life as dino as if it was a game (problem with most gamer chars, is that they are that, gamers. It was a problem with 'the gamer' korean story too, and sometimes visible in solo leveling, when they sometimes don't feel real, just badass except for moments they remember their family.

Still, a gamer trait gives a lot of pluses but also the major con of throwing oneself into danger just because of leveling up or bevause that's how quests work or how gaming does. The dino has more emotions than stereotypical gamers -yay, good dino- but gamer mentality in some realistic worlds fused with systems can be suicidal - except if the game has a guaranteed revival or respawn (still doesn't have a 100% sure you'll revive setup or it won't be survival and I'll have to change this rev). 

The gamer trait explains part of his plot armor, it can also explain his overdinov sacrif driven by plot... But I still want to suggest the savage author to make the char value his life a bit more and neutralize a part of his suicidal gamer mentality to plan more of his actions - like a newbie playing darkdinosouls wud be suggested to. Although I know the story seems more towards the bright side and I prefer it that way. And you don't have to make the mc perfectly intelligent or an all-knower, the fun facts  to me are the unkowns in your world, the puns, and the way the char reacts.)


Thanks x 2 \>^</


Once again, a new litrpg reincarnation adventure story on this site, but this time as a dinosaur! I wont call this story a quality work, since it is not aiming to be one, rather it is just the good kind of adventure survival story, one that keeps you interested, while also having fun while reading it! Oh also, there are new chapters being released at a fast pace at moment of review, so you will not have to wait long for a new one!


The MC, who is a hardcore gamer, one day finds himself reincarnated as a dinosaur, a little one in an harsh savage world with levels and stats, where the great beasts constantly fight eachother for survival and growth, in such a place the little him has to survive, he whose only skills are that of a gamer, that all should be possible for someone like him right?


As said, the MC is a gamer, one who has been suddenly thrown in another world, in an unfamiliar body. To me he is just an rather ordinary person with strong determination and being good at adapting to the situation, it could be he is also somewhat crazy, or becoming crazy (the good kind of crazy that is). He also gets lucky a lot, not to an extreme extent however.

Despite what kind of story this is, being a survival adventure with nonhumanoid reincarnation, it still does quite a nice job at developing the MC over the course of the story, making him adapt to the dinosaur life, without abandoning everything from his past life.

There are other characters being introduced in the story, though I don’t see the MC interacting a lot with them, just due to what he became, I see it taking quite a while before he can actually start interacting with other characters outside of it being short encounters, and I hope the author doesn’t go the ‘friendship’ route (if its done well, I don’t mind). Though honestly its hard to say what will happen, as it is still early on in the story,


Now on to the story itself. So far it is just the MC surviving in that world, while having all kinds of encounters, and powering up, there is some worldbuilding going on in the background which eventually could be relevant later on, but as the story is now, it does not matter yet.

Essentially the story so far has been exactly as advertised, being a story about a gamer reincarnated as a dinosaur in a world filled with them, and having to fight or run from them.

 The author has done a fine job at making a litrpg system world filled with monsters and other such dangers. The system used in the story so far is just your standard litrpg leveling system, so far it doesn’t seem to be more than that.

Outside of the MC trying to survive there hasn’t been that much plot, and even hints of what the plot will be, are sparse, however I’m confident that it will progress eventually, as more chapters are constantly being released. I look forward to what exactly the author will do with this.


Grammar is solid, noticed no errors while reading the story, or maybe I just had too much fun to actually spot them, but nevertheless this story got good grammar, especially for a story on royal road. Cant say it is perfect, as there certainly is still room for the author to improve on his grammar, but as it is now, I doubt a reader should have any major problems with grammar while reading this story, so keep that up author!


This story just has that kind of charming style, not that it will earn any literary prizes, but its just that kind of style that just drags you in the story, which makes you read until the very end, while having fun reading it all! It also does help that the vocabulary used is rather simple, making it even easier to read for everyone. Throughout the whole story so far, there has been a good balance between action packed scenes, comedy, adventure and the occasional worldbuilding.


So basically this story has been done just right so far, being a solid take on the classic litrpg adventure formula. Congrats to the author for doing it all right, which is making for a fun story!


I wholeheartly recommend this for those interested, this story is really good at what it is, being a fun action-packed comedic litrpg romp! Just start reading already if you are interested in this story!


Have you ever wanted Dino Nuggets? Well, this story has dinos, and the main character eats them.

My only complaint is that now I'm hungry and need to get a bunch of meat to devour myself.

Redeyes Eclipse

I'm pretty impressed by the originality of this novel and enjoy every moment of it ty

Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Short and fast paced chapters chock full of bad jokes and dino survival action that make you just want to keep tapping the next chapter button.

It might be a guilty pleasure but it sure is fun to read!


Yeah this is pretty good how often can we expect updates? not gonna rate it until i've read at least 20 chapters but i lole the concept so far reminds me of the tiny snake god. All hail the tiny snake god!


For someone who's writing for royal writathon, how in the world do you maintain a semblance of sanity?

Anyway, let's talk about the good stuff.

The prose is streamlined, and engaging. I always feel like I'm inside this world, and rarely is there any distracting sentences.

Characters: The main character is a bit generic, and seems to be a stand-in for the audience members. A gamer, of indeterminate gender, and who would like to escape into a video game world. 

Person is mostly trying to survive in the world. This mixes into the plot part as they get lucky, a lot.

To be honest, the fact they get revived at one point (no point putting this in spoilers as the author literally titles a chapter this way), is off-putting. Like, you mention there's a respawn feature when we're already this far into it? That seems like something for chapter eight.

There isn't much to say about the plot. It's mostly focusing on survival, until it's not because of the revival aspect. Now I'm kinda like, "Well, what now?" It focuses on saving somebody else's life, but what about after that? Is there simply going to be new plots to focus on to distract us about the fact there's no point to it all? Are they simply meandering about in this new existence for good? Am I meandering around? Are any of us real?

I guess we'll see how it all turns out in a bit. Anyway, the story is well-paced for the most part. I'd say always, but I'd probably remember an example when it wasn't good. Therefore I'll say almost always as compromise, okay? That good? Good.


...I should give a bit of a counterrant. The other at one point posted a rant about how everyone's treating his character like they're stupid. Neil Gaiman is quoted as saying, "If someone tells you something is wrong or doesn't work for them, they are almost always right. If they tell you what exactly is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong." I think that if everyone thinks your protagonist is stupid, and you disagree, there's a serious problem. It's not that I think they're stupid, but according to the quote I can't tell you how to fix it. My theory, however, is that they simply get insanely lucky several times too many. Basically, like how Murdercat and Sailboat don't kill him, or how they get saved by Rex from the siren. Anyway, it is off-putting. 

Would I recommend? If you're into LitRPG, it won't hurt. It's direct, humorous, and isn't that bad.

Plot: 3/5

World: 3/5

Prose: 5/5

Character: 3/5

Emotion: 5/5

19/25 = Good.