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Chapter 10: Reunited with Sex Doll #1


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Another bannable chapter with our favourite 2 year old, Kriki.

Chapter 10: Reunited with Sex Doll #1

Kram walked through the town with Loma.

“So what do people say when you walk about like this?” Kram said.

“Nothing. I’m just going around on my daily business.” Loma said. “I usually don’t get bothered other than…”

“Hey girl!”

Loma sighed, “Except for them.” They turned around and saw three boys. Standing in the middle was a boy who looked slightly familiar with his brown eyes and blonde hair.

“Who’s this little rat that you are with?”

Kram looked at them, not saying anything.

“Hello, Souza. This is my little brother. He is going to help me today.”

“Your little brother, huh?” Souza sneered. “Why are you lying? This is the little rat my father sold yesterday.”

“So you do know me.” Kram said. “You were just too stupid to remember right away.”

“What did you say you little rat?” Souza said, gathering his magic while stepping forward to Kram.

Kram also made his move forward. He could sense how chaotic the spell Souza was using was. He suspected he had a chance against him.

Loma stepped between them. “Souza sir, please. We do not want any trouble.”

“Out of the way, slave!” Souza said.

Kram could feel Loma gathering her own energy as the mana field was being disturbed.

“What is going on here?” Lin said, walking closer to the group.

Souza and Loma’s energies calmed.

“Lin, good, you are here!” Souza said. “Control your slaves! Teach them how to speak to their betters.”

“Oh, they know how to speak to their betters. You must not be one of them.”

Souza gritted his teeth. “What… How dare…”

“Loma and Kram are here on my business. Do not interrupt them.” Lin said.

Souza clicked his tongue in annoyance. “This isn’t over, old man and watch yourself punk!” Souza left.

Loma sighed in relief. “Thank you for your help, Lin.”

“I suspect you could have handled yourself.” Lin said. “Regardless, be careful.” Lin said, looking specifically at Kram who puffed out in annoyance and looked away.

“Let’s go, Kram.” Loma said. “I’ll show you the family that bought your friend.”

Loma pointed Kram to the house he was looking for before she went away to set up her stall.


Kriki was polishing an ornament until he heard something that was better than any symphony she believed she could ever hear.


She looked out and saw Kram. Tears welled in her eyes as she ran to him. She hugged his neck. “Kram! You came to get me!”

“I did not come to get you.” Kram said. “But it is good to see you are okay? How are they treating you?”

“Good, I guess.” She said, hugging him louder. “But I miss you. When are we getting out of here?”

“Soon. Have you been keeping up with your lessons?” Kram said. “And stop hugging me!”

She separated from him. “I haven’t had a chance. I haven’t gotten used…”

“No excuses!” he said. “How do you plan to get out of here when you’re still so weak.”

“I’m sorry,” she looked to the floor.

“How much freedom do you have?”


“We still have to continue our training. Do you know where the Medicine Woman is?”

She tilted her head in wonder. “She said you would ask. After no one buyed her and she was released, she told me that if you did ask, to tell you that she would spend the remainder of her life on the outskirts of the town.”

“Then I’ll meet her tonight.” He said, as he left.

“When will I see you again?” Kriki held onto his arm.

“Soon. Probably everyday.” Krams said before leaving. “We have a lot to do.”


The night eventually came. Kram walked around the forest. He felt the mana field acting strangely. He expanded his soul sense to find the disturbance. Looking around, he tried to find the source of the disturbance and found a brown mushroom at the base of a tree.

The mushroom like plant was cultivating, so much that it actually registered in the mana field.

“What a lucky find, Kram.”

“Medicine Woman?” Kram said, getting up with the mushroom in his hands. “You know what this is?”

“It is called a Striving Truffle.” She said. “They are a rare plant that have a good cultivation. Eating it like this, will increase your cultivation base by some but if refined, it can also remove impurities from your meridians.”


“Well, I guess for now it’s useless to me.” He said. “I don’t know how to refine it nor do I have my meridians open.”

“I can teach you to refine it.” The Medicine Woman said

“Might as well.” He said. “If I leave it here, it will be long gone.”


Kram passed by the town at night, dodging the night patrol. He noticed Souza walking about in the night. Under his arms, he had a little package. Kram sent out his soul sense. Whatever it was, it seemed precious that he was looking around in paranoia as he made his way home.

Kram waited for the paranoid teen to disappear before he walked to where Kriki was. Kram climbed up the side of the building and waited. Kriki exited via a window and climbed up to join him.

“Kram, you came.” Kriki said, hugging him.

“Get off me!” he said. “Now, let’s continue your lessons.”


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