The Conqueror's Black Book

by Shark

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Harem High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Ruling Class School Life Secret Identity Supernatural

Here in this world of Viceria, there was a ceremony called summoning. It was a link to a spirit world, a place that exerted huge influence in Viceria

In a small village near the outskirts of a massive forest which housed a young boy with his family. The boy, Zephyr Reinhardt, had a reckless and active personality which was overwhelming the normal villagers. He had three brothers, the silent, young Ralph, and the polite, kind older brother Hardin. Last was his oldest brother who left the village at a young age to make a name for himself. Follow Zephyr as he finally awakens to his blessing and finally sees  the massive world as he goes to the Capital of Liandry for school, explores rifts and adventure to lost Relics. Witness as Zephyr seeks to maintain balance in the outside world, as well as his own.

"Who wants to challenge me and my, ahem, black book?"




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