Broken Skulls, a Skeleton's Tale

by TheLastScavenger

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Summoned as a Skeleton with no name, and unable to remember who he was. On the second floor of a dungeon in the heart of a city, with adventurers all seeking fortune and glory in its depths. No weapons. No Armor. No name.

Only the grim determination to stay alive...

At all costs.


Author's Note: This is the first story I've attempted writing in roughly seven years. While my writing style may be a bit rusty, I hope to be able to provide nothing more than a good book to sit down and read for awhile.

P.S. I might not be able to be consistent with updates to the story, but I'll do my best! I hope you enjoy!


The cover art you see here is temporary, until the artist I've commissioned has finished.

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  • Overall Score

I didn't expect much but this is quite good and enjoyable read.

  • Overall Score

I like it, I like it a lot.

Reviewed at: 19- Rising Dead

This story has been amazing so far. It takes your typical isekai and adds sugar, spice and a hint of realism and grim reality. Try it out, I insist.

  • Overall Score

A solid story with the MC as a monster

Reviewed at: Announcement

This is great. The story opens with a blank slate protagonist, who has some background knowledge, but no name and little in the way of an identity to start with. His primary motivation is quite simple in that all he wants to do is survive, which far too many authors forget that when a person is dropped into a fantasy world, the 'coolness' is generally secondary to the fear of death. Here, that fear is never forgotten, even as he grows stronger and develops his skeleton comrades into a quiet force that's attempting to expand and grow from their position as the most basic fodder in the dungeon. The litrpg system is relatively light on its impact outside of level-ups, with only a few Skills that affect the way that events unfold. That said, it does appear that the author is still considering how the system will be handled going forward, leaning towards and emphasis on skills rather than Skills. Either way, it's well-handled currently (if simple) and avoids the trap of extensive Skill descriptions being used to pad out the story length.

The setting is still relatively narrow in scope, given that it's entirely confined to the dungeon with only a few cut-aways to explore other perspectives. I think that some of the lack of description is down to the author still being undecided on how integral they want the system to be, since having professions be based on Skill results in a fundamentally different world than one where only combat professions level. Still, the complexity of the dungeon increases with each descended floor, as does the threat and quality of equipment, maintaining tension as the skeletons work to level while also providing a reason for them to delve deeper. Additionally, their agency within the dungeon means that they aren't exclusively waiting for weak adventurers to come by so that they can pick them off.

Overall, this is a fun read from the perspective of a monster that doesn't sign back on with humanity. The fact that they're all the weakest monsters in the dungeon as basic skeletons adds an enjoyable layer in that they can't just take on weak adventurers with impunity. They're all at risk and forced to use tactics and stealth to quietly nibble around the edges before anyone can be allowed to catch on that they even exist. It's a relatively quick read as it stands and the author is planning for a month-long break, but I think that there's a lot of potential for this story to grow into something genuinely great.

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Pretty epic I like it alot. Beginning was just ok then got better. Good book overall do recommend


  • Overall Score

The MCs synopsis really contradicts everything. Says, he forgot whom he was but acts as he knows what's happening & everything. Give me a break! Atleast acts with an amnesia disease. Forgetting yourself means forgetting your experiences and the things with everything that you'd encountered in life which describe as yourself.

The system and the story itself is mediocre. It would be better if the system and how it works is a brand new one rather than copying from other sources. It's your 1st book so I'll give 2/5 instead of 0.5.

Don't be discouraged becouse of this, just continue your work. Fighting ...